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Leo Full Moon Horoscopes for each sign

Full Moon in the sign of Leo
Leo Full Moon Jan 25th 2024


On a flight to London this weekend, I kept noticing a hot mess of a woman behind me, who was very much the centre of attention: laughing with flight attendants, drinking champagne, borrowing USB cables from a row of smitten men to charge her phone, and then moving to an empty exit row seat (clearly not hers), where she stretched out in splendour, like a sleek cat. Who was she?

I don’t know. 

But I do know that if she were an astrological transit, her energy was very LEO FULL MOON.

Why so?

Leo is the drama queen of the Zodiac. It attracts and feeds off attention.  Unlike, say, Cancer, which is a private and introverted sign, Leo is our most public and extroverted one. For Leos, the world's a stage. And they want the spotlight. Part of this inclination has to do with the fact that Leo is ruled by the Sun (which is about visibility and vitality).  

So, what we get with Leo energy is something large. Something theatrical. Something that you can’t take your eyes off. Like the woman on my flight to London.

A Leo Full Moon, accordingly, indicates a time to be more public; to see and be seen; to put ourselves in situations where we might better profit from the  attention economy (think about upping your social media presence the day of the lunation on January 25th, for example). 

Moreover, for this transit, we want to align ourselves with the nature of Full Moons, rather than New Moons. What’s the difference? 

Full Moons, in general, indicate a moment for celebrations, culminations, and conclusions, whereas New Moons betoken transits to set intentions, to plan, to jot down “To Do” lists. 

A Full Moon, then, should involve, if possible, bringing a project or work-related set of tasks to a conclusion and then enjoying a job well done. 

During this particular Leo Full Moon, therefore, our activities should revolve around calling attention to the work we’ve completed on something. Recognition is key for this lunation. Go out with friends and toast to some major or minor success in your life. Implicit here: Avoid solitude. Leo Full Moons are social. 

Finally, expect and even embrace some emotional drama with a friend, partner, family member. When Leo is activated, that’s just the way it is. 

Now, while these are all general tips for this lunation, it’s imperative to note that this Leo Full Moon will be impacting each zodiac sign somewhat differently. To learn more about how so, check your lunar horoscope below. And, as always, enjoy!


This fiery Leo Full Moon activates the Romance zone of your chart. Ooh la la. Seeing that Leo loves drama, engage in a little erotic role-playing this lunation. You can perform the part of the Catholic Nun, who has sinned and must be disciplined.  


The showy Leo Full Moon transits through your Home zone. This is the part of the chart that is all about privacy, but Leo is exhibitionistic. Share a longstanding secret with someone–let them into your inner world. 


The Leo Full Moon activates the Communication zone of your chart. By nature, you’re the most talkative sign and this dramatic lunation suggests the potential for you to get overly verbose, Gemini. Make sure you listen to your friends at dinner, at least a little bit. 


With the Leo Full Moon lighting up your Money zone, you might feel the urge to make a big, showy purchase, then strut down the Milanese streets. While this goes against your Cancer nature, the stars are speaking. They’re saying: “Buy.”


The me-first Leo Full Moon activates your Selfhood zone (which deals with identity, ego, and appearance). You’re going to be supercharged, like five Leos in one, this Full Moon. Celebrate yourself, treat yourself. Even the Stars are saying it’s ok to do so. 


Your nature thrives behind the scenes, shying away from the spotlight. But the  Leo Full Moon is asking you to come out of the shadows. No hiding your talents under a bushel on this day and night. 


The attention-hungry Leo Full Moon energises your Friendship zone. While your deliberate Libra nature tends to listen, think about aligning with this lunation and have your friends hear you out on a problem, challenge, or good news in your life. Become more Leo, less Libra (if only for a day). 


With the Leo Full Moon lighting up your Career zone, think  about reputation and recognition. This could be a good transit to speak with a boss about a raise or promotion, if you’ve been doing a good job at work. If you haven’t been, well, then probably not the best time. 


The fiery Leo Full Moon will be highlighting the Travel sector of your chart, which has to do with coming into contact with new people or places. You needn’t travel to distant lands for this. Take yourself out of a boring routine this evening in a new neighbourhood or unfamiliar bar.  


The exhibitionistic Leo Full Moon transits the Intimacy zone of your chart. This isn’t a transit for “Hide and Seek” with a partner, but rather for “Show and Tell.” Your nature can be a bit gruff and cold. On this night, let the fire walk with you. 


With the me-first Leo Full Moon in your Relationship zone, charm a partner into taking you out for a blood orange and anise sorbetti. It’s about your tastes, not theirs, this evening. Tell them to send their complaints to the Leo Full Moon, if they have issues. 


Your zone of Routine, Health, and Diet gets energised by this flamboyant Full Moon, which is ruled by fire sign Leo. In contrast, your nature is watery and free-flowing. Water and Fire: Sounds like a perfect day for a nice long steam room session at the gym before heading out into the beast of the night with friends. 


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