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Cancer Season Horoscopes for Soho House

Unbelievably, we have already reached the summer solstice – the longest day of the year – on 21 June, which also coincides with the start of Cancer season. Cancer is a water sign (hence its emotional nature); its symbol the pincered crab and its keyword ‘care’. As opposed to Gemini season – a time of breezy socialising – Cancer’s reign is more about intimate, meaningful connections. Indeed, the crab expresses itself best when comfortable at home. To align with the energy of the upcoming month, opt for privacy over publicity. Activities around intimate domestic spaces – backyard barbecues, reading in the garden – should take precedence over grandiose displays in public. Save these more dramatic gestures for showy Leo season, which approaches after Cancer has its more quiet moment in the sun. Cancer It’s your season. And with the sun in your selfhood sector (which has to do with attending to your appearance and needs), think of the upcoming month as a time of ego. In other words: suspend your maternal, Cancerian nature and say what you want, not what you think others want you to want. The full moon in your relationship zone on 3 July marks a powerful evening to celebrate an occasion with a love interest. However, the days leading up to it (and after) should be about celebrating yourself, whether that means taking some alone time or being near close friends and family. Leo This season, the emotional Cancer sun lights up your enigmatic zone of the unconscious (which deals with secrets, the past, hidden enemies, and spiritual searching). In essence, a very introspective transit. While the nature of your sign is to love the limelight, try to think of yourself as an understudy, rather than the main star, over the next few weeks. Indeed, solar placements through the unconscious zone invite us to learn about the deeper intricacies of our own character. When one is the star on stage, one tends not to probe into the subtexts of dramatic lines recited to adoring audiences. But this transit is asking you to look deeper into your motivations and triggers, so you can better improvise during life’s next big scene. Virgo With the maternal Cancer sun activating your friendship sector this season, become a shoulder to cry on for those nearest and dearest to you. To explain: your nature revolves around ‘acts of service’. That’s what your symbol, the maiden, signifies. But these Virgo acts of service usually involve more everyday matters: driving someone to the airport, baking a cake, feeding the neighbour’s cat when they are away. While these things are all well and good, sun-in-Cancer energy in your friend zone demands more emotional investment than a mere set of tasks. Emotional acts of service point, instead, to deep listening, empathy, hand-holding, and processing a friend’s endless relationship troubles. Libra Time to get out of your Libra tendency to balance, negotiate, rationalise, and compromise. With the emotional Cancer sun highlighting your careers zone, make a good faith effort to check in with your professional life – but do so from the level of Cancerian feeling and intuition. Sure, the money is great at your job, but is this career path nurturing your inner self? Is it helping you expand spiritually, as well as materially? These are deeper questions that might yield complex, though ultimately clarifying, answers. Don’t let an attachment to your fantasies of the good life or others’ expectations be an obstacle to you really flourishing. Scorpio You and Cancer are homebodies. Cancer’s symbol, the crab, carries its home on its back. Relatedly, you’re a fixed water sign – ‘fixed’ being the operative word here. With the sun in Cancer lighting up your travel zone, though, we are in a bit of a conundrum. Travel implies a kind of to-and-fro that makes you and Cancer uncomfortable. Worry not. The travel zone also deals with knowledge, learning and philosophy. Your ultimate theme for this season, then: pursue knowledge to which you emotionally connect. Cancer is all about feeling, not rationality. Leave the dry theorems and proofs for Aquarius. To align with Cancer energy, you need exposure to things like romantic poetry, instead.

Sagittarius The emotional Cancer sun activates your intimacy zone this season. You may be extra sensitive both to the erotics of touch (this part of the natal chart deals with sex), but also to words, gestures, and attention given (or withheld) by a love interest. Let’s put it this way: this transit can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Why? Remember that Cancer is ruled by the mutable moon – which is, well, moody. And, of course, moodiness and intimacy can be a difficult combination. Try to be easy on yourself, and your partner. Make love, not war. Capricorn Relationships – whether business or personal – are the theme for you this upcoming season, as the nurturing Cancer sun lights up your partnership zone. Cancer, the sign of sweet embraces, should be softening your sometimes gruff, Saturn-ruled nature. Think of this month, then, as one for hugs, not harsh rebukes. Did your partner accidentally chip the veneer on that expensive dining room table? Take a breath. Think about care, kindness and forgiveness, instead. That’s to say: Cancer vibes. And pay close attention to the full moon in your sign on 3 July. It betokens a perfect night for dinner out to celebrate a milestone with a loved one. Aquarius The Cancer sun activates your house of health and wellness this season, making it prime time for self-care. While your nature tends to be somewhat cerebral, Cancer is the opposite: maternal and nurturing. It seems, then, that the cosmos is asking you to get out of your head, with its overly rational modes of calorie counting and kilometres jogged. Go for exercises that aim for emotional release, instead. They say that Hatha yoga activates the heart chakra. Such advice may sound a bit New Agey, but you’re an Aquarius – ‘New Age’ is your middle name. Pisces With the caring Cancer sun lighting up your fifth house this season, your month centres around fun and romance. Not bad. Not bad at all. In essence, the fifth house of the natal chart relates to artistic creation, recreation and procreation. It’s also a nightlife energy: pubs, concerts, clubs. Because it links up to artistic creation, you might desire being in the studio late at night working on some elaborate art project. Don’t be on the clock over the next few weeks. Favour the dark magic of the night to find answers to questions about art and romance. Aries The Cancer sun lights up your home zone this season. This is a powerful placement. The crab rules this sector of your natal chart, and this is your season to emotionally invest in where you live, rather than who you are. Your nature is all about self-interest. Route that impulse into making your house more into a home. Bring to it an object of sentimental value from your past – and cherish it. Taurus With the sweet Cancer sun highlighting your communication zone for the next four weeks, make this time about expressing kind or soft words towards people who need them. Why? Your nature is obviously bullish, meaning you can be overly obstinate (you’re fixed earth, after all). In contrast, Cancer energy, in its best form, indicates maternal, caring warmth. If you’ve been too bull-headed towards someone lately (or have held a grudge for too long), it’s time to be more Cancerian: watery and heartfelt. Orchestrate a rapprochement with a carefully chosen card, sent by post. Show you care. Gemini The caring Cancer sun highlights your money zone this season. Your mutable nature tends to be a bit footloose and fancy free with cash. No problem with that, in theory. But aligning with certain transits also teaches us new ways of being in the world. Astrology, in other words, isn’t about predicting the future, but improving our lives in the present through conscious efforts. Cancer is a nostalgic sign – and with its energy activating your money zone, this should be a month to spend on objects of sentimental value. Don’t invest in a fleeting summer trend, but rather put your money into something that reminds you of your youth, your family, or an old friend.


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