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Venus in Sagittarius

From 16 November to 10 December, lovely Venus moves into Sagittarius, the on-the-go mutable fire sign, best understood by its image, the Archer, a half-human/half-horse hybrid, whose arrow is hoisted heavenward toward higher truths while its hoofs hit the hard heath hankering after hijinks.

Like Gemini (the Twins), Sadge is a dual sign, riven by contradictions (noble pursuits of man mixed with the bawdy instincts of the beast). But this duality is also what makes Sagittarius so interesting–especially for Venus (love, money, and beauty), a planet that will be more prone to play in this placement, especially after its recent cat-in-the-bath grumpfest through the obsessive Big Sting’s difficult fixed-water energy.

If Venus-in-Scorpio infused romance with a darker, more obsessive tint, this upcoming Venus-in-Sadge transit will thankfully ask us to show love in a more direct and lighthearted manner, inspiring us to embrace the Sagittarius side of life: adventure, bold pronouncements, and glass-half-full generosity.

Part of the reason for this overall optimism around romance has to do with the coincident placement of Sadge’s ruling planet, Jupiter, which will be going direct on the 24th, after a retrograde in compassionate Pisces, the sign it also rules. With Planet Luck super happy at home in the Fishes, Sagittarius will be receiving collateral benefits, as will Venus. A strong Jupiter (luck, generosity, love, wisdom) will add a layer of magic atop Venusian themes (desire, money, beauty, and love) throughout the transit.

So, we have both benefics (Jupiter and Venus) well-positioned over the next three weeks, and now we need to get you, dear reader, well-positioned, too, in order to take advantage of this great romance placement. Here are a few bits of advice, in no particular order.


Be super clear with your romance intentions over the next few weeks. The Archer likes a good target to hit–and with Venus in its sign, its arrows should function more like Cupid’s. At whom do you wish to aim your love-shaft (or by whose love-shaft do you want to be penetrated)? These are the kinds of questions we need to be asking and acting on. If you’re already coupled up, use these Venus-in-Sadge love-shafts to further pierce the hearts of each other. Or, because Sagittarius is the most giving sign, think about setting up your single ladies (and/or gents) with friendly crossfire. Figure out your target, and finger your bow.


The rock band, Aerosmith, popularised this phrase with their hit single of the same title from 1989. Ultimately, the song advocates getting creative, spontaneous. and adventurous in where we choose to make love. To align with Venus-in-Sagittarius energy, then, we need to take to heart the message ofAerosmith’s lead single from their multi-platinum album, “Pump.” Think outside the box or the narrow confines of the boudoir to make your romantic life pump, as well.


Black Friday (that cathedral to consumerism and Christmascarnival) occurs during this transit. Instead of acting on the bling energy of Venus (cash), endeavour instead to align with the more philanthropic side of Sagittarius on at least one day. Think less Black Friday energy, more charity, giving, and altruism to those who lack. Are we saying to abandon the excesses of late capitalism for good this transit ? Not really. But if you combine Venus (heart) with Sagittarius (generosity), you get something like giving your time and love to those who need it. Let’s try and remember the spiritual and caring side of Sagittarius.

Now, as with all transits, some days are bigger than others. Here are three to take special note of.

On the 21st, chatty Mercury and Venus go conjunct in Sagittarius. These two planets together with the Archer are loud, vocal, and social. What’s more, Sadge is all about going viral. With this broadcast energy around love (Mercury and Sadge impacting Venus), this could be a great day to tell people how much you care about them, to confess your desire to a crush, or make it official with someone and then emblazon your newly minted relationship status on social media for all to be jealous about.

On the 24th, the Moon will hold hands with Venus in a lovely conjunction. The Moon is about feeling and Venus-in-Sadge is particularly social. You should feel more at ease around other people and comfortable in public around this date. If you’re one of the more reserved or private signs (Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer), come out of your shell this day. And if you’re one of the more social signs, you will be in even finer form.

And, finally, 9 December. Just before Venus leaves Sagittarius, it makes a square to Jupiter-in-Pisces. Usually squares can be somewhat troublesome transits, but this one is slightly different. Rather than difficult square energy, we will experience what is known as “mutual reception.” Jupiter is in rulership in Sagittarius, while Venus is exalted in Pisces. This means both planets are working to each other's aims and that ornery square changes from a difficult aspect to a positive one. If there is a wish you want to ask for (a new car, home, or helpmate), this is the day.


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