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March 2021 Horoscopes: RUSSH Magazine

March proves to be a refreshing month for us energetically. After breaking free from the sluggish Mercury Retrograde of January and February, we'll find a new swing in our steps this month. Expect energy boosts, new perspectives, good fortune and a Full Moon in Libra. To see what's in store for you, Astrologer Clarisse Monahan shares your monthly horoscopes below.


You’ve got a sunny month ahead and a massive day approaching on March 10th, as your ruling planet, Neptune (the dreamer, the creative, the most watery of planets) goes exactly conjunct your Sun/Self. With Neptune’s liquidity flooding the Fishes, you will feel figuratively awash with creativity. Do not resist the cosmic inclination to daydream on the 10th since this Neptune conjunction will only happen once in 2021. Advice: Relax under some elms that day and let the idea for the next big Youtube channel about paranormal come to you. On the Ides of March (the 15th), the great communicator, Mercury, moves into Pisces and should help with articulating more sharply and precisely your creative impulses.


Aries is one of the Cardinal signs (along with Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). These four Cardinals inaugurate the seasons and with them always bring fresh energy. When the Sun enters the Ram on the 20th, therefore, expect a big Cardinal boost. Keep in mind, too, that Aries is the first sign and hence the baby of the Zodiac, meaning that the 20th is all about newness in terms of undertakings, projects, and/or love, which is always a project in its own right, to some degree. Auspicious Venus circles into your sign on the 21st for a harmonious three-week cycle, peaking on the 26th, aka the Venus Star Point, when it conjuncts your Sun. March 20th to the 27th is going to be powerful for you: Cardinal energy+Venus/Sun+new Aries=fountain of youth week.


Caffeinated Mars exits your sign, where it has been energising your slow-going nature, on the 3rd. You may experience a bit of a Mars comedown in March, but, in the end, you will also enjoy a return to the steadiness of the Bull. Venus, your ruling planet, is “sextiling” your Sun until the 21st. A sextile sounds erotic, but it just means that a planet is two signs (or 60 degrees) from yours. Sextiles are harmonious and helpful placements, so expect more ease and flow in Venus-related pursuits (amor and money) for most of March.


Everybody knows about Mercury retrogrades---they happen three times a year and things always go sideways when it comes to communication during them. However, most people don’t know about the “post-retrograde shadow,” an enigmatic phase during which Mercury is still a bit woozy from its back-spinning--much like a teenager after a few brews before curfew. Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow will impact the Twins this month, as the Messenger Planet rules Gemini. While the rest of the Zodiac has moved on from last month’s retrograde, you’re still going to be struggling somewhat with your elocution, electronic communications, and other conveyances. Bottom line: Don’t sign any contracts until after the 13th, when Mercury finds its strength again.


Just like in our social circles, the Zodiac has signs that like and dislike each other. For example, Cancer and Aquarius are not cool, so when all those planets were partying over at Aquarius’ house last month, emotional Cancer was feeling left-out and bummed. But March is different. Now the Sun is warming up Pisces, and, by extension its friend, the Crab, kindred water-spirit. You will particularly feel the Pisces-Sun activating your 9th House of Spirituality, Wisdom, and Travel this month. Since we are in a global lockdown, traveling is tough, natch, so use this time to traverse the world of philosophy or history instead. Pause your Netflix and pick up Gibbon’s The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, which has been sitting on your bookcase, for some reason, since 2012. You need some brain exercise in March. Other than that: on the 22nd and 23rd, the Moon, your ruling planet, will conjunct your Sun. Though brief, Sun/Moon conjunctions are times of wine and plenty.


If you’ve got the blahs so far this year, it’s understandable. Gloomy Saturn is “opposing” your Sun and unpredictable Uranus is “squaring” it. Oppositions and squares (when planets are 180 and 90 degrees away from your sign) are tough aspects. They force you to look at yourself from new, difficult perspectives. In your case, Leo’s fiery, center-stage persona is being pulled toward a preponderance of planets in your 7th and 8th Houses which deal with Partnerships and Intimacy, respectively. Saturn in particular is transiting through your 7th House of Relationships. This can often mean that hard lessons must be learned about love. The taskmaster, Saturn, is going to be in your 7th House for a while, so it’s time to do your homework and start learning. On a brighter note, the Sun, your ruling planet, enters Aries, where it is exalted, on the 20th. All of this heat will light a fire.


Generous Jupiter and strict Saturn are transiting your 6th House of Work and Routine all month, which also has to do with health and body. Saturn, who loves order and regularity, relishes being in the 6th House, so this is an extra good month to get deeper into a work or workout schedule. Plus Jupiter’s expansive energy will be around to pump up the volume on your 6th House pursuits. On March 3, Mars enters your 10th House of Career, Honour, and Status. Mars energy in this House will make you hungrier and more ambitious. What’s more: Jupiter in your 6th House will form a trine with Mars in your 10th. This is a very nerdy way of saying that this is a lucrative placement: Jupiter adding wealth to competitive Mars energy around career.


You’ve got a Full Moon in your sign on the 28th, which is like finding a four leaf clover--very auspicious. A Full Moon in your sign is a time to harvest seeds that you planted at the corresponding New Moon six months earlier (October 16). It is an especially good time for creative outpouring. But you don’t have to wait until then for an auspicious placement this month, as you also have Sun and Venus transiting your 7th House of Partnerships March 21st onwards. This is a very strong pairing that suggests a deep harmony between intimates. Venus is already preparing to rain down largesse from her champagne cloud upon you and your babe.


Sun, lovely Venus, and Neptune (the Dreamlord) are all activating your 5th House of Fun, Creativity, Pleasure, and Entertainment for the first three weeks of March. This is a powerful time to be around art or to make it since you have beaucoup creative forces vectorizing your chart to start the month. An especially fertile day for you: the 13th. That is when the Moon, who loves to start projects, enters the 5th House, as well. That day is so packed with artsy elan that you should basically start writing the next House of Mirth on it.


Your swashbuckling nature and yen for adventure will be decidedly curtailed most of March, as the Sun activates your Fourth House of Home until the 20th. Rather than gallivanting, you will more likely be googling recipes for vegan carbonara to cook for unsuspecting family or friends (who will secretly wish you were making real carbonara). You will put the pots and pans away, however, on the 20th, when Sun energy shifts into the much beloved Fifth House of Pleasure and Fun. Then it’s back to your Spring Break Self, even though it will be Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.


While your anti-social nature prefers sitting back behind a large oak desk and surveying maps of domination, this month’s Pisces-Sun will be glowing in your 3rd House of Communication for most of March. Expect to be more social and chatty with co-workers, classmates, and friends. You may even feel the urge to call up a sibling and reflect on how childhood wasn’t all that bad. Because the Sun is in Pisces (which will put the world in a more emotional light), your communications might feel tinctured by abnormal sentimentality. On the 20th, though, the Sun moves into Aries and will spike your 4th House of Home with hard-charging Ram vibes--perfect for a return to your desk to strategize about things you like best--like allocating funds.


February saw a veritable rock band of 5 planets in the Water Bearer, but now, like all rock sagas, the lead singer, Sun, has gone off with flirtatious Venus to hang out in Kurt Cobain’s sign, Pisces. Don’t fret: you still have a powerful group in Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury for the first 15 days of the month. Use that big planet energy (Jupiter) and discipline (Saturn) to finish up outstanding projects, like that long-lost solo album you’ve been working on. The Sun will be highlighting your 2nd House of Finances for the first few weeks of March, as well. Since the Sun is in Pisces, you could be seeing financial matters in a wishy-washy light, so try not to make big money choices until the 20th when the Sun moves into more clear-eyed Aries.


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