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New Moon in Aquarius February 9th 2024

Sometimes we just need some space

Aquarius needs space to think. It’s a cerebral sign. It’s Einstein on the beach, looking at the sea, toying with mathematical equations in its head. It’s Bill Evans, the jazz genius, structuring odd harmonics and chord voicings at a piano in a lonely lounge late at night in Louisville. It’s nerding out over the infinite potential of ChatGPT. And, on February 9th 2024 we have a New Moon (needy and emotional) in this sign. Cue awkwardness.

Indeed, the Moon isn’t so happy in the Waterbearer, for reasons that should already be apparent. It wants us to hold hands, cuddle, process, share secrets and blankets, watch Moonstruck, cry on shoulders, and cook simmering, hardy stews. All this while Aquarius Energy is off coding and eating cold fries from a meagre brown bag.

Part of this incompatibility stems from the Waterbearer’s ruling planet, dour Saturn, the emotionally avoidant Dad of the zodiac that retires to its den quickly after dinner to research the financials of telecommunications companies of the Pacific Rim. In Saturn-ruled signs, like Aquarius, the Moon is debilitated. It doesn’t know how to express its emotions fully. It reaches out for a hug, only to be handed a lone cold french fry in return.

What will happen this New Moon in Aquarius?

The result? All of this tension could leave us feeling emotionally adrift and confused on the New Moon. Do we need space from a partner? Or do they need it from us? Or do we both need it? Or neither of us? This kind of intellectualising over feelings is very Aquarius. 

Usually, we might say that a New Moon in Aquarius can help bring objectivity to how we are feeling about work, romance, or friendships. However, sometimes no amount of intellectualising can help figure things out (no matter how much cerebral Aquarian energy thinks it can problem solve).

And yet, despite all these planetary complications, the advice for dealing with the transit becomes straightforward–take some space on the 9th.  Go with the distancing energy of Aquarius rather than the cozying-up impulses of Moon. Don’t get offended by distance–-regardless of who needs it around this New Moon.

If the last Full Moon was about getting in Cancerian touch with feelings about goals, plans, and where we are going in 2043, then what about this lunation in airy Aquarius? Use it to find some breathing room instead.

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