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Book a time that suits. Gift certificates are also available! Upon booking, you'll receive an email with your Zoom meeting link and we'll be officially confirmed! I will then take some time to study your natal chart and map using my professional astrocartography software on Solar Fire and prepare some notes for you.


During our 1 hour call, I will share which places would feel most joyous and ease-filled, using both your unique natal chart, relocated chart, ACG natal lines, parans and local space lines on your map. If you have specific places already in mind, let me know the places you're considering and we'll analyze the pros/cons of each and which spots would be best to relocate to, for the different areas of your life!


After the session you will receive a video recording of your session the same day, which you can download and save for future reference. You will also get a planetary key guide so you can refer back to your maps when you are not talking with me.

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Clarisse is truly amazing! She is not only able to help determine the validity of current situations but is also able to truly see and share how future events will unfold. I have had a few readings with her and each of her predictions has come true! I not only gained the insight needed to make certain decisions but also the strength and assurance in myself as well as my relationships. And every time I "doubt" my current situation, she has helped to guide me back on course. I am truly thankful to have found her!

Erika Hokenson

Clarisse is a rock star. No one compares. After a tarot and birth chart reading, I walked away (via Zoom) speechless, wondering how she’s able to offer such pinpoint accuracy. It’s mind blowing! Her professionalism combined with her generous spirit and warm personality are the perfect recipe for everything you want a reading to be. And it’s because of all these qualities, her reputation is stellar.

 Elizabeth McMonagle 

I highly recommend Clarisse, she is an astrology expert, the way she expresses her knowledge is really sensitive and useful for getting to know yourself better and to have a positive impact in the world, the guidance and advices she gives are amazing in the point of view of emotions, personal development, work, love, relations and a lot of more valuable topics about yourself and which kind of decisions we should take for improving. One day soon I would like to know as much as she knows so then I can help a lot of people. Thanks for your guidance, extremely important and helpful.

Christian Kruger

Hi everyone!

I have to say that this Clarisse is hands down the best spiritual and astrology advice I’ve had in a long time. To her calming energy and voice to exceptional advice and guidance you will not be disappointed in your reading! BOOK with her

Jessica Reinhardt

Clarisse is so knowledgeable with such a pleasant, comforting energy! After my natal chart reading I have a much better understanding of the aspects in my chart and of myself! She also gave a lot of good advice and was such a pleasure to talk to. 10/10 highly recommend!

Victoria Nieves

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