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Horoscopes for each Zodiac sign for Virgo New Moon today 27th August 2022

Ultimately, New Moons are the best time of the month to start projects. Because Virgo is a practical earth sign, it might be more productive to make sure we mark this lunation as one to get stuff done. This isn’t a grand, visionary Moon (like we get with Pisces). Instead, it’s about being no frills, helpful to others, and logistical.

Check out your Virgo New Moon horoscopes below.


The New Moon in one’s sign is always potent, so the Maiden should feel extra charged on the 27th. You are always looking to help others but now’s the time to book a date with yourself and work on your own needs.

Libra The Virgo New Moon crosses through your zone of the Unconscious. This is an introspective transit, better suited for letting go of things. Virgo is great for getting rid of needless stuff–including that emotional baggage.


The Virgo New Moon transits your Friendship zone. Virgo energy is excellent for organizing, so the onus is on you this lunation to plan a get together with friends for the evening.


This New Moon highlights your Career zone. Use that detail-oriented Virgo Moon energy to start looking into that daunting stack of papers on your desk that require reading glasses for the fine print.


Your Spirituality sector will be highlighted by this New Moon. Virgo isn’t for pie-in-the-sky metaphysical ruminations. Instead, use its energy to strike a pose at yoga to reach nirvana.


The New Moon highlights your Intimacy sector. They say it’s better to give than receive. This applies especially to the service-loving energy of Virgo. Use this Moon to explore a new subordinate role in the boudoir.


The New Moon highlights your Relationship Zone. Virgo Energy is all about being of service. Coupled or not, commit to doing one nice helpful thing for a partner in your life (be it romantic, friend, or business associate). Your friend needs a ride across town–give it to them.


The New Moon highlights your Workout zone. Virgo energy loves routines (as do you). But New Moons are also for switching things up and starting a fresh new cycle. Hit the gym but with a new regimen or set of exercises to try out.


With the practical Virgo New Moon activating your Fun zone, make sure you choose some place a bit more buttoned-down for the evening. Picture, as I do, the poet Emily Dickinson when you think of Virgo energy and ask yourself–what would Emily do tonight? Probably write poems about a dragonfly.


Your Home sector gets energized by the Virgo New Moon. It’s a day and night to start and finish chores, making sure to get very detailed. No brushing things under the rug. In fact, it’s time to wash the rug entirely.


The Virgo New Moon activates your Communication zone. Your sign is known for side-winding, indirect speech, while Virgo is all about real talk. Approach a crush and say exactly how you feel.


The New Moon charges up your Finance section. While you love to spend, Virgo delights in the opposite. Head down to the bank and start a little conversation about savings bonds. New Moons are for new beginnings.


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