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Cancer Season - What are Cancers like?

The month of the Crab waves in an ocean of feeling, encouraging a reconnection to our empathetic hearts and a moment of self-care.

You can’t spell ‘Cancer’ without c-a-r-e. Indeed, ‘care’ is the operative word for this season whose element is water, whose mode is cardinal, and whose symbol should be a teardrop running down the cheek of an anime princess. Sometimes Cancer cares too much, which can manifest in us being overly sensitive, even moody. After all, the Crab is ruled by the always changeable moon. But ultimately Cancer season is a nourishing time, perfect for being with family, friends and children out of school for summer.

It's a kind of shelter from the frenetic socialising of Gemini season, a site of recovery and recuperation vis-a-vis crowded festival grounds (such as Soho House Festival on 7 and 9 July). Scorpio and Pisces (both water signs) get along most well with the Crab, while Aquarius and Capricorn (both Saturn-ruled) might be a bit uncomfortable with its emotional nature. Regardless of your sign, if you find yourself getting a bit teary-eyed at the sight of a grandmother showing her grandchild a caterpillar and explaining the cycle of life, thank caring Cancer for that.

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Cancer ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.’ These lyrics from Lesley Gore’s 1963 pop hit should be hewn in stone over the gates leading to Cancer season – your season – which lasts until 23 July. Indeed, with the emotional Cancer Sun in your ego zone over the next few weeks, expect to be more sensitive but also more assertive than usual. You are the maternal figure of the zodiac and, for better or worse, that can sometimes mean self-sacrifice. But with Venus (love) and Mercury (communication) joining the Sun in your selfhood zone this month, it’s a time for self-care and expressing your desires rather than bracketing them. So, cry if you want to.


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