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Watery Cancer Season
July Horoscopes 2024

My, my. Astrologically, so many planetary transits this month. To capture this surfeit of activity, I’m trying to think of some pun that combines the busy air traffic of a major airport with an astrological reference. Something like: “July’s hectic astrology is going to resemble Stars De Gaulle” (instead of Paris’s Charles De Gaulle airport)? I’ll keep working on it…

At any rate, Mercury (communications) enters narcissistic Leo on July 2nd. Beware of telling overly self-involved stories this day.  It’s cool to hear about where you got those vintage heels. Less so to hear about how everyone at the wine bar thought they looked amazing on you. 

Lovely Venus transits into showy Leo on July 11th. This is a day for public displays of affection or seemingly intimate romantic gestures (which you then triumphantly post to your socials). 

On July 20th, aggressive Mars enters chatty Gemini: words becoming swords this day.  And then, two days later, Leo season begins on July 22nd, as the Sun strides all proud into the Big Cat. Leo is our most regal, spotlight hungry sign. Accordingly, you may be feeling somewhat in need of attention this date. 

As for this month’s lunations, we have a New Moon in sweet and sensitive Cancer on July 5th. The Moon rules this sign, so it’s an extra powerful date to set intentions aligned to Cancerian energy (listening to friends in need, not using work as an excuse to avoid intimacy). Cancer is our most emotionally vulnerable sign. 

Then, on July 21st, the Full Moon waxes in serious Capricorn. Meh. Not such a good transit. Grim Saturn rules Capricorn, and the Moon doesn’t delight in this sign. If anything, you could feel somewhat emotionally cold around this date. 

And, before we get to your personal horoscopes for July below, I just want to say that July’s busy astrology is going to feel like the air traffic at Starlanda (explanatory side-note: Arlanda is Stockholm’s international airport). Or La Stardia (instead of New York’s La Guardia)?  Whichever of these various puns works for you, just remember to stay starry-eyed. 


Explosive Mars, your always hangry ruling planet, currently resides in fixed-earth Taurus, where it will be emphasising financial matters and personal resources this month. Mars can be reckless with cash. Taurus, however, is more deliberate. Taken together, these energies will balance out and leave you where you always are with money: slightly stressed, with not quite enough of it to fully enjoy that somewhat overpriced shrimp scampi. Your big day to be aware of: July 15th. That’s when Mars and wildcard Uranus go conjunct. Unexpected expenses or financial disruptions could arise. 


Until July 11th, your ruling planet, ritzy Venus, camps out in your Communication zone, where it should enhance your charm in conversations and strengthen relationships with siblings or neighbours. After July 11th, Venus flits over into the zone of your chart pertaining to home-life and family. Usually, Venus here augurs harmony at the homestead. But this month, you’ve got aggressive Mars in the Ego zone of your chart. You could feel more temperamental and moody as a result. Pay close attention to July 15th. Mars and off-kilter Uranus join forces and may especially challenge your typically steady demeanour.


Communicative Mercury, your ruling planet, passes through three signs this month. Very rare! For the first few days, it will transit caring Cancer. You may be moved to sentimental or nostalgic forms of communication during this time. Beware of overly confessional messages DM’s to old crushes or flames. On July 3rd, Mercury is off to showy Leo. This is a braggartly transit. Take note. Finally, on July 25th, Mercury lands in fussy Virgo, where it lights up your Home sector. Even though we dislike the monarchy, you will feel like the Queen of Organization later in the month.


It’s your season, gentle Crab, as the Sun energises the Ego zone of your chart until July 22nd. Though your privacy-loving, homebody nature tends to eschew the spotlight, you’re in it now, friend. When the Sun is placed in this part of your chart, however, you should feel emboldened to assert your needs and desires. Need space? Ask for it. Compliments, love, attention? Ditto. After the 22nd, the Sun moves into showy Leo, where it activates your Money zone. Perfect time to splurge on something fabulous for your space or wardrobe.


Until July 22nd, the Sun (your ruler) is kind of sulking in your 12th House, which is all about secrets and introspection. Not exactly your regal vibe, which tends toward spectacle and public decrees. If you feel like a wet cat over the next couple weeks, blame the Sun’s current placement for that. But, when your ruler finally moves into your sign on the 22nd, your sleek, feline form will return. No more grumpiness. Just lots of electricity and charisma. 


Your ruling planet, Mercury, is going a bit crazy with travel this month. For the first few days of July, it darts through caring and nostalgic Cancer, where it energises your Friendship zone. Align with this placement by remembering to send some sweet words to an old Uni friend. On July 3rd, Mercury then jets into Leo, one of our more self-centred signs. A good three week transit for posting about yourself constantly online. By the 25th, Mercury settles into Virgo, your home sign. This is your time to get organised, communicate clearly, and maybe even show off a bit of your analytical prowess.


Until July 11th, Sweet Venus, your ruling planet, brings harmony to your professional life, as it lights up your 10th House of Career. Expect even more charm among colleagues and higher-ups with this very auspicious placement. Post-July 11th, Venus next  sashays into showy Leo. There it will be powering up your Friendship zone (which also deals with social networking). These very strong Venus placements indicate benefits through socialising. This is not a month for alone time, Libra. Time to hustle.



Let’s see how relationships are looking this month for you. Hmmmm. You’ve got your ruling planet, war-like Mars, marching through your Partnership zone all month. That means challenges. Mars is known as “the Knife.” It’s confrontational and problematic. Try to blunt Mars’s sharp edge by taking lots of alone time. Also, keep an eye on July 15th—it could be a bit rocky with Mars joining up to wildcard Uranus. This could be a day of sudden changes. 


The sweet and sensitive Cancer Sun highlights your Intimacy zone until July 22nd. This part of the chart is about sharing desires, fears, hopes, dreams, disappointments. Cancer’s watery energy should help with this kind of intimacy, which might not come easily for the Sagittarius nature (fiery and mutable).  On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo, where it will be highlighting your Travel sector. Bikinis indicated.


Until July 22nd, you have the caring Cancer Sun energising Relationship zone, which pertains both to romantic and professional partners. Cancer’s placement here is urging (or at the very least inviting) you to show more empathy and care toward significant relationships. Your reputation, Goat, is that you can be gruff. Prove everyone wrong with some tenderness. On the 22nd, the Sun moves to dramatic Leo, where it lights up your Sex and Intimacy zone. Align with Leo by bringing some theatricality and role-play into the boudoir, but try to avoid long monologues. 


Until July 22nd, the Cancer Sun is all about Health and Wellness for you. Start a new fitness routine or just make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Remember that Cancer’s essence is to care, either for self or others. This month, at least, should be more about you and your health routine. On July 22nd, the Sun moves into showy Leo, highlighting your Relationship zone. Leo is all about publicity and spectacle. It could be time to go full rom-com and sing some Elton John with your love-interest at a bar and then laugh together in the front seat of the car outside their house, then propose marriage, while livestreaming. 


With the caring Cancer Sun in your Fun and Dating zone until July 22nd, you might feel extra sensitive and connected to people in the romance department. Cancer isn’t a lighthearted and free-energy like Gemini. It tends to take mere signs for wonders. If this or that person seems too good to be true, they probably are an AI bot. After the 22nd, the Sun enters image-conscious Leo, putting a spotlight on your Health and Wellness. Leo in this part of the chart is about working out for the wrong reasons (attention). But, if the end result is a healthier life-style, does one’s motive matter? 


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