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Welcome to Sagittarius Season

Welcome Sagittarius season, from 22nd November to December 21st!

Sagittarius season coincides with the Holidays, at least in spirit. Ruled by jolly Jupiter (the Santa Claus of the Zodiac), Sadge is about being generous, giving, and game–no Scrooge-like Scorpio vibes here. Keywords instead: abundance, optimism, exuberance, adventure. Indeed, Sagittarius is the fun-loving sign, like the Ghost of Christmas Present in A Christmas Carol, surrounded by mirth and glad tidings.

So, one way Sadge energy might manifest this season: more desire for eggnog, bonhomie, and the hot pursuits of tavern life. But wait. We must keep in mind that it’s not so simple with Sagittarius. Why? Well, in essence, it’s a complex, dual-bodied sign. Also known as the Archer, it is represented by the image of the centaur, a half-man/half-horse hybrid whose arrow forever points heavenward. We may feel more torn than usual during this season between Sadge’s philosophical side (captured by its raised bow and arrow) and its randy animal instincts (emblematized by its hard-driving horsey half, wanting to glug eggnog).

This philosophical side to the Archer can devolve to preachiness. Many people don’t get that Sadge’s ruler, Jupiter, has a religious aspect to it, often expressed in Sagittarius (a fire sign) via loud opinions that might wend toward self-righteousness. If you find yourself atop a soap box, vaunting God’s glory or vamping jesuitically, that’s the prophetic fire of the Archer in the air. Be aware of that and eschew such fires–for only the clergy shall speak of God, while the laity sit still in rough hewn pews, nodding politely. It’s not just that Sagittarius is a fire sign, however. Its modality is mutable, meaning that it burns quickly and brightly, but with little duration or staying power. Accordingly, you may be abuzz and open to inaugurating projects this season, but then let them unceremoniously fall to the wayside: “Hey, I think I’m going to read all of Dickens this upcoming year!” Then, 50 pages into Bleak House, you’re like “Um, wait, there are 750 more tiny printed pages of this?”

To best take advantage of this mutable fire energy, think of smaller acts of kindness rather than grandiose plans over the next few weeks. Get stocking stuffers for friends or take Auntie out for a surprise treat of eggnog spiked with bourbon. Little loving gestures like this during the Holiday will align you with Sagittarius in that they combine the generosity of Jupiter with the short bright intensities of mutable fire. Besides, in the end, you can save the more serious plans for sombre, Saturn-ruled Capricorn season, which is coming up all too soon to close out the year. Now, here are a few dates to keep in mind as we move through Sagittarius with our eggnog in hand.

Sagittarius season dates of note

A New Moon transits through Sagittarius on November 23rd. New Moons are times to set intentions. Sit down at your desk and make a gift-list for all your aunties, friends, and colleagues. Be generous of spirit, but not too generous. Jupiter, which rules this Moon, can get overly festive and excessive. Moderation is key here. Speaking of Jupiter, it goes direct in Pisces on November 23rd, after a long retrograde. Jupiter-in-Pisces has a visionary, poetic valence to it, which might lend some artsy energy to your gift ideas: a collection of Seamus Heaney’s poems for Auntie rather than chocolate. Go with this artsy vibe. Chocolates are temporary, while Seamus is forever.

Dreamy Neptune uncoils from a long retrograde and starts moving direct in Pisces on December 3rd. Neptune represents the world of dreams, art, illusion, and glamour: expect its influence to be particularly potent on this date. While you may find yourself wanting to leave your family to pursue your long-deferred dreams of becoming a thespian, pump the brakes on these impulses. The transit only lasts a day–and you’ll be back to normal soon enough. Rather than abandoning your family, however, December 3rd is nonetheless a wonderful date to be near art. Take them to the theatre or a museum instead.

On December 7th, we have a Full Moon conjunct Mars in chatterbox Gemini. Full Moons are for going out and celebrating. With Gemini in this mix, you’ll be extra blessed with the gift of gab. Bellicose Mars could cause some fighting words, however.

Despite us ribbing your artistic pretensions above, the bigger cosmic picture over Sagittarius season ultimately does have to do with artistic expression and occupying a dreamier space and thinking about things in less conventional ways. As mentioned, Jupiter will be in artsy Pisces, where it will be joined by dreamcaster Neptune on December 3rd. Both Neptune and Jupiter “rule” over the Fishes, meaning that they are extra strong here–and their influence will be felt more than usual. This placement will help us see the world with more technicolour rather than austere black and white, which, though beautiful in its own right, doesn’t light up the Christmas tree of our hearts with as much magnificence.


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