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It’s Scorpio season: an X rated month lies ahead

Welcome Scorpio season, from 23rd October to 22nd November!

If the zodiac were a house, and each sign a room in it, Scorpio would be the boudoir, where all the nocturnal naughtiness happens. To put it bluntly, it’s the most sexual sign, corresponding to the privy parts in medical astrology. While our just recent Libra season was about balance and beauty, Scorpio’s reign will be riven with darker libidinal energy–something like the foreboding sublimity of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony compared to the easy orgiastics of Ode to Joy, his famous, Libra-esque 9th.

One way to account for the difference between these two signs, of course, is to look at the Big Sting’s ruling planet, belligerent Mars. The ancients called this heavenly body the Knife because of its well-nigh violent influence. There is an excess to Mars–just as there is an excess to Scorpio season. Accordingly, you may be feeling extra intense over the next few weeks, while discussing politics, sports, film, or family. Words could function more like weapons. Be forewarned. Scorpio is also an intensely private sign (remember it relates to the private parts). It doesn’t like the light–it prefers to move in the shadows. Virgo, too, wants to avoid the spotlight–but it does so in the service of others. Scorpio is more interested in serving itself. To achieve these ends, we might say that it has a scheming energy. This has something to do with bellicose Mars, as well. In Aries (another sign it rules), the Warmonger Planet expresses itself as the Warrior seeking glory in battle. However, Mars-in-Scorpio manifests more as the General, plotting to win the war from a distance. This season indicates a great time, therefore, to strategize, as well. How can you undermine that co-worker’s career to improve your path to a promotion? Just kidding… sort of. In terms of element and modality, Scorpio is a fixed water sign. But herein lies the interesting thing: its ruling planet, Mars, is fiery. When you add fire to water you get a sign that screws. And Scorpio is definitely that kind of sign–obsessive, not letting go. You might find yourself smouldering over slights more than usual over the next couple weeks, putting too much energy into elaborate revenge fantasies. Obsess, instead, by digging into a project with new found vigour. This is the good version of Scorpio–intensity around planning and executing our strategic vision. It would be remiss not to mention the occult aspect of Scorpio season. Halloween happens during it for a reason. Scorpio is definitely the “season of the witch” (if you haven’t listened to Donovon’s song of that same title lately, it’s recommended, as it captures the eldritch harmonies of Scorpio). Over the next few weeks, you may, therefore, be drawn to exploring darker themes related to erotic play and/or the arts, like the supremely creepy new film, Crimes of the Future, by David Cronenberg. Yikes. For real.

Scorpio season dates of note When looking at the big transits for the next month, the first week of Scorpio season is primed with activity. To wit:

On October 23rd, we start off with a blockbuster day. The Sun and lovely Venus enter the Big Sting. Now, Venus-in-Scorpio is not a good placement for Planet Love–it loses dignity in randy Scorpio. This transit is more about lust: Venus-in-Furs and stilettos rather than Venus-in-sensible-slacks. Let’s be honest, though: Venus-in-Furs doesn’t sound so bad.

On October 25th, we got a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipses are disruptive. Solar eclipses are even more so, as the Sun (Self) gets shrouded by the Moon (emotion). Anticipate being way up in your feelings. We mentioned Scorpio already tends toward stewing–this lunation could very well turn up the heat on that simmering pot of ratatouille in our hearts.

Jupiter goes retrograde into Pisces on October 28th. Jupiter wants to expand and make better. When it’s in retrograde, however, Planet Luck can’t fulfil its cosmic purpose. Expect a bit of a pinch on this day, as Jupiter wobbles backward in the Fishes. The good news is that Jupiter rules Pisces–so it’s like the planet is coming home, after a night out on the tiles. It’s going to be hungover the next day, but at least it’s in its own bed instead of dishevelled along the quays.

Speaking of retrogrades, Mars backspins in Gemini on October 30th. Again, retrogrades are about stymied energy. Mars hates to be held up–it gets very aggressive. Beware of sharp language or action on this date.

On November 8th, we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct wildcard Uranus. That’s a total mouthful, but suffice to say that unexpected conclusions or culminations could happen here as they pertain to a sense of security (losing your favourite blanket or wedding ring).

After all this madness, a clearing. On November 16th things get a little lighter with Venus entering happy-go-lucky Sagittarius–no more watching Dahmer on Netflix at 3am. Instead, something with Meg Ryan (pre-plastic surgery snafu).

This little glimmer of a transit is then followed by communicative Mercury joining Venus in Sadge on November 17th. Venus+Mercury+Sagittarius is fun, light, and sweeter compared to macabre Scorpio, which could have us writing weird love letters to Bono. Advice: put the pen down until the middle of November.


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