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Libra Season Main dates for Image Magazine

Welcome Libra season, from September 22 to October 22!

In perhaps the best scene of Amadeus (Milos Forman’s masterpiece film about Mozart), Emperor Joseph II arrives with his retinue of sycophants to congratulate Wolfgang after the premiere of The Abduction from the Seraglio. However, when asked by Mozart what the Emperor thought of the opera, Joseph struggles to articulate his opinion. And so he turns to one of his music ‘experts,’ who says that maybe the new work had “too many notes.” Still somewhat uncertain about this answer, Joseph seeks further confirmation from Mozart’s rival, Salieri, who unctuously agrees.

This scene is classic Libra, a sign that, like Emperor Joseph, can be highly indecisive (on a bad day) or deliberative (on a good one). For Libras, the world is like an opera with too many notes—it’s hard for them to choose which to play. Another way of putting it: Libras are always weighing opinions, options, and opportunities. That’s why its symbol is naturally the Scales. Indeed, Libras are adept at balancing the views of others. For this reason, the sign of Libra rules over what is known in astrology as the 7th House of Relationships and Partnerships. Libra energy is great at building consensus, negotiating, and diplomacy. During Libra season, then, we should try to align with it by adopting these kinds of traits in the office, at the dinner table, or with a circle of friends. Negotiate at work, build consensus over dinner options, and be diplomatic with your nearest and dearest. The Stars will reward you for these endeavors.

But, let’s not forget Venus this season either. It rules over Libra and its energy relates to beauty, desire, and, well, obviously love. Venus wants to bring people together. It’s our cosmic glue. So, this is also a season to get sticky: more dating, more wining and dining, and maybe a romantic getaway to the Cliffs of Dover with a beloved. Amore is in the air for this air sign known as Libra. Now, on a day-to-day level, we have a super busy month of transits ahead. To wit:

Libra season dates of note

On September 29th, a Full Moon waxes in headstrong Aries. If Libra is about partnerships and relationships, Aries designates our most independent sign. Align with this lunation by spending the day and night engaged in solo-projects that don’t require the yes or no of a colleague, friend, or help-mate. Speedster Mercury, our fastest moving planet, ingresses deliberative Libra on October 4th. Mercury deals with communication. Push ideas forward this day. No more brainstorming. Time for action. Press send on emails you’ve been hesitant about.

Lovely Venus enters practical Virgo on October 8th. Perhaps the key phrase associated with Virgo: acts of service. This is a day for showing love (Venus) by doing little things for a partner. Does their Oxford button-down need ironing? Do they need a new Oxford button-down altogether? Go and get one – in a nice blue or blushing pink.

And what about Mars? Well, it’s entering obsessive Scorpio, a sign it rules, on October 12th. Whenever a planet is in rulership, it becomes its most powerful version. Since Mars relates to libido, battles, and ambition, you might be feeling like enacting some sort of hostile takeover at the bureau or initiating some hanky-panky in the boudoir (but no hanky-panky in the bureau, please, or hostile takeovers in the bedroom).

Finally, a New Moon in Libra on October 14th. Libra is ultimately about finding balance. After our tilt-a-whirl Mars-in-Scorpio transit a couple days earlier, use this lunation to restore some order to your life by beautifying the home or enlightening the mind by watching Amadeus.


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