I got into Astrology in the catacombs of my University library, while accidentally chancing upon a book on Renaissance astronomy and its world of polymaths, omens, and stars. At first, it seemed quite unlike the philosophical universe I was supposed to be writing about--the one of logical rules hung up like salty fish along reason's tight string. But I've come to see that both systems--heavenly and sublunar--are governed by deep, predictable patterns.


I've taken this insight into my professional Astrology and Tarot practice, third-eye fully open to the deep cosmic alignments and principles that structure our experience of time. Life seems convoluted and non-linear, but astrology can clarify one's sense of place in the greater cosmic order.


In addition to providing consultations and classes on Astrology and Tarot, I very much enjoy spending my days writing about the stars and their impact on politics, culture, relationships, and current events in such publications as Bustle, Better Homes & Gardens, and RUSSH magazine.


You can also check out my monthly column--The Zodiac Dispatch--for Soho House worldwide.


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