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October Horoscopes 2022

October also finds us shuttling from breezy Libra (Venus-ruled) to dark Scorpio (governed by Mars). The contrast between these two signs is striking. Expect the first three weeks of the month to feel harmonious, social, and potentially lucrative, as Venus (love, desire, money) and the Sun move in tandem through the Scales. On the 23rd, however, things go darker with Scorpio season, a time for fixations, obsessions, and singular focus. Use this contrast to your advantage. Be out and about during Libra, then draw the curtains for Scorpio season and get strategic about who, what, where, when, and why, regarding work and romance.


Your ruling planet, ritzy Venus, and the Sun both waltz through your Selfhood zone until the 23rd. It’s highly auspicious when these two planets engage in such coordinated cosmic choreography, so anticipate a nice three week span of inner light and outer radiance–looking good, feeling good. This is a great time to take some snaps, or update online profiles pics - you will be extra photogenic. Mercury (communication) also enters into your Selfhood sector on the 10th, adding to all this positive 1st House energy. Communication should be extra smooth and easy from the 10th to 30th–your wish will be the world’s command. On the 23rd, the Sun and Venus dip into dark Scorpio, where they will be activating your Money zone. Venus-in-Scorpio augurs Goth vibes. Spend money on some black leather ensemble for Halloween.


Your ruling planet, sharp-edged Mars, will be deep in your witchy 8th House of the Occult all month–lots of Halloween energy before Halloween. You may experience intensified interests in metaphysical answers through occult practices. Lucky you. Until the 23rd, you also have the other-oriented Libra Sun transiting your zone of the Unconscious, which deals with dreams, secrets, the past, and hidden enemies. Ultimately, this is an introspective transit where you may want to cast hexes on exes, but do not succumb to these dark impulses. Look, instead, toward the light of the 23rd, when the Sun moves into your Selfhood sector, along with Venus. Venus-in-Scorpio shades toward darker romance–cabarets, innuendos, sexual tension, a smoldering gaze. The 25th brings a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. You may find yourself with a new partner or project to obsess over.


You got a lovely little run for most of this month with the socialite Libra Sun and Venus activating your Friendship zone until the 23rd. This placement portends things like connecting more with friends or finding love by way of a good word they put in for you to a crush. Your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, is also forming a harmonious aspect with Venus and the Sun in your Romance zone. But here’s the thing about Jupiter—it’s retrograde until the end of the month, meaning you could be getting some mixed signals (lovers becoming friends or friends becoming lovers). On the 28th, Planet Luck-giver enters into mystical Pisces, a sign it rules and delights in.) Take this day to align yourself to spiritual pursuits (yoga, retreat, meditation), as it’s the start of a powerful, metaphysically-inclined transit. This placement will also benefityou until the end of the year as Jupiter will be here until the 22nd of December - all in all, a really auspicious time for you. If you were feeling shut out or shut off from others, expect this transit to increase a sense of emotional connection. Expect expansion or growth in your relationships–deepening bonds, new love, more love.


Money and career. That’s what makes your world go round this month. Indeed, the Libra Sun and Venus activate your Career zone, which also deals with reputation, until the 23rd. This placement indicates it’s time for you to be seen, either by upping your social media presence, updating your LinkedIn profile, or taking on more work for a boss to impress them. With Venus brightening your Career prospects, make sure you put yourself in position to shine. Meanwhile, your ruling planet, Saturn, goes direct in your Money zone on the 23rd after a long retrograde. Saturn’s energy is conservative, so this could be a good time to put money somewhere that is not too risky–tuition, a down payment, anything that has personal, long-term growth potential. Also on this date, Venus and the Sun shift into your Friendship zone and the focus goes toward the company you keep. The October 25th New Moon Solar Eclipse, is a powerful time to team up with people for a new project or learning opportunity.


Let’s linger on your ruling planet Saturn. For the past two years, you’ve had the Taskmaster (stern teacher of lessons) in your Selfhood zone. This is a very rough transit, meant to put you through trials and tribulations so that you emerge stronger for the next phase of cosmic life. On the 23rd, Saturn goes direct in your Selfhood sector after a 5 month retrograde. This is the last time Saturn will station in this part of your chart for another 30 years. Congratulations. But with Saturn moving forward, this is a crucial moment to think about long term plans related to who you are and what you want to be. Indeed, the Taskmaster governs over time and duration–it asks us to think about our lives in sweeping narrative arcs. Starting around the 23rd, then, the Cosmos is saying to get aligned to Saturn energy. Set life goals: PhD in 3 years? Buy a home in 5? Start a family in 10? If this feels too bourgeois, then tell a different bohemian life-story that evolves over time. Think of yourself down the line. That’s the power of this transit.


Along with lovely Venus, the balanced Libra Sun activates your Intimacy zone until the 23rd. Think of these placements as a nice breeze through a part of the chart that can feel, at times, claustrophobic and intense (it deals with sex, taxes, death, and the occult…Heavy). But Libra is light. It seeks balance with partners by giving and taking. Your mystical, merging nature likes to be all claustrophobic, but it’s time to dry and air out, Fishes. The advice for the first three weeks of the month, then, is to lighten up a bit with intimacy. Around the 23rd, the fixated Scorpio Sun will highlight your Spirituality zone, meaning lots of concentration power for mantras and meditation. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, goes back into your sign on October 28th, marking an extra auspicious time for you that will last until December 22nd. If there are favours to ask, or projects to send out, now is the sweet spot of 2022. Your sign embodies empathy, compassion, visionary dreaminess, and emotional sensitivity and with Jupiter, all these traits will be enhanced. Jupiter will not be back in Pisces for another 12 years.


This is one of those “cosmic lessons” months for you (yes, astrologically, every month should be thought of in this way but some months are bigger than others). The balanced Libra Sun highlights your Partnership zone until the 23rd. You’re known for being somewhat selfish and me-first. You get stuff done that way. But Libra energy really wants you to pay attention to the other. If Aries is the sign of “one,” Libra is the sign of “one-on-one.” It functions best with a counterpart (its symbol is the Scales, so this makes sense). Focus on listening to and acting for romantic interests or business partners over the next few weeks. Schedule a lunch date and let a partner outline plans rather than the other way around. Another reason to listen more than talk: your ruling planet, sharp-edged Mars, is up in your Communication zone this month (and going retrograde on the 30th). That means your words can be cutting. On the 23rd, the Sun and Venus shift into dark Scorpio, where they light up your Intimacy zone (this is a transit known for smouldering and steamy encounters in the boudoir). But again, the focus should be on others with this placement, not yourself.


Sober October. You’ve got a lot of energy in your Health zone, as both your ruling planet, Venus, and the Sun move in unison through it until the 23rd. These two planets are about bringing vitality and beauty to the self through diet, workout, and routine. Libra season itself augurs balance, so the cosmic indicators are pretty clear for you this month: no Bullish decadence. This can be hard for you sometimes. Venus rules your chart but shades toward the lux side of things when it’s in your sign. In Libra, Venus is more about connecting to others and/or finding a sense of equanimity with surroundings. Get to the gym, meet people, work on holding your yoga poses. On the 23rd, the Sun-in-Scorpio lights up your Partnership zone. Try to keep that more flexible and balanced Libra energy from earlier in the month. This solar placement can be known for being stubborn–not good when it comes to working with others. The 25th brings a powerful New Moon Eclipse in your Relationship Zone. Eclipses portend change and fresh energy. If you are single - this is a great time to be out and about. Coupled up? Renew vows and think about the next steps in your journey together.


You might have the most “fun” set of transits this month. The Libra Sun highlights your Romance zone until the 23rd and ritzy Venus will be co-present there, as well. Planet Love is said to have its “joy” in this part of the chart, adding more potential for romantic reward. Finally, your ruling planet Mercury (aka the talk show host of the Zodiac) joins up with Venus and the Sun on the 10th. Mercury has been all askew in the sky with a pesky retrograde, but it will go direct on the 3rd. Words will be particularly sweet and coaxing when it comes to romance from the 10th to 23rd, so make your desires known. Creativity could also be bubbling more with Venus/Mercury/Sun all working together in this part of the chart. On the 23rd, we shift into Scorpio season–-a less creative and romantic time. The Sun will be highlighting your Health zone. A Scorpio Sun can be obsessive–which is good if you want to start counting calories and/or steps during workouts. A final word: you have cutting Mars in your Selfhood zone all month (it’s been here since late August), if things have been feeling extra intense and stressful - this month will be a nice reprieve.


The Libra Sun is joined by lovely Venus in your Home zone until the 23rd. Here we have classic “time to re-decorate '' energy. Indeed, Venus wants to beautify and Libra brings balance. Keep in mind, too, that you and Libra are both cardinal energies that form a square with each other. Cardinal signs want us to initiate action, while squares are meant to push and challenge us. So, it’s not enough to scroll through Pinterest for ideas about how to improve the home. Instead, take some steps to actually beautify it. On the 23rd, the Sun and Venus shift into brooding Scorpio, where they light up your Romance zone, which also pertains to creativity and fun. Here we have the opposite of decorating the home–this is a steamy and sensual transit to be out in dark bars, listening to Joan Jett on the jukebox. A final note: you’re ruled by the Moon and eclipse season has started, so prepare for some emotionally intense dates, particularly on the 25th. That’s when the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio activates your Romance department. This could be a moment where our feelings for someone get eclipsed temporarily by something (or someone) else.


October looks like a busy and social month with lots of gallivanting. When you’re out and about make sure to pack a notebook in your bag. The Libra Sun, Venus and Mercury will be highlighting your zone of Communication. This is likely to result in a ton of ideas. Write them down! This is an excellent time for working on anything related to speech/branding/writing. While work and social life looks busy - let’s look at love. You’ve had grim Saturn brooding in this part of your chart for the past few years. Moreover, the Taskmaster Planet has been going retrograde of late, likely stoking tensions with significant others (business partners, spouse, etc.). But, on the 23rd, Saturn goes direct in your Seventh House of Relationships for the last time in 30 years. With Planet Schoolmaster moving forward, this is a key moment to show that you’ve been a good student. Start formulating your own questions now about relationships: Is this the one I want to be in 10 years? If not, what do I want? Who do I want? Saturn is serious and requires serious thought. But if you’re aligned with its energy, the pay-offs over the next 6 months (when it finally leaves your Relationship zone) can be immense.


Your ruling planet, Mercury, has been all wobbly in a retrograde, but it goes direct on the 3rd in your Selfhood zone. Great news for you. Mercury has its “joy” in this part of the chart and you might find yourself extra sharp (in a good way) with your words and ideas. Also, after the retrograde, no more delays–it’s time to send off your manuscript, memo, master’s thesis, or memoir. Mercury joins up with lovely Venus and the Libra Sun in your Money zone on the 10th of October. You’re not a flashy spender, but with all this energy in your Second House of Finances, it might not be impudent to spend a bit of cash on yourself. Among its other functions, Venus has to do with money and Mercury with trade and commerce. Circulate some goods in your direction. On the 23rd, the Sun moves into Scorpio, where it will highlight your Communication zone. The Scorpio Sun here can suggest an intensity with words, even vehemence. Far better to make use of Scorpio’s more strategic energy to form alliances rather than dissolve them.


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