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Leo Season - what are Leo's like?

Emotional Cancer season now cedes ground to the royal prerogatives of Leo: whose element is fire, whose modality is fixed, whose symbol is the Lion, and whose luminary is the sun. If maternal Cancer governs the home, Leo reigns atop a throne in the court of public opinion. It’s a time that should nudge us toward spotlights and limelights. For some signs (Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini), such a push will be welcomed. For others (Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio), not so much. Loving drama and attention, Leo energy is most aligned perhaps with our current moment of image-obsession, virality, and spectacle. Ruled by the sun, it’s a season for strong ego, for pride in what you do, for walking tall, for talking but maybe not listening. Leo’s energy is, in the end, larger than life. So, if you find yourself photobombing all your friend’s wedding pics this month, thank the big cat for that.


With your glorious ruler ensconced at home in your sign, you’ll be extra full of charisma and majesty over the next few weeks. But beware too much majesty: pride goeth before the fall. Try not to cleave to being correct in petty disputes. Let others have some attention too. On 11 August, lovely Venus enters your sign to add a few more diamonds to your crown. Venus in this position betokens beauty and even more charm. (But beware of vanity.) You have a lot of wonderful placements over the next few weeks. Be wise about them, like King Solomon, not King Joffrey (GOT feels like forever ago).


The royal Leo sun lights up the dark house of the Unconscious for you this month. While the sun is strongest in Leo, it is functionally weak with its placement in this part of your chart. The sun relates to fathers or father figures, meaning that you could have some issues with the patriarchy over the next few weeks (not a bad thing to have issues with in my book). Moreover, Leo is a fire sign. All that heat could lead to tempers flaring. Your precise and, at times, critical nature could manifest in cutting remarks toward these fatherly figures. Let’s put it this way: I would tread softly this season, if I were your dad.


The drama queen Leo sun highlights your Friendship zone over the next four weeks. Your nature tends to balance strong opinions and find social equilibrium among your friendship group. But there might be a bit more disharmony around as you jostle for more of the lion’s share of attention. The Leo new moon in your friendship zone on 28 July marks a particularly robust day for you to call the shots and make a big plan with a BFF. Leo is the most sun-loving sign, so pay homage to the big cat’s ruling planet and be outside that day. Bottom-line advice for the season is to proffer your opinions rather than weighing and deliberating on them, as is your wont.


The showy Leo sun highlights your zone of Public Persona and Career this month. This is one of the strongest placements for the big cat. While your nature tends to love the moody darkness of a matinee or the private corner of a Parisian cafe at dusk, the cosmos is saying, ‘Nope, you need to make your presence felt at work and/or social media.’ Expect more recognition from supervisors in the office, especially on 28 July when a new moon in your Career zone indicates a moment to broach new ideas to provide best-in-class solutions for your company’s needs.


This royal Leo sun will be highlighting your zone of Higher Learning. In other words, it’s a bookish season for you. Given the kingly associations with Leo, find sustenance by cracking open some Shakespeare and revisiting the tribulations of Hamlet. Like that existentially paralysed prince, there could be a twinge of melancholia to your outlook this month, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes retrograde on 28 July. Despite your cavalier nature, the first week of a Jupiter retrograde is a time to look inward rather than gallivanting about.


This season is all about flair and flamboyance. With the Leo sun lighting up your Intimacy zone, perhaps it’s time to get slightly exhibitionist with a partner. Show off in the boudoir; share a secret, fantasy, or kink. While all of this emphasis on display is very Leo, it’s not so much in line with your more conservative nature. But here’s the teachable moment: think of these slightly difficult transits as moments that push us toward flexibility, self-development and higher-order humanity. In the end, it’s true that intimacy is never easy, but that’s part of its thrill.


Your nature tends to prefer the abstract ‘common good’ over the more proximate sociality of the neighbourhood. While caring for humanity is to be commended, this month is all about the close-at-hand and the personal for you. Indeed, with the Leo sun in your seventh house of Marriage and Partnerships, it’s time to bring some fire and drama to domestic life. Throw some parties. Have others over. Sit at the head of your dinner table like King Arthur discussing politics by all means, but bring energy to the home so that you and your partner feel like royalty.


With the showy Leo sun coursing through your Health and Diet zone this month, you might feel somewhat more energised to head to the gym – not necessarily to get fit, but to be seen. Given that your Pisces nature tends toward the artistic, think of your body as an object of art over the next few weeks: sculpt it with a good diet and a workout routine. The New Moon on 28 July foretells a great day to start with an exercise regimen if you’ve been slacking.


You’ve got the grandiose Leo sun transiting your Fun, Romance and Creativity zones all season. This is a month to be out on the tiles, buying drinks, telling jokes, and bouncing about with a kind of Bollywood excess. Leo, which forms an auspicious trine (or 120-degree angle) with your natal sun, will add some royal presence to your public persona. This is also a big fire transit (Leo+Aries+Sun) to explode with creative energy in the studio, lab, boudoir or darkroom.


With the showy Leo sun in your Home zone this month, the stars are saying that now is a good time to have people over to check out your view, your new sofa, your place. Leo in this part of the chart has to do with flaunting domestic possessions. Do you lack stuff to flaunt? Maybe think about making your place a bit more glam, if not for yourself then for the gaze of others. On 28 July, a new moon in your Home zone indicates a good date to start making dinner party plans, while the full moon on 12 August marks the perfect day to celebrate your home with friends.


You love to talk and the cosmos is pretty much saying chat it up this season. Why? The Leo sun highlights your Siblings and Communication zones. Keep in mind that this part of a chart deals with anyone in our lives for whom we have brotherly or sisterly affection. Given that Leo likes drama and to put things on display, ask yourself what needs to be dramatized and talked about with one or more of those people in your life. It’s time to put some issues on the table, but things don’t need to get heavy. The point is to connect in a more meaningful way than just sending each other astrology memes by text.


The proud Leo sun energises your financial zone this season. This is a good time to think about savings or investing, but don’t associate these money matters with abstract numbers and figures. Consider goals closer to the heart, like putting aside money for something you can take pride in down the road, like that picturesque rural cottage you yearn for. Money for you always flourishes most when invested into the domestic sphere – or what brainy Aristotle called the ‘oikos’.


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