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Jupiter back in Pisces October 28th to December 22nd 2022

The Jupiter in Pisces transit is about to deliver a much-deserved dose of luck to end the year

On October 28th, Jupiter (the ruler of race horses, parades, philosophy, and prophets) enters into compassionate Pisces for a two month transit that lasts until December 22nd. Think of this placement as a nice balmy breeze. While it won’t completely thaw the hardened ground wrought by the ongoing Saturn-in-Aquarius transit (2020-2023), Jupiter’s benefic presence in the Fishes, a sign it rules and loves, will unfreeze our hearts somewhat after the bitter astrological cold of especially the last month.

So. Jupiter. When we speak of it, what do we mean? In most astrology columns, we usually (and somewhat lazily) reduce it to the dimension of luck. We call it the “luck-giver” or “lucky” but the planet indicates far more than merely that. It is associated with justice, inheritance, fellowship, brother and sisterhood, freedom, desire, money, great gifts, prosperity, salaries, love, officeholding. Physically, it is said to be sweet in taste, hot, moist, and fiery. It provides the conditions of possibility for growth and fecundity, whether we are speaking literally or figuratively, spiritually or materially.

When positively aspected and dignified, Jupiter’s influence manifests in charity, fair dealing, prudence, and reverence for elders; conversations between people tend to be affable and non-schismatic; minds and horizons are broadened; the desire for travel, knowledge, and the pursuit of truth predominates; visionary thinking and idealism are supported; and limits, confinement, narrowness of heart, and boundaries are transcended.

But problems arise for all of us when our Great Benefic is negatively aspected, as it has been since it went retrograde 5 months ago. It also has been in the sign of Aries - a sign it doesn't have much dignity in and also a sign ruled by a malefic (Mars).

In its negative aspects, Jupiterian energy becomes bloated, ego-maniacal, excessive, sloppy, and gaudy, like Elvis in his Las Vegas phase, bedecked in tawdry sequins and white leather.

With Jupiter thus sidelined like a sports star, hamstrung from the injury of shoddy aspects, we have all missed the power of the Great Benefic in the cosmic game of our lives. Indeed not many people would rank these last two years of restriction and social distance as halcyon times. Weird times–yes. Times of Jupiterian fellowship, optimism, and freedom? No.

But perhaps collective life is about to get more bearable now with Jupiter coming home to oceanic Pisces, which represents, in its positive valences, compassion and telepathic sensitivity, intuitive understanding and emotional intelligence. In this watery placement, Jupiter can finally stretch out, expand, and enlarge the empathetic aspects of Pisces (the dissolver of boundaries, the dreamer).

Jupiter is still going to be retrograde until Nov 23rd but while his power will not be completely reinsistaed for the first few weeks of the transit - expect a bigger boost of Jupiter goodness from Nov 23rd until December 22nd when Jupiter will be direct and in its sign of rulerships.

Three possible manifestations of Jupiter in Pisces transit might go something like: more compassion, more catharsis, more cash.

First, more compassion. If you're ever down on your luck, you want to go and see your Pisces friend over your Aquarius one. Without doubt, Pisces is able to give that shoulder to cry on like no one else (except maybe Cancer, of course). But, astrologically, we have basically been at Aquarius’s apartment all year, listening to records in awkward silence. In other words, lots of being in our heads, not a lot of heart. Jupiter’s expansion of compassionate Pisces vibes is going to change that (hopefully).

Speaking of crying, more catharsis. We have all been clamped down hardcore the past two years–and lockdowns and covid anxieties look to continue apace. But this Jupiter-in-Pisces transit could help us to be more emotional. Life has felt frozen. There’s a lot to unfreeze inside. Expect some tears, vulnerability, and processing of the last few years.

Finally, more cash, which rules everything around us. Venus isn’t the only planet of money. The Luck-giver is associated with it, too. Jupiter will be in full exuberant mode around finances, fattening pockets, boosting optimism and consumer confidence (just in time for holiday spending). As always with astrology, though, pay attention to the shadow manifestation of things like ‘more cash.’ In theory, an influx of money sounds great–but we aren’t economists. It seems they are all worried about inflation and economic collapse, at the moment.

I predicted in September 2021, when Bitcoin was at an all time high of 65k that it would crash - I also predicted that Jupiter's ingress into Pisces (which first started December 2021 to May 10 2022) would bring massive inflation, as well as annihilation of anything that seems to good to be true (NFT's, Crypto etc). Even though we have this nice little boost from Jupiter at the moment - financially and economically next year looks grim.

When you think about it, inflation is a perfect symbol for Jupiter: it can give too much, get too big for its britches. especially with no checks and balances coming from boundary-averse Pisces. Be wise with finances, if ducats come your way.

That caveat aside, more compassion, and more catharsis don’t sound half bad.

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