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Here is how the Virgo Full Moon will effect your sign (today February 24th 2024)

It’s helpful to think of the Full Moon every month as a bit of contrasting colour, style, or texture to the ensemble of the presiding Zodiac season. If we are in the dark wool blazer of Capricorn, for example, its Full Moon will always occur in the liquescent silk blouse of Cancer, 180 degrees opposite the Goat on the Zodiac Wheel.

For those signs that may not be into the current laid back boho beach chic of Pisces season, a Virgo Full Moon approaches on February 24th. It’s a day to put your hair up into a stiff plait and get some stuff done. Why so?

While each Full Moon makes us more emotional, the sign in which it occurs flavours the way we express our feelings toward work, partners, family, and friends.

Because Virgo rules over the 6th House, which deals with routine, diet, and service, it is an eminently practical earth sign that values tasks, consistency, and helping others. Even though Virgo is ruled by Mercury (communication), the love language of the Maiden isn’t effusive poetry but rather a neatly scripted “To Do” list with all the boxes meticulously checked off for their helpmate.

When it comes to natal charts, Lunar Virgos (LVs) tend to find comfort in details. This gives them a sense of emotional security. LVs love feeling useful and eschew the ups and downs of the spotlight, favouring to manage behind the scenes instead. They delight in reliability and punctuality (remember that Virgo rules over routine). Seeing that Virgo governs over the harvest, and hence diet, Lunar Virgos also find emotional sustenance in eating well and healthy, unlike, say, Taurus Moons that find comfort in more decadent fare.

Now, contrast all these Virgo keywords and themes with our current Pisces energy which is never on time, somewhat unreliable, not great with details or boundaries, excessive, visionary, artistic, and emotionally flooded. Given all that, this Virgo Full Moon represents a moment to bring order to Piscean chaos. It's a nice tight belt to cinch the flowing skirt that is the Fishes.

Depending on your sign, the Virgo Full Moon will be lighting up different areas of your chart on the 24th. It will ultimately help bring an organised, service-oriented energy to the day and night. Check your Virgo Full Moon horoscope below.


The Virgo Full Moon waltzes through your Health and Diet sector–focus on eating well this brief transit. Try some Plum Tofu Gua Bao with cleanbean tofu and sesame miso. It’s food for the gods that will help you live forever.


Your Romance sector will be highlighted by the Virgo Full Moon, which values service to others above all else. Do something romantic this transit but make the date about your paramour and their quirks. Cater to them, like a good Maiden.


Virgo loves bringing order, particularly around the house. Luckily for you, this Full Moon will be energising your Home sector. Get some cleaning supplies ready (they say vinegar and water is a potent combo?) and make your space sparkle.


Your Communication sector will be lit up by the crisp and clear Virgo Full Moon. If you have an application, personal statement, or writing assignment due around this date, think about finishing it by the precise moonlight of the Maiden.


Pay attention to finances on this Virgo Full Moon, as it is lighting up the Money zone of your chart. This could be the best day of the month to confront taxes, bills, and other assorted money matters.


The wishy-washy vibes of Pisces season may be fraying and loosening your stiff plait. With the Full Moon shining light on your 1st House of Selfhood, take the day and night to tidy up your hair, look, appearance. Get a trim or buy some trim trousers. Treat yourself.


Your 12th House of Secrets and the Unconscious will be aglow this Virgo Full Moon. This is an introspective House and transit. Go through old photographs or pics and get rid of the ones that conjure uneasy affects. Organisation through deletion is very Virgo.


Friendship is the theme of this Virgo Full Moon for you, Big Sting. Remember that Virgo is at its best when it is practising forms of service. Help a friend get rid of stuff they don’t need in the welter they call a closet.


Your Career zone is getting highlighted this Virgo Full Moon, so head into the office this transit ready to dig into the minutiae of contracts, computer code, or other forms of p’s and q’s. You will be extra eagle-eyed, so no dilatory online searching for gold Cartier belt buckles.


This Virgo Full Moon graces your Learning sector. Virgo wants to know how rather than why. Instead of reading academic, abstract, or philosophical stuff, learn how something gets made–perfume, arch-gravity dams, etc. This is a nitty-gritty Moon.


Your Intimacy zone is being charged by the Virgo Full Moon, which values acts of service. Tend to the whims of your significant other for maximal erotic frisson. Or, keep in mind that the Intimacy zone also deals with shared finances. Organise taxes with your partner (the detail oriented Virgo Moon will probably like that even more).


With the Virgo Full Moon lighting up your Relationship sector this short transit, recall that the Maiden values service to others. This is the perfect lunation to make a bed or dinner for your helpmate. Show that you care by organising your love language a bit this brief transit.



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