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Your June horoscopes have landed: Here’s what’s in store for the month ahead

June begins in fun and flighty Gemini (mutable air) and shifts to shoulder-to-cry on Cancer (Cardinal water) on the Solstice (June 21). It’s kind of frightening to think the year is almost at its mid-point. I digress. Gemini Season could feel a bit sluggish with Mercury (Gem’s ruling planet) coming out of a retrograde from last month. The Messenger Planet goes direct on June 3rd, but it does so in Taurus, a fixed earth sign. Gemini and Mercury like speed–but Taurus is saying “slow down world.” On the 13th, however, Mercury enters the Twins and any delays in communication or commerce should return to their dizzying postmodern velocities.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius on the 4th and Neptune follows suit later in the month on the 28th (it reverses in Pisces). Dreamy Neptune’s retrograde is a sobering transit, as is Saturn’s. A lot of delusional bubbles could pop this month (financial ones, real estate). Meanwhile, Jupiter is parked deep in aggro Aries, where it is joined by Mars. These two planets together in the Ram augur self-confidence and a time to start monumental projects that take energy and vision (expanding a company, building a factory).

The New Moon falls in Cancer on the 28th (very emotional transit), while the Full Moon flits through fiery Sagittarius (a night to take a friend out for margaritas). And what about little Venus? Planet Diamonds is shining in home-sign Taurus until the 23rd. This is probably its best placement and marks a time for spending some ducats on high-end accoutrements (fixed earth Taurus Venus=cash cow transit). Planet Love then moves into Gemini on the 23rd of May–another good spot in that Venus is social and Gemini loves to chat.


Last month was roiled by a pesky Mercury retrograde–a transit that affects you and Virgo most. Understandably your high-flying and fast-moving nature tends not to do well with these cosmic pauses. But now Mercury is slowly gaining power. “Slowly” is the operative word. On the 3rd, it goes direct, albeit in steady Taurus. What is this placement suggesting to you? Maybe it’s time to get off the immediacy of Twitter, excessive texting, and other forms of micro-communication? Mercury-in-Taurus expresses itself more through longer phrasing. Perhaps this is a month to take more time to spell out what you mean both to yourself and others. Think paragraphs, not memes. It could also be a time, therefore, to approach longer writing assignments (graduate school applications, term papers, evaluations at work). Taurus can help give endurance for this kind of long-haul communication. Of course, it’s also your season until the 21st, with the Sun highlighting your Selfhood zone (more self-esteem and shine). On the 23rd, the Sun is replaced in the 1st House of Self by lovely Venus (beauty and charm). Meanwhile glorious Jupiter in your 11th House of Social Networking is sextiling Venus for three weeks, indicating either more love for your crew or moving out of the friend zone and finding romance with someone you’ve long known.


The Sun is in your 12th House of Inwardness until your season starts on the Solstice. Unlike, say, attention-monger Leo, which heavily disfavours these kinds of solar transits through the Inward Zone, your nature is inherently inward-seeking, happiest in your shell, following intuition and nurturing those closest to you. It could very well be that you might find this introspective transit even more fulfilling than Cancer season which begins on the 21st when the Sun crests your Selfhood Zone. Still, your season is a time to come out of your shell and bask in the world. This is a transit for others to attend to you rather than you to others. It’s an outward time in direct contrast to the beginning of the month. The New Moon in your sign on the 28th will be especially powerful. Not only is the Moon your ruling planet, but it also occurs near the Solstice. It might be useful to think of these two events as a perfect point for a mid-year reset–a time to renew vows or resolutions, as we pass the tipping point of 2022. Because this Moon occurs in your sign, intentions around it should have to do with Cancerian themes related to emotional balance and well-being. This is not a Moon for material or hyper-rational goals and schemes.


Your ruling planet, the Sun, is jetting through your Friendship and Networking zone until the Solstice, which should be a great transit for your more extroverted nature. Keep in mind, as well, that this is a Gemini Sun, characterised by spreading news, gossip, and messages aplenty. Think of the next few weeks as a time to be in the social mix, therefore. Congregate with friends and business associates. Charm them. Mercury (communication) is in your 10th House of Career, too, right now, so you’ve got commerce, career, communication, and networking strongly indicated until the 21st. When the Sun shifts into Cancer at the Solstice, however, expect a volte-face from external kibitzing to internal reckoning. This emotional Cancer Sun crosses your Inward Zone for a month–a placement that your nature doesn’t much love. It’s a time of soul-searching. Watery Cancer vibes could douse your fire somewhat. This inward transit always precedes your season–it is asking you to pull back on the bowstring so you can shoot forth when the Sun enters your sign late July. You do have benevolent Jupiter in the 9th House of Philosophy forming a trine with your Sun, indicating wisdom and self-understanding forthcoming.


Your theme this month is clearly work-related. The Gemini Sun highlights your 10th House of Career until the Solstice. Your ruling planet, Mercury, joins on the 13th, suggesting a particularly potent week mid-month to shine on the job. Gemini, of course, brings with it speed and flexibility, so you might be extra on it at the office with this placement. The Messenger Planet could also add some sharpness to your branding, whether in terms of social media or business. Your nature tends toward analytical, organised, and terse, but slick Gemini might add a bit of charm to your work presence–not a bad perk. On the Solstice, the Sun shifts into caring Cancer, where it will activate your Friendship zone. This is a nurturing transit. Make time for emotional support when it comes to those dear to you. Set up a night out with a friend who seems to be dragging and show them some Cancer love.


A very good month for romance, partnerships, and intimacy. Jupiter and Venus both transit your Relationship zone. Jupiter functions to enlarge or expand love, Venus to glue souls together. But there is a bit more to it than just this fantastic set of transits, as the caring Cancer Sun crests your Intimacy zone on the Solstice. Cancer will help bestow emotional understanding with intimate partners here. Understanding, in general, should be a theme for you all month. Indeed Jupiter is associated with wisdom and knowledge. Its placement with Venus in your 7th House of Relationships could augur learning to love more deeply with a partner. But the 7th House also has to do with business relationships, meaning that Jupiter can deepen knowledge or understanding of those you do serious work with too. At any rate, this is a profound planet in this placement. Your nature is always seeking understanding and balance through working with the other, so expect to feel even more aligned with your sign+Jupiter in your Partnership zone during June and beyond.


Mars, your hot-headed ruling planet, is very pleased this month, camping out deep in your 6th House of Routine, Health, and Subordinates. While most planets slog through this somewhat drab zone, Mars has its “joy” there, relishing in the tasks, chores, structures, and routines implied by it. What’s more, Planet War recently entered the other sign it rules, Aries, and will be in the Ram all month. This placement will make Mars extra steroidal which can go two ways. You could be super pumped for and at the gym with workout energy (a good kind of Mars-in-Aries). Or you could be extra heated at work, especially with subordinates, which the 6th House governs. The advice is to try to demonstrate a kind of fiery enthusiasm at work and during workouts rather than irritation with self or others. Try to stay away from hot foods, too, which will serve to exacerbate all this Mars/Aries fire. As far as 6th House transits go, you’ve got a good one with Mars here. Expect a bit of gear-shifting around the Solstice. The caring Cancer Sun highlights your Philosophy and Travel zone then. The watery Crab and your own fixed water nature could neutralise some of that Mars fire. You might have more care for books than Bikram around the 21st.


Like Libra, you have a lot of romantic activity indicated this month. Your ruling planet, bountiful Jupiter, is ensconced in your Fun and Romance zone until October. Lucky you. Your gallivanting nature, coupled with Jupiter in this part of the chart, betokens a time to take risks in love. Maybe now is the moment to ask that architect out, Archer. Shoot your shot—or your bow. Another risk: moving in with a partner…or moving out. While these romantic manoeuvres could be slightly scary, Jupiter well-placed like this might be a good transit to try one. You also have the Gemini Sun in your Relationship sector (again more coupling). In contrast to a heavier Sun, like Capricorn, Gemini is light and mutable. It’s a flirtatious solar transit. With Jupiter in your 5th House of Romance and Gemini in the 7th, consider being more light-hearted for the next few weeks. This Gemini Sun is one for drinking out on patios and talking about celebrity gossip. Finally, one last transit to consider. On the Solstice, the Sun shifts into caring Cancer in your Intimacy zone. Take the Gemini chit chat into the bedroom and talk instead about deeper feelings and fantasies with someone closer than close.


Serious Saturn is still slowly sliding through your Money zone all year, asking you to be fiscally conservative with funds. So. That’s kind of boring. What else? You’ve got the Gemini Sun highlighting the humdrum 6th House of Routine until the 21st. This also sounds boring. But let’s dig deeper. The Gemini Sun is light, mutable, airy, and fun, so perhaps the right perspective to take on this transit is to bring new ideas and lightness to the stodginess of commutes and diet regimes. Routines don't need to be a chore. Maybe think about changing things up on the way to work (true crime podcasts instead of financial analysis) or after it (new bar, new fizzy cocktail). Gemini lends a breath of fresh air to old ways. It’s always circulating. Think about this, too: Mars (drive) is highlighting your 4th House of Home all month. Motivation to change up something around the house could result (Mars+Gemini). Maybe the couch needs to be somewhere else and the television retired from the bedroom forever. Break up routinized spaces at home. New arrangements.


Serious Saturn continues its marathon through your Selfhood zone (lasting until 2023). This doesn’t mean, of course, that the Taskmaster isn’t aspecting and influencing other parts and planets in your chart. To wit: you have a Saturn and Venus square happening all June between Self and Home-life zones. Squares are challenging aspects occurring when two planets are 90 degrees apart. There could be some struggle, therefore, between, say, law (Saturn) and love (Venus) this month, particularly around themes of the 4th House (Father, Inheritance, Lineage, Privacy, and Property). Maybe some sort of contract dispute (Saturn) is getting in the way of love at home (Venus+4th)? Or maybe you simply need to warm up to the idea of a new living arrangement or real estate opportunity? These are the kinds of ways that a Saturn/Venus square between two parts of the charts can manifest. Venus wants to express itself through love, money, or beauty, while Saturn might be restricting this expression through impersonal means (law, contract, discipline). The question is: do you need to become more Venusian and overcome this Saturnal influence somewhat? Yes, you do.


Jupiter, your ruler, has moved into the fire sign of Aries and your 2nd House of Money and Material Gain. Questions may be turning to what you earn and what you own. In other words, this is a concrete rather than a metaphysical transit. You dwell in the realm of mystical-crystal visions, but with espresso Mars and Jupiter co-present in your Money zone for all of June, perhaps it’s time to start looking at spreadsheets and budgets. It’s also a transit that suggests money-making. Jupiter, of course, is the planet of largesse, windfalls, and lucky breaks. Resolute Mars+Jupiter could push you forward with financial decisions that you might otherwise hem and haw on. Do not be surprised, too, that you make these decisions with a spirit of independence. Aries+Mars doesn’t check in on others. On the Solstice, the Sun dips into Cancer, where it activates your 5th House of Romance and Fun. This is a doubly watery transit (you+the Crab). You could very well feel more like running your fingers through the water while floating on a lackadaisical boat in Central Park–and that will be fine. But until the solstice: financial themes, accruing interest.


Your ruler, amped-up Mars, joins Jupiter in your Selfhood sector all month. A ruling planet at home is extra strong, but, with expansive Jupiter co-present, expect to feel maximally super-charged. This is perhaps the most self-reliant and self-centred placement one can get on the Zodiac. The shadow side of all this ego energy, of course, is shallow self-obsession, staring into your phone all night, taking photos of your food for Insta, constantly posing on street corners, as a beleaguered friend snaps yet another image of you. Please avoid. Instead this transit will work best if you incorporate some element of learning into your life. Indeed Jupiter is associated with wisdom and philosophy. It has to do with teaching and being taught. Gaining more knowledge about things you love to do or ways to better express yourself should be your focus. Students, in particular, should have way more attention and energy with Mars's caffeinating studies, too. But the bottom line here: elevate the Self by activating Jupiterian wisdom about it rather than being caught up in bird-bath shallow narcissistic reflections.


Sweet Venus, your ruling planet, is happy at home in your sign until the 23rd. Great placement. Planet Love in this part of the chart has to do with beautifying, spending on, and loving the Self. Venus+Taurus is also, perhaps, the most decadent placement in the Zodiac. Decadence is well and good. Enjoy and perhaps even indulge the impulse for bespoke purchases and self-care. Keep in mind, though, that bookkeeper Saturn will be squaring Venus until the 23rd. Squares cause difficulties. That is to say, you will definitely need to repay debts with Saturn in the picture. Frivolous expenditures don’t please the Taskmaster. Long term investments do, however. Think about forms of self-care, therefore, that extend beyond the razzle-dazzle of the moment. Pay a bit of attention to the 10th and 11th of June, too. That’s when Venus goes conjunct weird Uranus in your Selfhood zone. Expect the unexpected this brief transit. You may do something out of left field appearance-wise, hankering for a new look or style. It could also be that Venus, whose function is to create cohesion, attracts unconventional Uranus-types to you for romance or companionship. It’s a placement for strange bedfellows. Venus rolls into chatty Gemini and your Money zone on the 23rd. Financial opportunities can arise for you through smooth-talking.


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