Getting Intimate With Tarot

An 8-week live course from Venus in Retrograde

Jan 4th 2021 - 22nd Feb 2021

Have you wanted to learn Tarot for a while, but don’t know where to start?

Did you ever see someone else doing a reading and wonder how they did it? Maybe you went to a professional Tarot reader and got valuable insight into relationships, career or your life path, but when the session ended you still had so many questions.

You might have even bought a deck of cards yourself, spread them out on your kitchen table and googled the meanings.

But it never really came together. There was so much to memorize and somehow your readings felt stilted, not spontaneous. Nothing like the professionals who impressed you with their mastery of the cards.

It all seems so complicated, right? How can someone divine so much from 78 coloured cards, seemingly chosen at random?


  • But what if you could get in touch with your inner intuition and read the cards like a pro?
  • What if you knew exactly how to learn Tarot so you could perform readings for your friends and use them to gain clarity in your own life?
  • What if you knew the hidden story and associations of each card so that its meaning became obvious and the whole thing didn’t feel like a memorization exercise?
  • What if you knew the most common Tarot spreads off by heart so you could use them instinctively to answer your and other people’s questions?

Getting Intimate with Tarot is an 8-week live course for beginners who want to lay a great foundation for their Tarot practice.

In 8 hour-long classes, you will learn:

  • Class 1: The history of the tarot. How to choose a deck. How to care for your cards. How to set an intention to learn the tarot and develop a daily practice that will help you get there.
  • Class 2: The Major Arcana from the Fool to the Wheel of Fortune. Learn the meaning of the first sequence of the Major Arcana and how it represents your inner journey from wild abandon to an encounter with Fate.
  • Class 3: The Major Arcana from Justice to The World. Learn how the Tarot represents your outer journey and relationships.
  • Class 4: The Suit of Cups. The element of Water. Your feelings, intuition and emotional connections.
  • Class 5: The Suit of Pentacles. The element of Earth. Your finances, career, material and earthly aspects.
  • Class 6: The Suit of Swords. The element of Air. Your intellect, thoughts and actions.
  • Class 7: The Suit of Wands. The element of Fire. Your passion and energy.
  • Class 8: Putting it all together. Tarot spreads and tips for reading for yourself and others!

The course will be taught as one hour-long class every week on Zoom, on Monday, starting January 4th. All classes will be at 8 am PST / 11 am EST.

In addition to the live classes, everyone who attends will get:

Here’s what people said about my last course, Relationships and Intimacy in Astrology:

I took Clarisse's four week course on Astrology for Intimacy and Relationships, and I couldn’t be more pleased that I did so! Not only is the Clarisse a walking wiki of all things astrology and tarot-related (I’m not exaggerating, her breadth of knowledge is fierce), but she also did a great job of breaking down the subject matter by week, in a way that was intuitive and very easily digestible for a novice like me. Of course there is enough material on the subject of love and compatibility to spend months and months studying it, but I felt like the course covered just the right amount during the four weeks for me to feel like I advanced my understanding, while not getting too overwhelmed. Astrology to me can be a fantastic form of therapy, and gaining a deeper insight into the why and how, beyond just the basics that one is told in a reading, provided me with context and clarity that I later realized I very urgently needed. I’d recommend taking a course with Clarisse to anyone that has an interest in astrology and deepening their knowledge, or to anyone that is on the path of self-discovery and is motivated to understand themselves and the world around them a little better.
Bojana Djogo
Thank you so much! I am LOVING this class. So so so insightful and piecing a lot of things together for me. Thank you for taking the time to look at my Venus opposite Pluto, you totally helped me understand it on a more wholesome level, and also see the positive of it. It’s so easy to see to see the positives of other’s aspects, but difficult to face and see the positive of my own.
Marissa Bing
I had a great experience in Clarisse’s class! She is very knowledgeable about this field and is great at articulating the complexity of her work. It was evident that she put a great deal of time and energy into the course and, as such, I felt that I learned quite a bit! I would highly recommend taking a course with her, as she is truly a wonderful teacher and astrologer—but she’s also very real, authentic, and practical and I love that approach to this work!
Annalysa Wraye
Thank you so much for all the wonderful content you put together in this class! I definitely enjoyed all of the recordings and look forward to more content from you in the future!
Vic Nieves
Thank you so much for the course!! I learned a lot and really appreciate your guidance.
Xena Litia

I’m making this new course available for the price of $400 with an early bird rate of $300 for people who sign up before 21st of December 2020.

Spaces are limited to make sure everybody has an amazing experience and I can answer individual questions, so register today!


If you have any questions before you sign up, get in touch with me here: [email protected]