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Full Moon in Sagittarius 2023 June 4th

This fiery Sagittarius Full Moon occurs on June 4, when it will wax opposite the Sun-in-Gemini. As opposed to New Moons, which are for setting intentions and goals, the Full Moon should push us to conclude a project – and then treat ourselves for a job well done. Our most general advice for this lunation, then: go out and toast to something, anything. This is the last Moon before the Winter Solstice in Australia: we’ve made it halfway through another year. Cheers.

Like Gemini, Sadge is a dual-bodied sign. It’s half-human, half-horse. This duality makes it contradictory, torn between conflicting energies – generous and philosophical (its human side) but also prone to go full goblin mode (due to its animal nature).

In the context of this Full Moon, however, we should try to align more with Sadge’s philosophical tendencies. Why? Full Moons are about counterbalancing the general vibe of the season. Gemini is light and fun, flirty and a bit superficial. Gemini loves giving answers, but Sagittarius likes asking questions about life, love, and work instead. Take a step back from the gossip on this lunation to better work with the Moon.

For a bit more tailored advice, check out your lunar-scope below to see where the Sagittarius Full Moon will be hitting your chart around June 4th. Or you can extend the energy of the transit and think about its placement in a two week cycle, until the next New Moon which occurs in Gemini on June 28th.


The high-rolling Sadge Full Moon in Sagittarius forms a lucky trine (harmonious aspect) to your Sun, suffusing the Knowledge and Learning sector of your chart with bright reading light. Time to get a new book. As Nabokov once said: “Knowing you have something good to read before bed is among the most pleasurable of sensations".


This bold Sagittarius Full Moon is lighting up the Occult sector of your chart. You may be more intuitive about the emotional needs of a lover, friend, or family member around this Moon. Do not be afraid to act on your intuitions and reach out to them, subtly, as the easy sweep of wind over lake and wood.


The profound Sagittarius Full Moon activates your Relationship zone, inviting you to think more deeply about the dynamics of love. Is it merely the absolute contingency of an encounter with someone that you didn’t know that then takes on the appearance of destiny, which we mistake for necessity? That kind of stuff.


This Full Moon is highlighting the area of your chart associated with Health and Routine. Please note that this could be a restless fiery Moon for you. A great way to utilise this somewhat frenetic energy is to head down the gym. Schedule a PT session or a high impact cardio class.


This Sagittarius Full Moon is a fun one for you, as it lights up the 5th House, which deals with romance, taverns, alehouses, and the night. Be efficient and align with the Moon by taking a lover, or finding love, over frothy drinks and juke box promenades.


With the bold Sagittarius Full Moon in your Home zone, it’s the perfect time to host a dinner party. Put a tablecloth down, so you don't have to worry about people not using coasters. Open your heart and home, for he who cannot in his own house entertain a guest, when abroad will find few to entertain him.


Having this big, fiery, bold Sagittarius Moon lighting up in your Communication zone is all about sharing your message with the world from a place that celebrates your emotional truth (Full Moon = bringing to light). This is a day for soul-searching and sharing.


With the generous Sadge Moon lighting up your Money zone, you may want to outlay big funds for friends and family on things of sentimental value. Just keep in mind that the Sadge Moon is not for cutting coupons. It wants to give and gallivant, which is good, but make sure your pocketbook is game.


The generous Sadge Full Moon powers up your Selfhood zone. Apparently, there’s a new trend in NYC called the “solo date,” where you get yourself flowers and take yourself out for a dinner of wild greens cappelletti in new garlic brodo (and, for dessert, rhubarb tartlet). Do that. Just don’t fight with yourself over the check.


The Sagittarius Full Moon energises your House of Bad Spirit and Enemies. With the emotional Moon and generous Sadge joining forces, you can afford to be magnanimous toward someone who has caused past hurts. As Oscar Wilde said: “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much".


The generous Sadge Full Moon highlights the Friendship zone of your chart. Call up a buddy or two and celebrate your shared history together. This Full Moon light could make you a bit emotional in fond remembrance. It could also inspire you to pay for dinner, drinks, or both. Resist not these impulses.


With this Sagittarius Full Moon lighting up your Career zone, you should be accessing the more ambitious and fiery side of yourself. Sadge is quite an independent energy, so you might find yourself working best autonomously this lunation.


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