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As many people are well aware, Johnny Depp (of Kentucky) and Amber Heard (of Texas) are mired in bad vibes, this time over a London tabloids’s use of the epithet “wife-beater” to describe Depp who is subsequently suing the tawdry London rag for libel. In the process of the court proceedings, more salacious details about the couple have been made public, including a mystery over who defecated in Johnny Depp’s bed on one cocaine-addled-night.

Neither party looks good here, alas, but the sheer bonkers-ness of the whole affair got us curious about the synastry between Depp and Heard. In astrology, synastry is the study of compatibility between two charts. According to this theory, you can understand the potential ups and downs of couples, business partnerships, siblings, etc., through the way each individual’s planets and houses interact with their partner’s, wife’s, etc. Let’s look at the astro-dynamics of Heard and Depp more closely to learn more.

Johnny Depp is a Gemini and Amber Heard is Taurus. But that doesn’t get us far in understanding their synastry. It’s more important to look at lunar positions rather than sun signs when it comes to grasping relationships, since the Moon is the epicenter of intimacy, emotion, and desire in a chart. The first thing that pops out in Depp and Heard’s synastry is that their moons square each other. When you have a square in a chart (that is, two planets at 90 degrees from each other), we tend to find opposition, struggle, butting heads, and difficulty between lovers. In short, squared moons mean emotional incompatibility. This is a bad placement and does not bode well for successful relationships.

These moon-squared lovers also have Venus conjunct (meaning both their Planets of Love coincide) in Johnny’s 10th House of Fame. This suggests a couple things: 1) that their “love” is more connected to social recognition; 2) that Amber would be feeding off of Johnny’s immense 10th House elan. We see these dual thematics playing out in their relationship, both in Heard gaining renown through Depp (she was Amber UnHeard-of before him) and in the public aspect of their Venus conjunction—ranging from their whirlwind romance of yesteryear to the current morass in which both now stew amid noxious fumes, literally embodied by the mysterious bed-faeces that has become already iconic in the annals of Hollywood domestic dystopia.

In contrast to this fame-love placement in Depp and Heard’s synastry, we could hearken back to Depp’s more halcyon relationship with 1990s gem Winona Ryder to get a sense of a more compatible charting. Winona’s Sun (Self), Mercury, and Venus (Love) all fall in Johnny’s 4th House of Home, indicating a more nurturing synastry.

A couple more notes, though we could go on. Amber’s Mars (Planet of War, aggression, fire) is conjunct or on top of Johnny’s Moon (emotional life). This placement usually represents the classic nagging partner—in this case, Amber doing battle with the way Johnny feels about things. But we shouldn’t make it seem like Johnny is an angel in all this. His restrictive Saturn squares Amber’s Venus which suggests that Depp clamps down on her love impulse.

All in all, a synastry filled with problemos. And yet, an implied concern for us remains. Based on this synastry, can we posit who left the feces on the bed? Was it Depp or Heard? Legally, each blames the other. Astrologically, it’s likewise hard to say. There is little Scorpionic influence over Venus or Moon in their charts. Scorpio over these planets tends toward dark, vengeful behaviors and actions (like defecating in a beloved’s bed), but without a clear Scoprionic indicator, 11th House Prophecies must reserve judgment on the matter. 

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