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Sagittarius Full Moon June 14th

Let’s keep this simple because we’ve had too many complicated retrogrades and eclipses lately. What the world needs is a nice Sagittarius Full Moon Horoscope for June 14: no tricks, no gimmicks, just good times. Half-human/half-beast, Sadge is known for its generosity, gallivanting, questing, and, above all, optimism. That sounds much nicer than a grim Saturn retrograde.

So how does this Sagittarius Full Moon work exactly?

Astrologically, Full Moons always occur in the sign opposite the current season. Right now, we are in Gemini, a time for exploring diverse interests, chatting with your Yoga instructor about what might happen in Season Three of “Euphoria,” heading to curiosity shops, and questioning the concierge about where to get the best ramen. It’s a season of fascination with the minutiae of the world.

If the Twins are about the details, the Archer (which sits opposite Gemini) is more big picture. Hence this lunation suggests that you peek your head up from your gossipy Gemini knitting circle and do something off-the-cuff and a bit more grand–like driving a group of friends to watch the Sadge Full Moon at the beach, while drinking beer and contemplating eternity.

Indeed, Sagittarius is a deep and philosophical sign. Symbolically, its bow and arrow point toward higher-order realms of truth, making it idealistic, if not quixotic. It’s serious about things, but likes to have fun doing them (whereas Gemini is not serious about things, but likes to have fun doing them anyhow).

As mentioned, Sagittarius is also Jupiter-ruled. Currently, Planet Luck is coasting through fiery Aries. With both Jupiter and Moon aflame in fire signs, use this lunatinon to take some action. Do something fun–don’t sit around. In this respect, keep in mind that Full Moons can ultimately be thought of as celebration times. Did you reach this week’s goal to spend fewer hours on Etsy each night looking for Peruvian baskets to make the kitchen tiles pop more? Sounds like cause enough for celebration to me.

Check out where the Sagittarius Full Moon will be highlighting your chart around June 14th and plan accordingly. Or you can extend the energy of the transit and think about its placement in a two week cycle, until the next New Moon.


“I celebrate myself.” So opens the first line of the sprawling, magisterial “Song of Myself” by Walt Whitman, the giant of 19th century American poetry. Get Whitman-esque, Sadge. With the fiery Full Moon lighting up your Ego zone, throw a little party for you and your lunation. Be generous of spirit and provide the party favors.


The Sagittarius Full Moon lights your Unconscious zone. This area of the chart deals, in part, with forgiveness. Relatedly, a Sagittarius Full Moon deals with giving–it’s an emotionally generous transit. So, give the gift of forgiveness on this lunation, either to yourself or to someone who needs it. No more hard heart, Goat.


Your Friendship zone gets all lit up by the philosophical Sagittarius Full Moon. You’ve been in the chatty world of Gemini for a few weeks. Go out with a friend and get deep in conversation instead. Talk about ideas, not people. Your nature likes these kinds of abstractions anyhow.


With the Sagittarius Full Moon highlighting your Career zone, offer a bit of Sadge fire and generosity to a co-worker who may need it. You, too, one day might be adrift at work–and this colleague will remember and reward you for your professional and/or emotional support around this Full Moon.


Expect to feel a bit adventurous. The Sagittarius Full Moon, which is always searching for that elusives something, highlights your Travel sector. Archer energy in this part of the chart is a sure fire indication to get in a car or on train and see the world from a slightly different vantage point.


The giving and game Sagittarius Full Moon transits your Intimacy zone. This could be an evening to indulge a beloved’s fantasy in the boudoir. Emotional generosity and adventure are two elements of this lunation, and, besides, your sensual nature is not averse to the occasional kink.


While the Sun highlights your Ego zone for your season (congrats), the giving Sagittarius Full Moon is highlighting Partnerships for you. Take a friend or helpmate out on a little adventure around town as a way of saying “thanks for listening to me vent about people at work you’ll never meet.”


With the fiery Sagittarius Full Moon transiting your Health and Diet zone, spice things up food-wise. The Health sector of the chart also has to do with routine, which Sagittarius isn’t down with. Throw caution to the wind and go taco omakase., the perfect repast for when you’re hungry as a half-horse, half-human.


Romance is in the air for you on this adventurous Sagittarius Full Moon, with your Fun zone all aflame this lunation. Consider, too, that Jupiter is also in hot Aries. In nerd-speak, you have a Grand Fire Trine between your Sun, Jupiter-in-Aries and the Moon-in-Sadge. In cool-speak, that means lots of free kamikaze shots out on the tiles.


A risk-taking Sagittarius Full Moon in your Home zone suggests that you should maybe get that rug to warm up and soften the living room, despite the lovely hardwood floors you’ve grown to love. If the rug doesn’t work, trust that someone on eBay will be into it and you can recoup your losses (luck Jupiter governs Sadge). You and the Archer are mutable–you both love the hustle of trade and markets.


With the Sagittarius Full Moon caressing your Siblings and Neighbours zone, how about organising a little get together so that the people next door can become symbolic brothers or sisters? You are social by nature, so send a lowkey invite. Do you live alone in the countryside? Invite the moonlight for a glass of wine instead.


Just to be clear, we are not financial advisors here but with the Sagittarius Full Moon lighting up your Money sector–and with its ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, rolling some diamond studded dice–go out and buy a lottery ticket this lunation. If you win, promise me a 5% finder’s fee.


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