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2022 Horoscope: What the new year holds for you, depending on your sign

Welcome, 2022!

While the past couple of years have been astrologically vexed, the stars are looking a bit stronger for us now. December 28, lucky Jupiter, Lord of Wine and Plenty, left behind icy Aquarius, where Saturn, the penny-pincher, had ruled and pulled the purse strings all year. Thankfully the Luck-giver enters oceanic Pisces to hang out and drink some Pina Coladas until May. Jupiter’s transit could be the biggest one of the year and it betokens good fortune. Unlike Saturn, Jupiter loves to give. Its placement in Pisces, the most empathetic and compassionate sign, will have us all feeling more connected to others. Jupiter’s transit is, of course, just one of many so read on to check the contours of your year, according to our friend (and, at times, our enemy) the Zodiac.


With the Sun, Venus (Money and Love), and caffeinated Mars juggling through your career sector, you will have lots of energy to devote toward your public persona and work-life through the beginning of March. From May till October, Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the Zodiac, moves into your sign for a super auspicious transit that will augur a summer of risk and reward.

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde in airy Gemini in October which indicates that the last quarter of the year might feel more difficult. A ruling planet in retrograde can make one feel stymied, especially, in this case, around communication (which Gemini governs). Make the most of the first three quarters of the year–and mind your p’s and q’s the last.


Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde until late January: not so great for romance. Venus doesn’t like these retrograde transits, as they tend to muss her perfect hair. To be honest, the first few months of 2022 are a bit rough for the Planet of Love and, sadly for you, the Bull. Dicey transits with Mars (war) and Saturn (restriction) until April suggest that “me-time” might be a better option than dating games.

On April 5, Venus finally catches a break and surfs into its exalted sign, watery Pisces, for an ace three-week blast of romance energy: download a dating app and vamp for the camera then. Aggressive Mars goes retrograde from October 28 to the end of the year in your money sector. Mars is rash with cash. Be careful to close out the year prudently. No splurging. Mars in the money sector is like a drunken sailor on the Vegas strip: bad news.


From December 28 to May 10, Jupiter, with its fat pockets, energises your career sector. Excellent transit: a time when rewards will come easier at work–promotions, pay raises, and more perks in your corporate paradise. The second half of the year is more Mars oriented – watch out. Beginning on August 20, the planet of energy and war camps out in your Ego sector until January 8 2023. You could be doing battle with yourself during this transit (Ego sector+warmonger Mars).

The positive side of Mars in silver-tongued Gemini, however: lots of energy to communicate, write, speechify. Use the end of the year to get a novel, essay, Nobel Prize acceptance speech finished. But Mars also brings harshness. Make sure not to offend the Nobel committee and its esteemed guests with words laced with Martian venom.


High-rolling Jupiter will be making a lucky trine (harmonious aspect) to your Sun, suffusing your education sector with cascading divine energy. You will finally feel like an archangel transcribing the word of God, as you fill your notebooks with knowledge gleaned from your daily youtube research.

In a nutshell, 2022 is about expanding your worldview in some way. Where do you want to expand your knowledge? From May to October, when Jupiter shifts gears into fiery Aries and your Career zone, you should be accessing the more ambitious and fiery side of yourself. Aries is quite an independent sign and during this time you might find yourself working best autonomously or some of you may even be breaking out into your own ventures. This is big entrepreneurial transit: that idea for biodegradable coffee mugs may finally pay off.


2022 looks a little rough and tumble for you, Big Cat. Grim Saturn, the Greater Malefic, opposes your Sun all year, which is challenging, to say the least. This cosmic strife will manifest throughout 2022 via your authority questioned, whether in work, relationships, or by family. Nothing new, am I right? But such questions will especially rankle these upcoming months. Why? Your ruling planet, the Sun, is monarchical and you can act a bit too royal sometimes because of it. Saturn believes more in republican values. It is also a restrictive sign that will rein in your rule. That’s not a bad thing. Learning to listen to your subjects is always good for a king.


Jupiter, the expander, is entering your partnership zone from the start of the year until May 10. This placement indicates an auspicious time for falling in love or deepening bonds with your partner. As Jupiter is associated with Knowledge and Wisdom, this can also be a year when you are meeting people who you are learning from, whether through intimate relationships, friendships, or professional acquaintances. So love and learning looks good.

What about work? Aggressive Mars hits your career sector at the end of August for an extended five-month jaunt. Mars is a double espresso. Unlike, say, Saturn, which slows life down, Mars heats and speeds up whatever it comes into contact with. You will have a lot of gusto for your career and the requisite energy to advance it. But belligerent Mars could also bring a warlike mentality to the office place. This aspect of Mars could cut both ways, igniting a fire to vanquish your competitions or alienating key support systems with harsh words and actions.


Your ruling planet, Venus, doesn’t get much luck until April, suggesting a tough time for romance. Focus on work, not love, if possible. Luck shifts in May, however. Jupiter enters Aries from May 11 to the end of October, highlighting your partnership sector.

Mars joins Jupiter in May and this marks a pretty fiery summer for you. With aggressive Mars and risk-taking Jupiter in hard-charging Aries, you might find yourself pursuing others more than you usually would. You may surprise people with your forwardwardness. All this fire is pushing you to take action and not be your usual deliberate self. You could also be a lot testier with all this summer and astrological heat around. This isn’t a bad thing. A year for action, pushing buttons, getting what you want from a partner rather than measuring out tiny spoonfuls of fairness, as is your Libra wont.


Your ruling planet, tough guy Mars, is revving up on his motorcycle, and making an exact conjunction to silken bosomed Venus on March 6. Like ‘Beauty and the Beast,” coquettish Venus doesn’t like to be so close to gruff Martian energy, but Mars likes to be close to her. As such, this will be a time of heightened libido. Your creativity is also running high with Jupiter transiting your 5th House of Creativity from December 28 2021 to May 10. During this period work on expanding your creative output and sharing your inspired ideas with the world. There is an extended Mars retrograde happening in quarter 4 which can throw up some roadblocks around tax or investments. Used productively, this can be a time when you tie up any loose end in this area of your life. Commit to sorting out tax, inheritances, your pension fund as you, ever strategic, prepare for 2023.


You will be living large with your ruling planet, Jupiter, the cool Uncle of the Zodiac, in pretty good astro shape all year. The Luck-giver starts 2022 in its other domicile, Pisces, activating your home and parents sector. Not a lot of family dysfunction indicated – just healthy conversations. Jupiter then moves into fellow fire sign, Aries, on May 10 until October. While Jupiter excels and luxuriates in its watery Pisces, it can be a tad passive there. Jupiter-in-Aries is anything but. It is the act now, think later transit, which will be crossing your sector of creativity and fun. You are extremely fun-loving by nature–perhaps to a fault sometimes–but all this fire and Jupiter luck indicate a summer of misadventure and ballyhoo. Jupiter in the 5th can indicate creative fecundity–or literal fecundity (as in pregnancy). If this sounds like fun, i.e., pregnancy, let the good times roll, especially in summer.


Sometimes the poor Goat gets labelled as a bit dour and pessimistic– maybe even overly critical. Chalk that up to your ruling planet, grumpy Saturn. This year you might break the Saturn mould though. From January to May 10 and October 28 to the end of the year, optimistic Jupiter will energise your communication sector, lending your words more positivity–less carp, more care. Practice turning your orders into requests. You will find that you catch far more flies with honey than with vinegar.

From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter moves into your sector of Home and kin. Expect more family feeling in the summer and early autumn before Jupiter dips back into your communication zone to close out the year. Keep in mind, also, that your ruling planet, Saturn, is in your Finance sector for 2022: too bad generous Jupiter won’t be there. While your sweetened words will flow this year under Jupiter’s influence, Saturn will keep your pennies in the piggy bank to pay for sensible, sturdy shoes, made to last.


A serious 2022, as your ruling planet, strict daddy Saturn, is co-present with your Sun all year. Saturn is associated with regulations and discipline. Aquarius is independent. These two cosmic energies in tandem suggest more social distance for you–with or without Covid restrictions. Saturnal discipline over your Sun/Self could also have you too much in your head, penning manifestos about the New World Order. Try to get out of the house forthwith.

On a much lighter note, get-rich-quick Jupiter moves into your 2nd House of Finances on December 28, 2021 until May, indicating opportunities to make some passive income. It’s time to learn more about Etsy and market those biodegradable coffee mugs you’ve been on about. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter moves into Aries and your communication and learning section. Aries and Aquarius get along well together so this is a helpful transit and the summer will feel lighter and brighter because of it. Jupiter in this area of the chart invites expansion around knowledge, education, information, and the new perspectives these afford. This is a great time to sign up for a course, learn something fresh, and start a new project based on this knowledge (like an Etsy shop for those coffee mugs. Ca-ching).


Jupiter transiting into your sign is perhaps the biggest astrological move of 2022. It’s a homecoming of sorts, since Jupiter rules Pisces and hasn’t been there for an extended period in 12 years. You got a little taste of this last summer between May 13 and July 28. What good stuff was happening for you then? Expect more of the same from December 28 2021. Because one of Jupiter’s functions is to enlarge whatever it contacts, all of this empathetic Pisces energy should get expanded over the next few months.

If you were feeling shut out or shut off from others, expect Jupiter’s placement in your sign to increase a sense of emotional connection. Expect expansion or growth in your relationships–deepening bonds, new love, more love. Your sign embodies empathy, compassion, visionary dreaminess, and emotional sensitivity and with Jupiter, all these traits will be enhanced. 2022 brings a year of you very much in your cosmic feelings. Make the most of it, after this, Jupiter won’t be back in Pisces till 2033.


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