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Capricorn Season

Welcome Capricorn season, from December 22nd to January 19th!

If Capricorn were a family member in a sappy Hollywood rom-com, it would be the stern Dad with unreasonably high hopes. Indeed, Capricorn is a serious sign. Ruled by Saturn (the disciplinarian), it’s all business, no frills. It favors austerity measures to liberal spending, and realpolitik to utopian hokum.

But, in a way, the somewhat prickly and difficult nature of Capricorn season comes at a good time for us. The year is coming to an end–and while we will no doubt be glugging grog and nog over the next couple weeks, it should help us to have Capricorn in the cosmic background right around now, as we quietly reflect, deep in our cups, on the year that passed and the year forthcoming.

In order to most align with Capricorn energy, make sure your New Year’s resolutions involve something long-term or long-standing: saving for a home (or buying one), paying off old debts, and/or finally committing to a romance. Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn are not for trysts, flings, and get-rich-quick schemes. Maximise with the Cosmos right now by thinking in full paragraphs, not slogans and mottos.

If the weather pattern of the next month is Capricornian (that is, somewhat cold, gray, with a chance of rain), that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some patches of Sun forecasted. By the same token, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few astrological storms a-brewing either. To wit:

Capricorn season dates of note

We’ve got a pesky Mercury Retrograde to start the season. Mercury relates to communication, whereas retrogrades betoken wonky transits that trouble a planet’s positive influence. During a Mercury retrograde, therefore, expect some difficulty around words, messaging, and expressing yourself. ‘Tis NOT the best season for Christmas lists sent to Santa. From December 22nd to December 31st, it could well be that delays, misunderstandings, and comedies of error are the (dis)order of the day.

Fret not, though. This retrograde clears up on January 1st, when Mercury goes direct. Hold off on penning your New Year’s resolutions until this date for maximum cosmic support (and try to avoid any major communication decisions, including contracts, marriage proposals, or marriage acceptances, until New Year’s Day).

A Full Moon in Cancer on December 26th portends a lovey-dovey lunation. Cancer is our most caring sign–and the Moon rejoices in it more than all others. This transit indicates emotional fullness and understanding. Capricorn season can have us feeling somewhat aloof, but this Cancer Moon is coming to you with open arms. Hug everyone, accordingly, and never let go.

Please take special note of December 30th. Why? Because that is when lucky Jupiter goes direct after a five month retrograde. We have seen how retrogrades are problematic, awkward, wonky transits–like puberty for the Stars. But as a planet emerges from one of them, its influence on us becomes extra auspicious and swan-like. December 30th betokens a particularly rich day for Jupiterian luck and bounty. No longer flummoxed by bad skin and moodiness, expect Jupiter to make your world shimmer a bit more.

And what about Mars, our ornery, bristling planet of war (as well as mischief, libido, and confrontation)? Well, it enters Capricorn on January 4th, where it joins the Sun. That’s a lot of heat in the sign of the Goat, meaning a calendar date where tempers could flare. Luckily, this transit will occur after all the ballyhoo of Christmas dinners, all fat with goose and cheer. In other words, Mars won’t add any friction to family dynamics. Nonetheless, it could make your day somewhat edgier, as you return to work, to start another year.

Finally, think about the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11th as a back-to-business lunation after the lazy ways of the Holidays. New Moons signify transits for setting intentions, while Capricorn is a calculating sign. Align with this lunation by setting up a two week game for advancing in the workplace, by hook or by crook.


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