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Aquarius Season - main dates to look out for

Emily Dickinson once said that November is the Norway of the year—so evocative, so true. Let’s riff on Dickinson’s magical thinking somewhat to make the claim that Aquarius season is the Zodiac’s Sweden—remote, unemotional, not fully capitalistic (that would be commercial Capricorn), nor communistic (like hippie Pisces). Rather it’s humanitarian yet cerebral, cooperative yet cold, stable but forward-thinking…like Sweden.

In terms of its modality, Aquarius is one of the “fixed” signs. Contra the mutables (I’m looking at you, in particular, Gemini), fixed signs tend not to get thrown off course by the vicissitudes of life. The flipside to this fixity is that Aquarians are not interested in flakiness, tardiness, wishy-washiness. They do not suffer fools lightly. As such, our first bit of advice this season: try to be punctual, keep appointments, show up early even. Implicit here, of course: be conscientious and considerate. You could get cosmically zonked otherwise. Why so?

Aquarius is ruled by strict Saturn, the time-keeper of the Zodiac. By extension, we will all be ruled more by Saturn’s energy over the next month. A very stern planet, its spirit animal is a gigantic frown. It’s the patron saint of train schedules. It’s associated with prisons and workhouses. It rewards discipline, and punishes relaxation. Suffice to say, it’s not the warmest planet. In fact, it is ice cold. Like Sween this time of year.

These Saturnal characteristics naturally influence Aquarius, a non-chummy energy. And yet, that’s not to say that the Waterbearer doesn’t care. It’s one of the Zodiac’s few non-bestial signs (that is, not ruled by a four-footed animal). This gives Aquarius a certain humanity. Aquarius season isn’t for cozying up with a help-mate, but rather thinking about bigger issues, like humankind.

A second bit of advice, then: this is a month for engaging in collective action and connecting to things bigger than oneself. Think about what cause you want to support, and attend at least one social protest for equal rights or economic justice (both of which, of course, are inter-related).

Aquarius’s abstract love of Humanity (capital H) points toward its highly cerebral nature. You might be up in your head more than usual, over the next couple weeks. If you find yourself intellectualising about the merits of a strong social democratic state (like Sweden’s) vis-a-vis Thatcherite neoliberal policy-making that’s the kind of influence we’d expect during Aquarius season. By all means, intellectualise. But also try not to get too wrapped up in wonkiness. In other words, don’t be so in your head that you forget your heart.

Now, regarding transits over the next four weeks under the auspices of the Waterbearer, please pay attention to these ones, in particular.

We have a New Moon on January 21st to kickstart Aquarius. New Moons are for setting intentions in line with the themes of the season. As discussed, this is a month for big causes. Scroll through Facebook, find some local muckraking event, and bring your inner social justice warrior.

On January 22nd, quirky Uranus goes direct after a long retrograde. This is the planet of unexpected twists and turns. This day could be about minor surprises, therefore: finding a four-leaf clover or pot of gold.

Lovely Venus has been in cold Aquarius from January 2nd until January 26th. It doesn’t like to be in Saturn-ruled signs. Too austere. But on the 26th of January, Planet Love switches over to heart-on-it-sleeve Pisces. A much better placement. Romance, previously on ice, should start to thaw.

We have a Full Moon in showy Leo on February 5th. Full Moons are for celebrations, while Leo energy is about being the centre of attention. Throw yourself a little Full Moon party, during which you make a grand entrance, like some scene out of “Sunset Boulevard,” with you playing the role of Norma Desmond.

And what about Valentine’s Day? The Stars say it could be not so great. The Moon (emotions) are opposite Mars (war). Expect some testiness this day, as you bicker over dinner reservations.

But let’s not end this on a somewhat sour note. Instead, consider the real Valentine’s Day, at least astrologically, to be February 15th. That’s when Venus goes conjunct dreamy Neptune. This is a head-over-heels transit: Cinderella at the Ball. Here’s to glass slippers “accidentally” left under the bed of that Swedish Prince we met at Pygmalion.


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