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Valentines Day Horoscopes

LOVE HOROSCOPES FEBRUARY, 2024 published Image Magazine

Let’s celebrate this relationship on Valentine’s by looking at where Venus will be energising your birth chart.  

But why Venus in particular? 

Well, it’s the Planet of Love, for one. But, astrologically, it symbolises more than that. Desire, beauty, and money also have to do with its influence. Basically, wherever Venus shows up, good things tend to happen. 

That’s because Venus is known as the Minor Benefic (kind of like a little cosmic do-gooder). Whereas Jupiter (the Major Benefic) moves slowly and provides big gifts (property, marriages, promotions), Planet Love flits about coquettishly and bestows life’s smaller pleasures (a night of silky seduction, a lux dinner with beau or belle perfectly topped with Mandarin sorbetti on the Quays).

Appropriately, Venus rules over the 5th House of one’s natal chart, which pertains to romance, fun, nightlife, and fertility. Makes sense: the astrological function of Venus is to bring people together through the power of erotic attraction. Its power opposes that of Mars (known as the Knife), a sign that separates and divides. 

Saint Valentine also brought people together. The legend has it that he would marry soldiers to their sweethearts in private ceremonies, despite edicts by the Roman Emperor Claudius II banning them from nuptials. For Saint Valentine, love was more important than law. He was, in essence, very Venusian. 

In the spirit of his Holiday, then, we offer this Venus Horoscope. Read on to find out where Planet Love will impact your chart this Valentine’s, when romance reigns, roses rule, and confections are queen. 


Charismatic Venus aspects your Career zone, which also deals with public recognition. Extra charm indicated with this placement, so beware of setting the office aflame with a switch in your hips as you stroll to the watercooler. A far less risky scenario: spread some love and recognize someone at work for a job well done. 


Glam Venus activates your Travel zone. Love or largesse indicated through some sort of journey. Since it’s a bit too late to make travel plans, however, maybe take a trip to a local bookstore. There you chance upon Hugh Grant, working behind the counter. You have a moment…. (I’m just summarising “Notting Hill” now).  


Kinky time for you. Venus lights up your House of Intimacy. In this part of the chart, Venus goes a bit bad girl, unknotting her plaits and lacing up an Agent Provocateur corset with a side-tie brief for a night of seductive fun. Follow suit.


Sweet Venus powers up your Relationship zone. Ca-ching. If single, see your fav band (or mumble rapper) perform, while you talk with a long-lashed fan about your mutual love of their debut album. If coupled-up: expect a night of adorable cartoon hearts emanating from each other’s eyes, while slow dancing to “Lady in Red” all night long. 


Showstopper Venus lights up your zone of Wellness and Routine…zzzzzzzz. A bit boring. Let’s look elsewhere in your chart…Ahhh, yes. The Moon and Jupiter activate your zone of Public Recognition: finally make that big (Jupiter) and emotional (Moon) declaration of love to Harry Styles on Instagram. 


Ding! Ding! Ding! You win! Ritzy Venus rocks your House of Fun, Romance, and Fertility. Planet Love has its “joy” here. So, go out, go big, don’t sleep until dawn, imbibe spirits. Just know: this part of the chart deals with procreation, and Venus is a cat on a hot tin roof here. 


The stars are calling for a night in. Interesting. Say more. Well, Venus, your ruling planet, is deep in the Home zone of your chart. This sector deals with privacy and domesticity. Here, Venusian influence is about bringing harmony and beauty to the Hearth. Let the revellers revel. Real love indicated for you on the couch with a help-mate.


Venus waltzes through your Communication zone. A prime placement on Valentine’s, a holiday that prides itself on expressing love through little notes and sugary treats. Venus is the ultimate sweetener, so make sure to write as many love letters as you can this day (if only to save them up for future admirers). 


Venus in the House of Cash. Sounds like the title to some movie about gambling, executive produced by Ben Affleck. But, in reality, it’s the title to your Valentine’s outlook. Venus in the Money sector of the chart influences us to spend. And we all know that your nature can be reckless. Depleted bank accounts indicated, after exotic outlays. 


When Venus aspects the Selfhood zone of one’s chart, as it will be doing for you, we can expect a boost of self-esteem. This is the kind of transit where, even in sweatpants and a frumpy T-shirt, you’ll feel amazing inside. But, if you want to look amazing on the outside, trade the sweatpants for some heels. (Side note: You can keep the T-shirt, if you upscale with red lipstick and tight jeans.)


You’ve got sassy Venus in your private 12th House of Dreams. This is a transit for enacting fantasies—-just don’t do so out at the bar or a restaurant or the Quays. Stay inside. Draw the curtains. Enact your fantasies there. Easier. Safer. Less risk of being arrested. 


With ritzy Venus sparkling hard in your Friendship zone, maybe you want to be really bold and ditch all your significant others (husbands, wives, etc.) and show your crew some love?! Actually, you probably don’t. Sometimes astrology can lead one astray. Instead of friends, meet up with your help-mate at your little favourite restaurant that only you two know about.


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