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March Horoscopes 2024 for Image Magazine

Before global warming destabilised everything, farmers and freeholders used to cart out a quaint little aphorism right around now each year: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” 

For those who’ve never been near plough or sty, that meant the weather would be fierce and formidable to start the month but then get gentle, as we moved closer to all those April showers that would bring May flowers.  

Well and good, but what about the astrological weather this March? It reverses that age-old agricultural adage somewhat. We start gentle, like a little lamb, with a New Moon in dreamy Pisces on March 11th. The next day, sparkling Venus joins the Fishes, too. These are the best two days of the month to lay about and dream big on a golden fleece with Sappho’s erotica nearby. Why? Moon+Venus+Pisces indicates a respite for rich fantasy life and pleasure. 

However, things start to roar more around the vernal equinox (March 20th). That's when the Sun moves into the hot-headed sign of Aries (feisty and fiery vibes). A couple days later: A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th. Eclipses betoken disruption. In the sign of Libra (balance, equanimity, the Scales), they could very well make us feel somewhat unhinged (to mix our metaphors a bit). 

So, astrologically, at least, March goes in like a lamb, out like a lion. To see what's happening in your sign, check your monthly horoscope below to help you make hay while the sun shines (I’m feeling very rural today, I guess). And remember, as they say: “the best fertiliser is the farmer’s shadow” (not quite sure what that agricultural riddle means, so let’s end things here).


The first few weeks of the month could be feeling a bit sleepy for you, as the Sun transits dreamy Pisces until the vernal equinox on the 20th. Your Aries nature prefers life fast and action-packed, but the Sun-in-Pisces is more leisurely and artsy (like some long-winded European film about eating breakfast in Tuscany). On the 20th, however, the Sun powers up your sign. Expect your world to speed up. Meanwhile, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 25th in the Relationship zone of your chart portends change to the status quo.


The compassionate Pisces Sun illumines your Friendship zone until the 20th. As a Taurus, you can be somewhat, well, bull-headed, especially when it comes to opinions about others. That’s the fixed earth nature of your sign at work. But astrology is here to teach us flexibility. And Pisces energy around friendship is asking you to loosen up on some of your dogged and dogmatic views about your besties. Nod in agreement with them and their hare-brained schemes. Acceptance is your keyword this month.  


Rainy skies to start the month, bright ones to end it. To wit: chatty Mercury, your ruling planet, is debilitated in watery Pisces until March 10th. Planet Messenger does not like this wishy-washy sign. Things get slowed down, confused, unclear, and mystical there. Too much poetry, not enough prose. But on the 10th, Mercury moves into ambitious, brash, and youthful Aries. This is a much better spot for you and your planet. The positive side of the transit: more gusto in speech and action. The negative side: Mercury-in-Aries can be gruff and rude. Don’t spoil a deal at work with a harsh tongue. 


Until the 20th, the mystical Sun-in-Pisces limns your House of Travel and Spirituality. A powerful placement for all things related to esoteric knowledge, metaphysical pursuits, and other such New Age questing (yoga, meditation, etc.). You see, Pisces is the sage of the Zodiac. Align with its energy by attending to inner life as much as possible. Then, a big tone shift on the 20th. The Sun enters brash Aries. Your third eye will have to reluctantly adjust to the Ram’s harsh light, which will be brightening your Career zone. Hostile takeovers indicated. 


Until the 20th, the compassionate Sun-in-Pisces impacts the Intimacy zone of your chart, which is essentially about sharing things with another person (from fantasies to finances). While Leo's nature can be self-centered, Pisces is giving and generous. Align with that latter type of energy and share your toys with an intimate partner. On the 20th, the Sun enters bold Aries (your second favourite sign, after your own, of course). If possible, schedule all your big appointments toward the end of the month. You dazzle more then. 


The Sun-in-Pisces highlights the Relationship zone of your chart until March 20th. Your Virgo nature (infamously uptight and fussy) doesn’t do well with the go-with-the-flow energy of Pisces—-too pell-mell. But the Cosmos is asking you to relax into love with a partner. Sure, they inexplicably leave their toothpaste on the kitchen counter and are deeply impractical. But, for a few weeks, try to show Piscesean compassion for these foibles. When aggressive Aries begins on March 20th, you can return to arguing about trifles. Until then: embrace the mess that is love. 


Don’t be surprised if you find it more difficult than usual to exhibit above average time management for a few weeks. Why? Until March 20th, the loosey-goosey Sun-in-Pisces activates the zone of Routine, Tasks, and Diet in your chart. Prepare to make excuses, because Pisces energy is always running late. That changes on March 20th. The Sun struts all tall into bold and brash Aries, where it lights up the Relationship sector of your chart. Your nature is balanced in matters of love but Aries-Sun energy here can bring heat, friction, and argument. A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on March 25th indicates kerfuffles with a help-mate.


A good moment to focus a bit on having more fun this month, as the Sun activates your House of Romance until March 20th. Your Scorpio nature (a fixed water sign) likes to stay put. The Sun in the Romance zone, however, is about being on the move. Don’t stew, circulate. On the 20th, Aries season begins and the Sun powers up your zone of Routine, Health, and Diet. The essence of Aries energy: starting new things. Time to switch up your workout regimen (or start one).  


What is the cosmic lesson for you this month? Let’s see. Until March 20th, the Sun-in-Pisces activates the Home zone of your chart. True, your nature (fiery and mutable) prefers the quest to the fixed coordinates of the Hearth, but one also needs to align with major transits. Focus, then, on bringing some sort of transformational energy to your place. Go on a domestic quest for the perfect rug or search for the holy grail of kitchen runners. On the 20th, the Sun moves into Aries and fires up your House of Fun and Romance. No more dates with Ikea indicated, but rather the boudoir.  


Transits are meant to teach us to go beyond the boundaries of our own sign, either in little or big ways. Capricorn’s energy can be a bit too understated (maybe even gruff). But with the overflowing Sun-in-Pisces lighting up your Communication zone for the next few weeks, try to develop a more expansive vocabulary in terms of how you voice thoughts, opinions, and emotions. “Yeah” or “Nah”: not so good. Oh, and smiling is also a form of communication. On the 20th, the Sun moves into initiatory Aries, where it activates the Home zone of your chart. A yen for a new house project could ensue. 


For the next three weeks, the overflowing Sun-in-Pisces activates the Money sector of your chart. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. Get that vintage Hermes scarf, those heels, that bag. Why? Your ruling planet is Saturn, the penny-pincher. Combat its uptight energy with some Pisces largesse. On the 20th, the Sun transits into Aries, the Zodiac’s enfant terrible. This brasher, more aggressive influence will be impacting your Communication zone. Be sure to check your tone toward the end of the month, therefore: Screeds indicated (and we don’t want you cancelled for online outbursts about UFOs). 


It’s your season until the vernal equinox on March 20th. As such, the Sun is lighting up the Ego zone of your chart, which deals with questions of identity. When the Sun is here, expect to feel more compassion, spirituality, sensitivity. In other words, expect to feel more Pisces. Makes sense. Be near people who support your sensitive inner poet and engage in activities that promote it (museum-going not marketing). On the 20th, the Sun leaves your sign (alas) and enters steroidal Aries, where it impacts your Money zone. Aries energy can be rash with cash, and Pisces can be bad with budgets. Take heed for the sake of your pocketbook. 


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