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September Horoscopes for RUSSH magazine

Your September 2022 horoscopes have been delivered. We start September in practical Virgo. The Maiden lords over acts of service, diet, health, routine, and nourishment. Given its relation to food, Virgo is the sign that breaks down big problems into smaller digestible parts. Ruled by the Mr. Fix-it influence of Mercury, the Virgin doesn’t just want to identify problems but to offer solutions. Oh, and “prudence” is Virgo’s middle name. On the 22nd, the Sun moves into Libra to usher in the equinox. It makes sense that Libra (the sign for equality and balance) should preside over a date having to do with equal day and night time. Overall, we can expect much more pristine astrological weather for September.


Mercury retrograde alert! On September 10th, the cosmic PR-specialist and your ruling planet starts its final backspin of 2022. It will begin in your Money zone and then move back even further into your Selfhood sector (on the 23rd). Retrogrades are transits to re-assess, re-calibrate, review, and reflect. Accordingly, September designates a good time to re-evaluate your relation to money and how you’re making it. What isn’t adding up financially and why? What practical ways can you improve your money outlook? Keep in mind, too, that the Virgo Sun is solutions-oriented. It wants to figure out how to fix things–not just what the problem is. Maybe you need to think about renegotiating a contract at work to ensure a bonus? Or maybe you need to get even more nerdy and nitty-gritty: look at ways to optimise payment strategies for your Shopify page, for example. Virgo season is a time for doing, fixing, analysing, and working. With Mercury retrograde in the picture, it’s also a time for re-assessing. Develop some financial strategies this month and come out of this retro transit ahead.


The season before your birthday is a great time to do a bit of an audit on the past year and set some new goals for the coming one. Virgo energy is immensely practical and wants to figure out ways to solve problems rather than merely dwelling on them. While Virgo season can be more reflecting and planning, you have lots of great fun and expansive energy coming in at the end of the month. On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into your Selfhood sector. Much better. Libra season for you is a time to find more balance and beauty in your self-esteem and presentation to the world. What’s more, communications-liaison Mercury is in your sign for most of the month. This placement portends the gifts of a persuasive tongue. Speak up for what you want, as others will be apt to listen. Even if your birthday isn’t on this day, a New Moon in Libra on the 26th betokens a great night to celebrate it. The end of the month ends on a very sweet note as Venus moves into your sign, kicking off a delightful and harmonious 3 week transit.


Stay calm. At the end of August, your ruling planet, hotheaded Mars, began an abnormally long seven month sojourn in Gemini, a sign with whom you have little in common. Extended transits like this are really asking that we learn some sort of lesson. In your case, Mars-in-Gem will be highlighting your zone of Sex, Transformation, Shared Finances, and Debt. What is meant to be learned here? Well, Gemini is probably the lightest and breeziest sign. It doesn’t get attached. It glides on the surface. It walks on air. These are all qualities that you don’t possess–and that Mars doesn’t either. So, it’s time to get intimate with Gemini’s energy over the next several months and embrace the superficial somewhat: less standing at the back of the club, brooding; more chatting at the bar, smiling; less obsessing about who is owed what; more giving freely of time and affection. September 10th looks to be a good day to get started on this lighter version of Scorpio. That’s when a Full Moon caresses your Romance zone. Full Moons, especially in this area of the chart, are for celebration, letting loose, canoodling.


The Virgo Sun squares your Career zone until the 22nd. “Squares” (difficult 90 degree aspects between planets or signs) tend to put up obstacles in certain areas of our chart. However, a more enlightened view of them is that they produce the friction necessary to overcome these cosmic snafus. With nose-to-the-grindstone Virgo energy at play here, think about this square as providing the impetus to push your career forward. But let’s get even more granular in our analysis. Virgo deals with details, while your nature inclines toward the “big picture.” This transit, therefore, is asking you to show people at work that you can excel with the fine print. Focus on the nitty-gritty not the noble cause over the next few weeks. On the 22nd, the Sun shimmies into Libra, where it will activate your Friendship zone. Libra is ruled by ritzy Venus and this placement augurs things like splashing cash with friends. But while this cavalier transit will be a nice relief, the real growth for you will occur during the Career/Virgo/Square.


With the Virgo Sun highlighting your zone of Higher Learning until the 22nd, the Cosmos is suggesting that you crack a book, engage in some spiritual practices, or seek out knowledge to improve the mind. Because Virgo is a practical sign, you should move in tandem with its energy. In other words, yes, crack a book, but make sure it will lead to concrete understanding and results. Read about ayur-veda (how to create health through diet and routine) rather than the Upanishads (how to commune with Brahman, eternal truth). Your nature tends toward practical matters, so this Virgo placement should harmonise well with you. On the 22nd, the Libra Sun skips over to your Career zone. This placement is even more aligned to your commercially-minded Goat nature. Libra energy in this sector of the chart involves finding balance or building consensus by weighing multiple viewpoints. Being open to others–rather than making all the executive decisions–will further your career cause.


Until the 22nd, the prudent (some would say prudish) Virgo Sun lights up your Intimacy zone, which deals with sharing fantasies and finances. I’m not here to judge, but rehearsing prudent sexual fantasies with a helpmate might defeat the purpose of having sexual fantasies in the first place. Rather it might make more sense to mobilise Virgo’s precise energy to get you and your flame’s financial documents in place. That sounds like a better use of the Maiden’s time. And yet, we must not forget that Virgo is also the sign of service and servicing, which in the Intimacy zone could be good for various kinks. On the 22nd, the Sun crosses into fair and balanced Libra, where it will activate your zone of Higher Learning. This part of the chart also involves travel. Ruled by social Venus, Libra always wants a partner to do things. Find a travel buddy for a little vacation toward month’s end.


A big relationship month for you. The Sun will be hanging out in your Partnership zone until the 22nd, then it drops like satin lingerie into your Intimacy sector to close out September. Virgo governs over acts of service, so you should probably focus attention on a partner (be it business or romantic) and provide emotional or logistical support to them. This transit is not about you. On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into balance-seeking Libra, where it will be energising your Intimacy sector. Your boundary-averse nature loves this part of the chart, which ultimately deals with merging and sharing finances and fantasies. Libra needs balance, so make sure that the intimate needs of a partner are given equal weight to yours.


At the end of August, war-machine Mars (your ruling planet) entered Gemini for an outlandishly and abnormally long seven month stay. Usually Mars spends about six weeks in a sign, but this over-extended detour is putting pressure on you to think through this transit more. So, let’s get into it. Mars-in-Gem will be highlighting your Communication sector. Mars-inflected speech can be rough or even damaging. Obviously, we don’t want that. Thinking before you speak (like looking before you leap) is one piece of advice to keep in mind. But Mars-in-Gem can also be a great transit for self-promotion through communication. While it can lend aggression to our words, Mars can provide the energy and courage to make our thoughts, feelings, or brand-vision known. Gemini, likewise, provides wings to our words. This is all to say that this seven month transit could be an excellent one for making strides on your brand and social media presence. Aries (self)+Mars (drive)+Gemini (words)+Communication sector=gold rush for self-promotion. You’re going to have a lot to say–just make sure you say it nicely.


You get a much needed reprieve, after a crazy set of transits in August in your sign. On September 5th, ritzy Venus (your ruler) sashays into your Fun and Romance zone for the month, where it joins with the prudent Virgo Sun until the 22nd. While Venus has its “joy” in this sector of the chart, the Virgo Sun is more conservative. That’s ok: you’ve had enough cosmic firecrackers of late. Conservative fun is good. It would behove you to recall here that Virgo is known for acts of service. Your mantra regarding romance: give rather than receive, at least until the 22nd, when the Sun leaves Virgo and passes over into Libra. The Libra Sun will activate your Health and Routine sector around then, meaning a cosmic moment to find balance, harmony, and beauty through diet and health. Again, this is a much needed placement after the bonkers energy of August.


Gilded-tongue Mercury (your ruler) is living it up a bit in your Romance zone, so if you’re feeling extra sassy and witty when it comes to flirting, thank Planet Sweet Talk for that. Enjoy the beginning of September, because Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th for the rest of the month. This retro will start in your Romance zone and then reverse park into your Home sector on the 23rd. When a planet backspins into two areas of a chart, it is asking us to look at their related thematics in tandem. For you, this retrograde is coalescing around Home and Romance issues. Do you need to slow down with a partner? Are you having too much fun and not putting enough time into your home life? Or do you need to bring a romantic partner closer to home? Do you need to put more effort into communicating feelings to a partner about your living situation ? Or are you talking too much and killing the vibe? These are the kinds of questions raised by a dual zone retrograde. But of all the signs, you are the most adaptable (mutable air), so don’t get too heavy about Mercury’s reversal.


Whenever you’ve got the workmanlike Virgo Sun transiting your Communication zone, which also trafficks in things like short distance travel and errands, you can expect a busy few weeks. By the same token, the Virgo Sun is great for getting stuff done, especially, in your case, around communication issues. They say that politicians campaign in poetry but govern in prose. Something similar applies here: while you tend to live a life in the poetic realms of paradoxical feelings, this Virgo Sun is more about thinking and acting within clear sentence structures to make headway with everyday life. On September 22nd, the Sun dilly-dallies into Libra, where it activates your Home zone. This placement calibrates nicely to your speed in that it will help bring balance and beauty to your cherished hearth. As a final note, mark September 10th. Your ruling planet, the Moon, will be all full and swollen in Pisces this day. You could be feeling extra emotional (you and the Fishes are the most teary-eyed signs).


Last month was intense for everyone. We had a set of crazy and rare placements, especially concerning the big meet up of Mars/North Node/Uranus.. Of all the signs, you got hit quite hard. Indeed aggressive Mars was squaring your Sun all August. Squares (or 90 degree aspects between planets) can make life tough. Suffice to say, Leo season may not have been all wine and roses–too much madness in the air. But now Mars has left this harsh aspect and entered into a much better spot for you, namely your Friendship zone, where it forms a harmonious sextile with your sign. If squares are tough, sextiles are smooth. They take the bite out of malefics like Planet Warmonger. Indeed, this de-fanged Mars transit indicates a time for energy and fun with your crew (Did someone say Bali?). Actually, no one said Bali. Why? Because the prudent Virgo Sun will be activating your Money zone until the 22nd. Virgo wants to save–not outlay funds on fun. Used productively, this can be a time when you tie up any loose end in this area of your life. Commit to sorting out tax, budgeting, anything you may have been putting off. The ever practical Virgo Sun will keep your pennies in the piggy bank to pay for sensible, sturdy shoes, made to last.


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