Moon Phases

New Moon phase

A Farmer’s almanac will tell you that the New Moon is the best time to plant seeds for better crops. The same goes for setting intentions and fitness goals--weight loss, weight gain, calories burned, steps to walk, miles to row, or cycle. Use this phase to set a monthly regime and it will take root more quickly. Well begun is half done.

Waxing Moon phrase

The Waxing Moon is increasing in light and strength, so you will generally have more energy to burn during workouts. Do a bit more cardio, if you’re feeling it. The moon also affects hair growth. If you want a quick trim, do it during the Waxing Moon--it will grow back stronger. But don’t wax during the Waxing Moon (unless you want that hair to grow back stronger, which you don’t).

Full Moon phrase

Emotions are heightened now so we can be feeling more intense and reactive. Our body, skin, and hair are more absorbent so it is a really nice time to do a deep moisturising treatment. Take a full moon bath, this part of the cycle is a great time to detoxify. Add cider vinegar or some himalian salt to aid the detoxifying process.

Waning moon phases

From Full Moon to waning moon the Moon’s light is decreasing. This is the most introverted time of the cycle, perfect for massage, colonics, detox or facial. This is a perfect time for extractions. If you feel like a big change with your hair, cut it now, it won’t grow back in a hurry. This is a time of reflection, while we prepare for a new cycle ahead.

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