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Gemini Season - Main dates to look out for

Welcome Gemini season, from May 21st to June 21st!

Gemini season: flighty, flirty, and fun. This vibe makes it rather dissimilar to, say, serious Capricorn or emotional Cancer season. Those two signs are either always crying during tear-jerkers at the theatre (the Crab) or never smiling during comedies (the Goat). And what of Gemini? It’s out gossiping to the guy making popcorn for half the movie.

This light and flighty energy relates, of course, to the fact that Gemini is an air sign, an element it shares with Libra and Aquarius. However, Gem’s quite different from these signs, as well, due to the “modality” of each. Aquarius, for example, is fixed air, meaning that it likes to stay put and get all cerebral about big ideas and the future. Libra indicates cardinal air: its energy is about initiating things, like, say, discussions to find consensus or balance (its symbol is the Scales, natch). But Gemini is mutable air. It’s about movement. As such, it’s our sign least tethered to the earth and all its heavy consequences. Gemini season, therefore, might influence us to be more cavalier about life. And that’s a great thing. But this airiness might also lead to us being more forgetful about serious matters. So, tip number one: We need to be extra attentive to details during the next few weeks, lest we find ourselves relaxing at Stephen’s Green, as the kids wait at ballet class for us to pick them up for dinner. While Geminis can indeed be flighty, they’re also known for energising dazzling conversation. They are ruled by Mercury (communication), which explains Gem’s wonderful gift of the gab. This is the sign you want at your dinner party, regaling with tall tales and witty asides. It’s basically the Oscar Wilde of the Zodiac. Another tip for aligning with this loquacious and social sign, then: have people over for a soiree, and make sure to invite a Gemini.

But don’t invite too many of them. Why? Gemini’s mutability can also make it a fickle sign–one that blows too hot and cold, so to speak. Its symbol, the Twins, explains this “shadow” side. The dual nature of the symbol points to its two-facedness. Gemini’s influence can be witty, but catty and gossipy–even untruthful. Guard against these shadows by remembering that wit can only laugh at the expense of the truth for a while. Gemini season lasts only a few weeks, but a mean-spirited word, travelling on the wings of rumour to unforgiving ears, can impact a friendship forever.

Gemini season dates of note In terms of transits, we have a pretty low-key month. To wit: Let’s start with a celebratory Full Moon in fiery Sagittarius (mutable fire), occurring on June 4th. This is perhaps your best night to go out and paint the town red with friends. Sagittarius is a swashbuckler, so have fun this lunation and engage in a little high seas adventure (but watch out for scary Captain Ahab-types, at your local pub, the Pequod).

For those of us looking for love in all the wrong places, lovely Venus enters show-stopper Leo on June 5th. Leo is a self-centred sign, and with Venus up in the Big Cat, this is a date to show love to yourself, rather than wasting it on some noncommittal scallywag obsessed with career and deft at emotional avoidance. Purchase those fancy heels, and that dress, and act like you’re in a montage from a 90s rom-com, soundtracked to “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves. Big News for Mercury: it enters its domicile sign, Gemini, on June 11th. Mercury here is extra charged, like a video game character that has just eaten some kind of magical fruit and can now jump high and run super fast. Your verbal expression will likewise be turnt up (as the kids in the States say), which is perfect if you’ve slacked on a term paper or an office memo you need to finish pronto.

On June 17th, grim Saturn retrogrades in wishy-washy Pisces. Saturn is about structure, but a Saturn retrograde betokens disorder and undoing. Expect life to feel like an existential untied shoelace on this date. Wear slip-ons or just go barefoot to avoid tripping on those cosmic loose strings.

Finally, we end here with a New Moon in chatty Gemini on June 18th. Other than the Full Moon, this might be your other best night to socialise out on the tiles. Gemini energy, as we’ve seen, prompts the urge to gossip, so get some friends together but tarry not with vain and idle chat, which on the swift wing of rumour may travel faster than the Sun— and with more harm than mere UV rays. This is the last super social Moon for awhile, as we move into homebody Cancer next season.


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