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March 20th to September 21st 2024 horoscopes for Antidote Mazgazine


20th MARCH 2024 to 21st SEPTEMBER 2024

On the astrological calendar, March 20th begins the cosmic New Year. So, if you’ve already slacked on your New Year’s resolutions, written half-heartedly and hungover back in January, now is the time to rethink them with a bit more vigour and purpose—or not. It’s up to you. I’m just saying the Stars are giving you a second chance come March 20th to hit refresh on annual goals and plans.

Around May 25th, the Stars are also giving us the biggest transit of 2024: Jupiter (abundance, luck, opportunity) transits from Taurus (security, home) into Gemini (communication, creativity). Jupiter takes about 12 years to circle the Zodiac, so when it changes signs, it’s always somewhat of a big thing. 

How, then, will this particular transit impact us? Over the past year, the thematics of Jupiter-in-Taurus were about needing steadiness in our private life (domestic security, partners, family). Now, Jupiter-in-Gemini will place emphasis on socialising. Indeed, Gemini is a chatty energy, and Jupiter should bring career opportunities, if we put ourselves out into the social ether. 

In other words, when late May approaches, it’s time to gear up for a summer (and beyond) of exaggerating our credentials at parties in the hope of greener pastures in PR. Whatever it takes, girl, whatever it takes. 

Check out your Horoscopes below for the next six months to see where the big transits will be impacting your chart. Enjoy. 


Aries: ego-centric, headstrong, reckless, too fast for love, at times emotionally shallow (I write this as an Aries myself–it’s all true, sadly). This little character sketch is all to say that from late March into early June you could be feeling even more Aries than usual. This extra version of your sign could manifest in the form of increased desire for independence in professional and romance-related matters. It may also lead to more friction at work–arguments, competition, unilateral decision-making. A couple astrological reasons for this present themselves. First, from March 20th to April 20th, the Sun lights up the Ego zone of your chart, indicating greater self-esteem but also escalated arrogance and self-interest. Second, Mars (your aggressive ruling planet) likewise activates your Ego zone from late April until June 9th. Mars is all about ambition, conquest, battles, and vying for recognition. Over the next few months, therefore, your life could feel like an episode from “Game of Thrones,” full of intrigue, jousting,  jostling, and axe-wielding. Now is not a time for self-sacrifice. It’s about seeking the crown, no matter its weight. 


You have two very strong transits over the next couple months, both involving the “benefic” planets, namely Venus and Jupiter. “Benefic” means something like “good,” “beneficial,” “luck-giving,” or “love-giving.” So, from late April to late May, ritzy Venus passes through the Ego zone of your chart, which deals with how we view ourselves (self-concept) and how others view us (appearance). When Venus is auspiciously placed there (as it will be for you), we tend to value ourselves more and put extra care into creating the conditions for inner and outer beauty.  Accordingly, this Venus transit can manifest in a boosted desire for self-care (pampering, shopping, beauty regimen), but also self-help (a therapy session or two…or four). Don’t shy away from such Venusian impulses. Rather, lean into them. The second major transit to be aware of starts on May 25th, when lucky Jupiter transits into your Money zone for a year. This part of the chart deals with financial questions: how we spend, save, or risk money. Jupiter is an expansive energy. When placed in the Money zone, it can bring beaucoup financial opportunities (promotions at work, lucrative job offers) but it can also tempt us to overspend. Be forewarned. 


Ruled by talkative Mercury, you are more susceptible than other signs to its pesky “retrogrades” (unfortunately a frequent phenomenon, occurring around 3 times a year). Technically, a retrograde denotes a transit during which a planet seems to be moving backward relative to us on Earth. When this happens, the planet’s influence gets debilitated, wonky, and strange. Since Mercury deals with communication, its retrogrades tend to make self-expression difficult. Words become our foe. From April 1st to April 25th, we have our first Mercury reversal of 2024, which will be impacting the Friendship zone of your chart. As such, this could be a time where verbal misunderstandings arise, leading to blow-ups with or cold shoulders from friends. Be willing to clarify your words and their meanings for the sake of friendship. This bummer transit gets counterbalanced, however, by a much brighter and longer lasting one. On May 25th, Jupiter enters Gemini, a once-every-12-year celestial motion, wherein Jupiter (our most generous and lucky planet) enters the Ego zone of your chart.  The Ego zone centres around questions of identity, self-worth, and self-care. With expansive Jupiter bringing luck and opportunity to this part of the chart, make an effort to put yourself in new situations that get you beyond narrow self-definitions. This transit is about becoming something bigger, grander. Also a time to take risks–Jupiter favours the bold.


For romance, your hot spot over the next six months will be June 17th to July 11th. That’s when you have your annual “Venus birthday.” Each year Venus (love, beauty, desire) transits the Ego zone of your chart, which relates to questions of identity, appearance, and self-concept. During this planetary motion, we can expect intensified desires for human connection, but also heightened attractiveness to others, as Venus in this part of the chart tends to pull people toward us. Partake of this outward, social transit with relish, because you have a much more introspective one beginning around the same time and lasting for a year. That’s when expansive Jupiter activates the 12th House of your chart, which is a site for spiritual needs. Jupiter here could urge you to look beyond the flash and trash of the material world for something lasting and sustainable. Cancer’s nature is domestic and introverted, so you may welcome spiritual practices that provide a deeper sense of calm to your ocean of consciousness. Over the next six months, therefore, do not be surprised if you grow tired of bobbing about on the choppy surface waves of Selfhood, bestrewn with the flotsam of ambition and the jetsam of society’s expectations. 


The next six months look auspiciously social for you. Until late May, lucky Jupiter activates your Career zone, which also deals with public persona and recognition. In other words, an excellent placement for your larger-than-life sign, which tends to love the spotlight and the thrill of attention. Keep in mind that Jupiter is a force-multiplier in our charts–so when it’s in a very public zone (like Career), it intensifies social recognition but also scrutiny. Deeper meaning: this is a time for you to shine at your job (and reap rewards), but it can indicate a moment where scandals arise, if you’ve been rutting about too much in the mud. Expect, at the very least, to have way more energy for work over the next couple months with Jupiter deeply activated in your Career sector. In late May, your life-theme shifts over to Friendship, with Jupiter settling in this zone of your chart for a year. You may, accordingly, find your circle of friends expanding thanks to Jupiter’s  overflowing energy, which welcomes in rather than cancels out. The essence of Jupiter in the Friendship zone is finding abundance through others. 


While there are 12 total, there are really just four major Houses (or zones) in one’s birth chart. The 1st House deals with identity, ego, and questions of Self. The 4th House: home, father, legacy. The 7th House: relationships, partnerships (as they pertain to marriage and business). And finally, the 10th House: career, calling, public persona, and mother. On May 25th, your Career zone gets activated by abundant Jupiter for the next year. Jupiter loves to give. And when it’s in the 10th House, it portends more opportunities and recognition around work and career. So, overall, this is an excellent placement to grow but you need to be ready for it. Why? Your Virgo nature can be fussy, anal, analytical, and overly precise. That’s not Jupiter’s jam at all. Jupiter is about excess and no limits. To get the most out of this transit, then, you need to expand beyond your de facto mode, which is to play the editor rather than the poet. Once May approaches, it’s time to get a bit messy, a bit more Jupiterian with career and work. Narrow confines will yield narrow results. Open roads and open-mindedness could pay off more. 


Your ruling planet is Venus (love, desire, and beauty) and whenever it passes through an important part of your birth chart, it behoves us to take notice. This April, Venus transits your mighty Relationship zone. So: take notice, Libra. Anticipate an up-tick in desire for a partner (or desire for your partner) during this Venus placement. Act accordingly: April should be considered a month for you to be out on the tiles, looking for trouble or love (same difference). In the grand scheme of things, this is relatively brief Venus transit, but it can leave a lasting mark on your heart. A more consequential planetary motion concerns lucky Jupiter, which enters your zone of Travel and Knowledge in late May. This is an excellent placement for visiting foreign lands and culture–-and learning from them. Bounty and abundance through cultural contact is the essence of this Jupiter transit. Do not sit idly by over the next six months. Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Dubai: new spaces for self-understanding.


Your sign rules over what’s called the “8th House” in Astrology. This a strange netherrealm in the birth chart, full of occult energies and dark passages. It deals with sex, intimacy, debt, death, and spiritual transformation. Sometimes I like to imagine each zone of the chart (there are 12 of them in total) being directed by a famous auteur. The 8th House would be horror-master Dario Argento’s movie, or David Cronenberg’s. The key takeaway: You’re going to have an influx of weird intensity jolting your 8th House on May 25th, when expansive Jupiter begins a year-long transit there. Jupiter in this part of the chart suggests the potential for increased debt but also deeper sexual bonds and experiences. It could also be a period where you start exploring the power of ritual and darker, more vampiric-inflected styles. While some signs would get a bit anxious about Jupiter here, your Scopionic nature should blossom, like nightshade, with this placement. Time to stream Cronenberg’s “Dead Ringers” to get in the mood.  


Clearly, the major transit for you to pay attention to over the next six months is generous Jupiter (your ruling planet) moving into Gemini, where it will be impacting the Relationship zone of your chart, starting May 25th. Now, when it comes to Jupiter, the keyword to keep in mind is “more.” It enlarges or amplifies what it comes into contact with. “More” in your Relationship zone could mean, therefore, an increased interest in dating, rather than serious commitment. The fact that Jupiter will be activating Gemini energy also betokens a less serious relationship vibe: Gemini is a light-hearted, mutable air sign. It’s not for heavy talks and emotional processing. And let’s add to this that you’re also a mutable sign, Sagittarius. All of this taken together indicates that the next many months might be a period for flings, not pulling heavily on heartstrings. But what about those who are in a committed relationship? Fear not. Jupiter-in-Gemini portends improved emotional flexibility, which is, of course, essential for a relationship, so you can better bend, not break. 


The Capricorn nature tends to be “all business.” And it’s for this reason that expansive Jupiter’s transit in late May into your zone of Routine, Diet, and Health secretly thrills the Capricorn heart. This part of the birth chart is known as “cadent,” which is a fancy astrological term for “boring.” Other signs would look at a major Jupiter transit into the Routine zone with some sadness: why can’t I have Planet Luck-giver waltzing through a sexier part of my birth chart. Not Capricorn. Why? It is ruled by Saturn, our most serious (dare I say uptight) planetary energy. Saturn lords over themes related to longevity, discipline, and hard work. With Jupiter boosting energy around health routines, calorie counting, and attention to tasks, Capricorn can expect to feel more at home, as this placement grinds out for a year. But, if you want to have a bit of fun until then, you have Jupiter in your Romance zone until late May: make some hay while the Sun shines, though the Capricorn nature prefers grey skies. 


You have quite the hotspot for romance, starting in late May and lasting until mid-June. That’s when Venus (love and desire) joins up with Jupiter (abundance) in your House of Fun. This part of the birth chart has to do with nightlife, carousing, love-making, and fertility. Venus has its “joy” here–-and when coupled with Jupiter, this little transit indicates engorged sexual interest and drive. But let’s not be too limited in our astrological fore-casting, because Jupiter will remain in your House of Fun for the next six months–long after Venus has moved on. What, then, does Jupiter in the Fun zone betoken? Importantly,  Jupiter in this part of your chart also suggests fertility of thought, creativity, and idea-making. The plus side to this placement: tons more energy for creative pursuits. The shadow side (for astrology always has its shadow side): excess in the realm of nightlife activities, i.e., too much fun (where you may find yourself shoeless and clueless at dawn, wondering where your keys are, as you tiptoe quietly out of an unfamiliar boudoir late for work and panicking). 


You and Sagittarius share a ruling planet, generous Jupiter, which moves somewhat slowly (it takes 12 years for it to orbit the Zodiac). Accordingly, when it transits between signs, you experience these transits more than others. Pay special attention, therefore, to May 25th. That’s when your ruler moves into Gemini, where it will be activating the Home zone of your chart for a year. The Home zone deals with privacy, family, fathers, inheritance. Because Jupiter is such an expansive energy, you could be feeling a desire to move to places with more space, even eschewing the jagged edges of the city for the more serene horizons of country life. Or you might inherit property–these are the kinds of cosmic manifestations of Jupiter in the Home zone. While this is the macroscopic transit to be aware of over the next many months, you also have an interesting, though shorter placement occurring from late March to late April. That’s when rambunctious Mars joins lovely Venus in your sign. Mars and Venus syncing up (cosmic lovers) betokens a transit to focus on your passions, whether creatively or romantically oriented. There’s a time to be bourgeois, calculating, and career-minded. But this Mars/Venus transit isn’t one of them. Rather, Mars/Venus here is more about the power that comes from not giving way relative to your desires, no matter how weird or impractical they are. 


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