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May Horoscopes for Image magazine

With its massive solar eclipse, pesky Mercury retrograde, and rare Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, April was a bit madcap for my taste. Too pell-mell. Are we in for more of the same in May?

Not really, no. Picture the Dude from “The Big Lebowski,” walking around sipping white russians in a terry cloth robe and jelly sandals. Astrologically, May is going to look something like that, which is to say, very laid back. To wit:

On May 7th, we got a nice, lazy New Moon in sensual Taurus. This is a couch potato lunation—a night for, well, sipping white russians in a terry cloth robe. 

Our other important lunation occurs, of course, on May 23rd. Diana (aka the Moon for those who have forgotten Keats’s Endymion) waxes full and luscious in fiery Sagittarius. If the New Moon is meant to be celebrated on the couch, the Full Moon in swashbuckling Sadge should be honoured out on the tiles, full throttle. 

On May 20th, the Sun leaves Taurus and enters flirty Gemini. As an extra bonus, charming Venus joins the Twins on May 23rd. We should recall, as well, that there is a Full Moon on this date. Taken together, this blockbuster of a day portends action, adventure, and romance, like if all the “Avenger” movies were compressed into “Barbie’s” pink purse. Enjoy. 

Finally, May 25th. The big boy, Jupiter, enters chatty Gemini (where it stays for a year). In its most noble expression, Jupiter+Gemini suggests prolific genius. Since, however, most of us are neither genius nor prolific, we may just find ourselves re-posting cat photos on social media more than usual toward month’s end. That’s the less noble version of expansive Jupiter-in-Gemini: contributing to the flotsam and jetsam of the online information glut. 

Good. These preliminaries now aside, we shift gears below into your individual May horoscope. Read on to learn more about your chart, and, as always, stay starry-eyed! 


You can be a reckless one, Ram. But, thankfully, you have the steady Taurus Sun highlighting your Money zone until May 20th. With this placement, Taurus should function like a wise financial manager vis-a-vis your rash, rock star tendencies. Saving for (rather than splurging on) something high-end aligns with Taurus principles of prudence, which should guide you over the next few weeks. On the 20th, the Sun skips into chatty Gemini, where it illuminates your Communication zone. Increased yen for socialising indicated. 


It’s your season for much of May, with the Sun powering up the Selfhood sector of your chart. Your nature is fixed-earth, meaning that, especially at the moment, rash moves outside creature comforts and friendly confines are not recommended. Over the next few weeks, try to be near home, family, couch, and garden (anything earthy and domestic). On May 20th, the Sun moves into flighty Gemini, where it lights up your Money zone. At this point, the Cosmos is suggesting that you eschew the overly familiar: a spontaneous expenditure on a trip or fancy handbag could be a good thing come end-of-May. 


The slow-and-steady Taurus Sun will be crossing through the zone of your birth chart that some astrologers call “the Sanctuary,” but that others label “the House of Self-Undoing.” Regardless, this is a very introspective transit, which your mutable, extrovert, and quicksilver nature instinctively resists. However, the point of these inward-looking moments, especially before your birthday season, is to get you to reflect on the previous year, as you move into a new one. On May 20th, the Sun bops into your Selfhood zone, as you return to high Gemini form. May 23rd suggests a particularly abundant day for you, with Venus and Sun joined in your sign. Extra majesty and romance portended here.  


Until May 20th, the loyal Taurus Sun activates your Friendship zone. It’s as if the Cosmos is giving you free reign to call up your most trusted confidantes to speak for hours on end about their problems and yours. True, you probably do this everyday anyhow, but now you’ve got the cosmic stamp of approval. And if your partner complains about all the friend stuff, just show them this horoscope as a certificate of writ. On the 20th, the Sun bounces into Gemini, where it will be energising your 12th House (also named “the Sanctuary” by some). Again, a nice placement for your introspective and domestic nature. 


Like you, Taurus is a fixed sign (rather than a mutable one, like, say, Gemini or Sagittarius). Accordingly, you have a lot of “stay-put” energy in your chart, especially around work and vocation. Why so? The steady Taurus Sun lights up your Career zone until May 20th. What that means: no sudden moves. Career-wise, the grass isn't always greener. It’s often brown, patchy, and weedy. On May 20th, the Sun tap-dances into social Gemini, where it activates your Friendship zone (which also deals with networking). A far more auspicious time to talk with people about career opportunities.  


Until May 20th, the Taurus Sun highlights your Travel sector, which also deals with Higher Learning (journeys of the mind). Given that Taurus is a fixed-earth sign, you should align with it by engaging in activities, sojourns, or literatures that ground you. Now is not the time for flights of fancy (or flights in general). Trains, automobiles, the Woods, gardens: be close to earth. On May 20th, the Sun moves into loquacious Gemini and it will be brightening up your Career zone. Anticipate improved communications at work with colleagues. 


Until May 20th, the sensual Taurus Sun buzzes about your Intimacy zone. Sounds sexy. But, curiously, this part of the chart also has to do with taxes and shared finances, which kind of sounds like the opposite of sexy. Satin sheets or spreadsheets: the eternal question. Ultimately, the Intimacy zone is about sharing with a partner. So, whether your next few weeks involve Microsoft Excel or XXX, share all with your help-mate. On May 20th, the Sun strolls into flighty Gemini, where it energises your Travel zone. Tip: Stockholm is lovely now—-they are just starting Spring up North. 


With the Taurus Sun highlighting your Relationship zone until May 20th, you could be slightly more difficult to deal with when it comes to professional or romantic partnerships. Obviously, Taurus energy can be bull-headed and your Scorpio nature can fixate on things. (You and Taurus are both fixed signs, so there’s that). Bottom line: beware of insisting on your point of view too much. A better path to take: providing security and comfort for a partner. This is also the way of Taurus. On May 20th, the Sun somersaults into flirty Gemini, where it activates your Intimacy zone. Gemini is the chattiest sign. Risque texts and pillow talk indicated.


Until May 20th, the Taurus Sun impacts the somewhat drab Health, Diet, and Routine sector of your chart. Now, Taurus energy can go two ways: decadent/over-indulgent or dogged/endurance-prone. The couch is the sacred space for the former, the gym a more suitable site for the latter. Only you can decide which energy you want to align with, but taking some time off from counting calories sounds nice to this humble scribe. On the 20th, the Sun joins chatterbox Gemini and powers up your Relationship zone. Methinks your partner is in for many gossipy summaries of your days at the office.  


The sensual Taurus Sun camps out in your Fun and Romance zone, so please, Capricorn, loosen up on your stiff business attire and go a bit more casual until May 20th. Keep in mind, too, that the Romance sector of a chart also has to do with fecundity (both creative and procreative), so this can be a particularly pregnant time for your studio and/or bedroom. On May 20th, the Sun careens into your drab House of Routine. You can return to your grey pencil skirts and modest pumps then.  


With the Taurus Sun lighting up your Home zone until May 20th, make the next few weeks about sprucing your place up for Spring. Taurus is ruled by lovely Venus (money and beauty), so investing a bit of cash in your domicile could be a good move.  Consider, as well, that the Sun moves into social Gemini on May 20th, where it will be amping up the Fun zone of your chart. Maybe the best course of action this month looks something like: beautify the home (Taurus) so you can invite people over for some sort of gathering (Gemini). We get that your Aquarian nature might not be the most social of the signs, but the Stars are inviting you to tell a new narrative: Aquarius, perfect host with amazing new cutlery. 


Until May 20th, the steadfast Taurus Sun highlights your Communication sector. Align with its energy by tackling longer term projects that require stamina and deliberation. This could be a time for long talks, as well, with siblings, as the Communication sector in one’s chart also pertains to brothers and sisters. The glib, the dazzling, the witty: this is not the communication style of Taurus. Instead, deliberate, slow, and considered. On May 20th, the Sun shimmies into social Gemini, where it activates your Home zone. Gemini is an air sign. It’s time to breathe some new life into your place toward the end of May. 


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