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Where is this Venus Retrograde Impacting you in your life?

Venus, planet of sweet emotion, will be spending an extra long time in the sign of Leo this year (until October 8th). Such a long stay is quite unusual for Planet Love. It tends to move quickly, gracing each sign with its perfumed presence for about 3 weeks. But, due to a protracted Venus retrograde in Leo from July 22nd until September 3rd, it won’t be moving into Virgo until October 8th.

Whenever we have these kinds of abnormally long transits, we should take note, because some sort of message is being emphasised by the Cosmos. Leo is dramatic, Venus romantic. When combined, this transit has something to do with grand romantic gestures. Such energy sounds great. Who doesn’t want to go large with love? But there’s always a catch. As mentioned, Venus will be retrograde for all of August.

A retrograde betokens a transit where a planet seems to be reversing in relation to us on Earth. All planets go through them and they tend to be awkward moments

like puberty. During such spans, the retrograde planet’s influence gets wonky or debilitated. A Venus retrograde, in particular, can make romance harder—-or we might not feel as physically attractive; or we might have trouble with money (Venus symbolises love, beauty, and cash).

Because Leo is such an image-oriented sign, this transit (especially the retrograde phase) is also going to raise questions about how we present ourselves to the world, how we love ourselves, how we love others, and how we value ourselves.

Are we too caught up on a merely “skin deep” aesthetic? Do we need to broaden our understanding of what we deem beautiful in our lives? Or do we need to get a bit more superficial, by putting more care into the way we look?

In what follows, we attend to these types of questions by laying out your Venus horoscope for the next few months, including where the retrograde could make romance, love, and money a bit of challenge (but a challenge, nonetheless, that you should be able to rise to accept with the help of our little Venus Guide below).

ARIES Venus activates your 5th House of Fun, Romance, and Creativity, where it has its “joy.” This part of the chart inspires us to be outside more. It’s also related to nightlife. Venus-in-Leo, moreover, betokens “be seen” vibes. Your nature is to act alone—-but this transit through your Fun zone invites togetherness and connection. While the retrograde period throughout August may cause kerfuffles (not so fun), September designates peak romance for the year. Aim to be out-and-about as much as possible then.

TAURUS Venus is your ruling planet, so transits involving it tend to resonate with you more than a Capricorn or an Aquarius. For all of Quarter 3, your Home zone will be impacted by Venus-in-Leo. Leo wants to “show off” and Venus wants to “show love.” Combine these impulses. Put some love into your home with a slightly longer home renovation project (Venus) and then show it off to friends when it’s over (Leo). Wait until after the retrograde is over in early September to have people by to celebrate the Venusian touches to your abode.

GEMINI You already have the gift of the gab, but this transit really highlights the power of words for you, as Venus activates your 3rd House of Communication until October. Leo energy, moreover, is all about public life, broadcasting, and being at the centre-of-attention. Write, post, tweet, start a PR campaign: anything to do with talking and branding comes easy to you right now. Wait until after the retrograde in early September for any major announcements, though.

CANCER Venus will energise the Money zone of your chart in Quarter 3. Because Planet Love will be influenced by Leo’s showy nature, you might be drawn somewhat out of your shell to invest in things that are of slightly more flamboyant bent. Lean into this Venus-in-Leo placement, but avoid statement purchases during the Venus retrograde in August. That’s more of a time to retreat back into your shell to protect yourself from cosmic haywire energy.

LEO You’re at the epicentre of this big Venus transit. With Planet Love energising your House of Self (ego, appearance, identity), expect more love and attention from others: Venus will function as a cosmic force multiplier for various forms of adoration. But also, and more importantly, expect more kindness toward yourself overall. Venus is like sugar in coffee—-it takes the bitter taste of self-recrimination away. That said, the wonky retrograde from late July to early September could bring mishaps around appearance. Avoid cosmetic procedures in August.

VIRGO For Quarter 3, Venus activates your 12th House, a private and hidden part of the chart. The tension of this transit has mainly to do with Leo’s influence: it’s a very public presence. Conflicts could arise between things like a lover wanting to make your romance more “official.” Or maybe a yen for spirituality might headbutt with professional or romantic obligations that require you to be in the public eye. The Venus retrograde could exacerbate these public/private tensions in August. Err on the side of inwardness this transit.

LIBRA Venus rules your sign, so transits involving it are always extra special for you. For the next few months, Planet Love will be activating your 11th House of Friendship. With Leo’s extroverted influence at play, too, you could attract new acquaintances, as people tend to be especially drawn to Venus-in-Leo energy. Watch out for the Venus retrograde from late July to early September, however, as this transit could attract the wrong kind of folk—-sharpers and hustlers and dishonest grifters. No new friends until September, when the retrograde clears.

SCORPIO Being ruled by Mars, you can come across as extremely focused and ambitious in work (not a bad thing at all). But sometimes all that strategy and attitude can rub people the wrong way. Worry not: With Venus-in-Leo energising your zone of Public Persona in Quarter 3, expect more charm (Venus) and recognition (Leo) for jobs well done. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar—-and Venus-in-Leo is very sweet. That said, wait until after the Venus retrograde in early September to make any career moves.

SAGITTARIUS Venus brings love to people, places, and things, depending on where it hits one’s chart. Quarter 3 finds this benefic Venusian influence activating your zone of Higher Learning, Travel, and Knowledge. This can mean a new found love of learning (taking classes to expand your professional or personal knowledge base), or finding love by meeting people in classes, seminars, library, or travel. Speaking of travel, though: try to avoid romantic interludes abroad until after the retrograde ends in August. This could be a rocky moment.

CAPRICORN Venus will be hanging out in your 8th House of Intimacy and Shared Resources until Oct 8th. With showy Leo fueling Venusian themes (love, desire, play), be open to more exhibitionistic or public forms of intimacy: tasteful displays of affection with a partner on the street, pronouncements of feelings. This is all very anti-Capricorn, true, but you need to work with Cosmos, Goat. However, the Venus retrograde throughout August could strain intimacy, during which hand holding could lead to finger pointing.

AQUARIUS The Relationship sector of your chart will be empowered by the Venus-in-Leo placement throughout Quarter 3. Venus stands for love; Leo is all about displaying things. The astrological advice pertains to showing more care and affection to a partner. Engage in bigger romantic gestures. Add some Leo drama and flair to your love life and language. Such moves will also get you out of that cerebral Aquarian nature of yours. All in all, this is a great time for romance (with a bit of Leo pomp and circumstance).

PISCES Planet Love highlights your House of Health, Routine, and Diet in Quarter 3. Venus beautifies, so turn tasks and routines into rituals and ceremonies. Make the hum-drum feel hallowed. Buy a beautiful new notebook for your “to-do” lists and colour code your tasks with cute markers. Go to TikTok and watch some videos on how to cut a mango so it looks like a flower. Those kinds of things. The Venus retrograde during August, however, could feel more like sour grapes.


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