We fall in love with some places, as if they were people. Others feel like oppressive schoolmasters to us. Why? Astro-cartography can help us answer this question. It is the study of energetic influences and how they specifically apply to you based on your geographic location. If you’ve been looking for a good place to live, travel, or even hold a retreat, then astro-cartography is an amazing way to find out which areas are going to be conducive for you and which are best to be avoided. As with all forms of astrology, astro-cartography is another tool you can use in your journey of self-discovery. This practice uses the scientific aspects of geography and astronomy showing you which places will have the most significant impact by looking at how the angles in your chart are performing in these new locations. In an astro-cartography reading, you can submit up to 3 locations that you are interested in and we will go through your relocated chart for each. If you would like a more general session, we can also just look at your current location to see how that has been affecting you and where the most beneficial lines for you are right now.

1 hour: $120.00

30 mins: $70.00

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