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Aries New Moon

Ahhhh, the Aries New Moon. It’s the headliner of this year’s Lunar Lollapalooza. As always, New Moons represent transits to set intentions for the day, week, and month. But the Aries New Moon brings with it extra punch: it's the first lunation of the astrological New Year. Intentions will be more amplified – so make sure they are rocking. Let’s look at how to work this loud, brash guitar solo of a transit, streaking through the sky on April 1st.

Anyone who has dated a Lunar Aries knows that they are autonomous, often to a fault. Like cats or birds of prey, they seem to exist in their own worlds, requiring no nutriment or sustenance from sources outside their perfectly calibrated emo-systems. In order to work with this Aries New Moon, we should become more Lunar Aries, acknowledging our need for emotional independence. This isn’t a “team-work” transit. Your thinking about goals or intentions for the day, week, or month shouldn’t involve partners, boyfriends, and/or girlfriends. What do you want? No compromising or self-sacrificing.

Not only should our intentions be “me-first,” but our activities around the transit should embody an independent spirit, as well. The autonomous bent of this lunation has much to do, of course, with the fact that Aries rules over our 1st House, which deals with Self, Identity, Ego, and Appearance. Because the Moon is our emotional pulse, this Aries New Moon ultimately should be about investing in self-care. But the form of self-care suggested by the Aries New Moon is quite different from that of, say, Taurus Moon, moving at its leisurely, luxury-loving pace. Aries is ruled by Mars (drive, action, war). Accordingly this Aries New Moon indicates that we should be active and solo. Go out, but go alone.

Another reason for going solo: this could be a testy transit. Again, Aries is Mars-ruled, so impatience, irritability, or roughness during the day could very much arise around the 1st. Confrontation is at the core of Aries and its ruler–and the emotional valence of the Moon in this placement can manifest in angry outbursts. This might very well be a temper tantrum Moon. If possible, taking a “time-out” from others around this transit wouldn’t be the worst strategy.

Depending on your sign, the Aries New Moon will be lighting up different areas of your chart. Along with some combativeness, its fire will help bring creativity, drive, and autonomous energy to the day and night. Check out your Aries New Moon Horoscope below.


The Aries New Moon transits your sign, Ram. Independence is in the air, so check out an indie band or indie film alone, but don’t do anything that requires patience (like waiting in long lines), as impatience is in the air, as well.


Your Unconscious sector will be highlighted by the Aries New Moon. You could be extra-testy with yourself during this introspective transit. Try to stay calm and Taurus-steady through this somewhat rough, though thankfully brief lunation.


With your 11th House of Friendships getting inflamed by the Aries New Moon, you could find yourself at loggerheads with a BBF. Take a raincheck for a coffee date and instead focus on some work around the house. Your friends will thank you.


The initiatory Aries New Moon flits through your Career zone. There could be fresh ideas at work around this transit (good Aries Moon fire) but also some fresh grievances and temper (bad Aries Moon fire). Burn the midnight oil, not bridges.


This fire-starting lunation lights up your Travel sector, marking a nice moment to start planning a little trip (New Moons are good for intentions) or, because the Moon is in impetuous Aries, you could even go on a an ad hoc adventure around the 1st of April, as well. Aries is for brazen moves.


The autonomous Aries New Moon lights up your Intimacy zone. This presents a bit of a paradox: Autonomy vs. Intimacy. Resolve it by getting intimate with yourself during this brief transit. Practice some self-love, some erotic autonomy (that sounds like a long lost Prince album).


With your Relationship zone getting lit up by the independent Aries Moon, tip the scales in your direction. Go out alone or insist on the lovely new eatery down the street that you’ve been wanting to check out but haven’t because you’re always weighing other people’s desires.


The Aries New Moon courses through your sector of Health, Diet, and Routine. Work on your appearance this day and suffer no guilt about it. Gym, spa, shop. Or lay-out a new health plan. You love to strategise, and this is a great day for setting down workout-related intentions.


The autonomous Aries New Moon lights up your Intimacy zone. This presents a bit of a paradox: Autonomy vs. Intimacy. Resolve it by getting intimate with yourself during this brief transit. Practice some self-love, some erotic autonomy (that sounds like a long lost Prince album).


Your Fun and Romance sector are lit up by the Aries New Moon. While this transit is too fast for love, it might be a nice one for a bit of passion out on the tiles, your eyes locking across the dancefloor with someone for a slow dance, chat, drink, laugh, etc.


The Aries New Moon streaks through your Home sector, so use this transit to bring some warmth to your hearth, Saturn-ruled Goat. Light some candles to welcome in the Autumn. Think “new” vibe at home not just for the lunation but the upcoming season.


The brash New Aries Moon flashes through your Communication sector. Your words will have punch, but maybe refrain from social media, as they will also have bite. Far better to write down some intentions for the next fortnight than throw flames on social media this transit.


Your Money zone is getting lit up by the Aries New Moon. It wouldn’t hurt to spend a bit of cash on yourself during this independent transit, but not too much. Aries can be reckless without direction. Set up a little New Moon budget for the day and stick to it, so everyone is happy.


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