Loved my last session with Clarisse – always do! She uses her extensive knowledge in Astrology in such a gracious way that makes you feel like you’re receiving advice from a good friend .She provided invaluable insight and clarity into personal situations I could not make sense of myself. Could not recommend enough. Looking forward to the next one x

Brea Monseux

Brilliant astrologer and intuitive Tarot reader! I had a pleasure to see Clarisse Ni Muineacháin at work and experience the magic of her true talent, thorough knowledge and intuition in multiple readings and I couldn’t be more satisfied – and, frankly, amazed each and every time. Real gem and my “go to” Universe Energy Reader 🙂

Olka Osadzinska

I had a wonderful reading back in April with Clarisse! She is extremely knowledgable and accurate and has such a beautiful personality! I left our session with a lot of clarity and feeling so much lighter. Definitely recommend booking some time with her 💗

Gabriella Piccollino

Clarisse is unbelievable. She is so insightful, so knowledgable, and never, ever casts any judgement. Every time I have a reading with her I feel so calm, clear, and supported by the end. I can’t believe it took me so long to find her! She has a wonderful sense of humor, and she allows you to explain/extrapolate on things that are bothering you — but never forces anything out of you. I trust her so much! She’s the best reader I’ve ever worked with, by far. Now I can never go back….. tarot forever!!!

Lilah Grace Dougherty

Fabulous and insightful reader. Readings are super accurate and always so much fun with great energy. ❣️

Nina Freer

Risse is an amazing Astrologer and really knows her stuff! She explains everything in such an easy-to-grasp way that is extremely applicable to your life. She is such a lovely person with a great personality and you can tell she is extremely passionate about astrology and helping people. She also reads tarot cards with outstanding accuracy and is very connected to knowledge in that topic as well. An amazing offering she has that I have not seen before with astrologers I have worked with in the past is Astrocartography. With this unique offering, she looks at different planetary lines and which cities they intersect, thus giving you an accurate description of your relation to various places in the world based on your natal chart. I found this offering to be extremely valuable as she confirmed a lot of my prior intuitions about moving to a different country earlier this year. I could go on about how amazing Risse is but I will leave it at that for now. I can’t recommend her enough and have gotten 3 sessions from her this month of varying topics (natal, Astrocartography, synastry) and she nailed them all 💓 Thank you beautiful Risse for sharing your gifts with the world!

Xena Litia

I have been getting my cards read by clarrisse for a few years now and have always found it a wonderful experience. She has such vast knowledge and experience in tarot readings and she is able to go in depth with each card. I would highly recommend getting your tarot read from Clarrisee for a truly insightful and enjoyable reading!

Fiona Shannon

I just had the most amazing Astral Cartography session from Risse. She is so kind, patient, welcoming and very knowledgeable about ALL things astrology! I’ve just had my reading and am in a pure state of bliss from all the reassurance and helpful information I learned about myself. I feel more confident in my life, my purpose and so much more. Risse was amazing at helping me learn where the majority of my clientele will come from, the best days to be out and about for romance, what I will be healing/focusing on in certain countries around the world. This is super helpful information to show you your most aligned places, people etc. For a 30 minute session, I feel like I’ve gained so much and I feel so blessed to have been introduced to her by my lovely sister. I would HIGHLY recommend Risse to anyone, and her offerings are so amazing and worth every dollar. I know I’ll be back for MANY more sessions. You’ll definitely come out of a session with a big smile and a positive outlook on your life.Thank you doll

An Zoey

I highly recommend making an appointment with Clarisse. She’s strongly intuitive and happy to answer all of your questions concerning the chart. I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and it was really helpful, even though I was familiar with the basics of my chart. Clarisse very perceptive about the details of the chart and eager to drop you any possible hints how to use particular aspects for your best.

Agnieszka Niedźwiadek

Clarisse is so knowledgeable with such a pleasant, comforting energy! After my natal chart reading I have a much better understanding of the aspects in my chart and of myself! She also gave a lot of good advice and was such a pleasure to talk to. 10/10 highly recommend!💖

Victoria Nieves

I highly recommend Clarisse, she is an astrology expert, the way she expresses her knowledge is really sensitive and useful for getting to know yourself better and to have a positive impact in the world, the guidance and advices she gives are amazing in the point of view of emotions, personal development, work, love, relations and a lot of more valuable topics about yourself and which kind of decisions we should take for improving. One day soon I would like to know as much as she knows so then I can help a lot of people. Thanks for your guidance, extremely important and helpful 👌😊

Cristian Beseler

Hi everyone!I have to say that this woman is hands down the best spiritual and astrology advice I’ve had in a long time. To her calming energy and voice to exceptional advice and guidance you will not be disappointed in your reading! BOOK with her ✨♥️

Jessica Reinhardt