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How compatible are two Leo's?

Leo rules the heart and is certainly one of the most passionate, and romantic of the signs. So two Leo’s together can mean the ultimate fairytale. Leo is associated with the 5th House in astrology which is the House of Romance and Fun. There is no more playful sign than Leo and two Leos means double the merriment. This tends to a high octane connection with both having the same effervescent and lighthearted approach to life.


Leo, is fixed fire, meaning that even though it is of the element of inspiration and action, their emotional approach to relationships is actually pretty steady. Two Leo’s together can create a long lasting and deep bond, both appreciating the other’s stalwart approach and commitment to life and each other.


Leo energy can be very competitive and each may battle for dominance in the bedroom. This is a lusty couple and usually who prefers marathon sessions over quickie sex. They like to make sure each partner is completely satiated.

Potential problem area

This can be a very tempestuous relationship, with many showdowns. Leo can be known to be quite stubborn, so this can result in a battle of wills with both refusing to change their own aims or demands. Their shared need to be centre of attention can also come escorted by problems. At best, they can channel this energy into being the ultimate power couple that shines together but they need to be wary of being overly demanding on each other. This is the sign that does expect their partners to kowtow to them.

Sun Sign compatibility

In general these is a great dynamic. Each also has a strong vested interest in the others career and life outside of the relationship. Leo wants to be with someone who also shines. They like people with clear goals and focus, a partner they can be proud of and show off to the world. No better person for this than another Leo!


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