A natal chart reading looks at the time and place of your birth in order to understand the “cosmic snapshot” of where the sun, moon, and planets were the moment you came into the world. Each cosmic snapshot is different and gives vital information about who a person is, based on planetary placements and transits, and where things may be going in that person’s life. A natal chart reading will examine significant placements and patterns that you are working through short and long term. Sessions are available via FaceTime, zoom or in person.

1 hour: $120.00

30 min: $70:00

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In astrology, synastry refers to the study of relationships–between, for example, husband/wife, brother/sister, father/daughter, etc. It looks at how two people’s charts interact and their compatibilities and conflicts. There are a couple types of synastry that we can look into. One type focuses on the composite chart, which consists of the planetary midpoints of the two horoscopes you want to understand. This will give a birth chart of sorts to the actual relationship itself and shows where strengths and weaknesses arise therewith. The other type involves a reading of your birth chart in relation to your partner’s, child’s, brother’s, etc., in order to track compatibility, common interests, good times and bad times. You will end up with a clearer picture of what is driving you towards or away from each other. Discussion of current and upcoming cycles affecting your relationship will also be included.

90 minutes: $180.00

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