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This 4 week live course delves deep into intimate relationships and how astrology can help us understarnd our own selves and our partners better.

Live Course starts June 28th on the New Moon in Cancer


Relations and Intimacy in Astrology

In this 4 week course we take a deep dive into the topics of love and how it connects to astrology.

Astrology can be an amazing tool for self knowledge.

When we get to know ourselves better we can also form better connections with other people.

This course is for single and coupled people who want to get to know their own chart more intimately and in turn - look at how they connect with others in more profound ways.

This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate students of astrology.

This is a hands on schedule. The first week - we go deep into our natal charts and what they mean. The second week focuses on Astrology and Sex. The 3rd week turns to what makes good Synastry and lasting relationships in Astrology and in the 4th week we tie it all together. We will be looking at relationship charts. We will go through some famous examples and also we will look at your charts!

This is a hands on course - with limited availability so that everyone has a chance to ask questions and get individual attention. 

Every class will be recorded and sent after the class so if you can't make it, you can still go at your own pace. You will also receive class notes.Also, I am excited to annouce I am opening enrolment for my Astrolgoy course which focuses on Sex & Relationships. Our individual birth charts speak through the level of sex-love, giving and receiving that we all have the capacity for. This course will teach you how to look both at your your relationship patterns and the patterns of others. It is a 4 week course where we meet for an hour and a half every Thursday. This will be an intimate class where everyone will get the chance to ask questions throughout the lesson.

We meet for 1 hour every Tuesday starting on June 28th on the Cancer New Moon.

Time 9am PST, 12pm EST, 6pm CET 

Our 2nd class July  5th corresponds to the Mars ingress into lusty and physical Taurus 

Our 3rd class July 12th lasting synastry and chemistry in astrology corresponds to the Full Moon in Capricorn - a sign ruled by Saturn and longevity.

Our Final class on July 19th is on the ingress of Mercury into Leo - Mercury in Leo is expansive and deliberate - and this class we will be looking at your charts in astrology.

Investment $300 USD

Early bird price $250 USD (book by May 16th)

You will also get 50% of a 1 hour reading with me (value of $75 dollars) when you join the course.

The reading can be booked in anytime over the next year. You can also choose the gift the reading to someone else.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly

You can read what people say about my course below.

Bojana Djogo  recommends Venus In Retrograde.

I took Clarisse's four week course on Astrology for Intimacy and Relationships, and I couldn’t be more pleased that I did so! Not only is the Clarisse a walking wiki of all things astrology and tarot-related (I’m not exaggerating, her breadth of knowledge is fierce), but she also did a great job of breaking down the subject matter by week, in a way that was intuitive and very easily digestible for a novice like me.

Of course there is enough material on the subject of love and compatibility to spend months and months studying it, but I felt like the course covered just the right amount during the four weeks for me to feel like I advanced my understanding, while not getting too overwhelmed.

Astrology to me can be a fantastic form of therapy, and gaining a deeper insight into the why and how, beyond just the basics that one is told in a reading, provided me with context and clarity that I later realized I very urgently needed.

I’d recommend taking a course with Clarisse to anyone that has an interest in astrology and deepening their knowledge, or to anyone that is on the path of self-discovery and is motivated to understand themselves and the world around them a little better.

Annalysa Wraye 

I had a great experience in Clarisse’s class! She is very knowledgeable about this field and is great at articulating the complexity of her work. It was evident that she put a great deal of time and energy into the course and, as such, I felt that I learned quite a bit! I would highly recommend taking a course with her, as she is truly a wonderful teacher and astrologer—but she’s also very real, authentic, and practical and I love that approach to this work!



Week 1Class 1: The Descednant - who do we attract?

In this class we will go through

The concept of the 7th House of Relationships

7th House Cusp - Who we attract and what are we looking for in a partner 

Signs on the 7th House cusp and Ruling Planets

What are we looking for in a partner?

• The Shadow Defined in Astrological Terms

• Some examples of Natal Shadow

Week 1

The Descendant 

Sexual Attraction and compablitily in Astrology

The roles the various planets play in sex
We will go through in detail what each planets means in domain of sex.
Mercury: mental view of sex, the nervous system within sexual tension
Venus is the affections. The social antennae
Mars, the actual sexual energy, the drive, the conquest, the reaction potential
Jupiter, the need for rewards in sexual experience, the religious dimensions of sex, the philosophy about it
Saturn, the constriction of the sex drive, the discipline within it

Week 2

Sex in Astrology

What makes good synastry?

Soul Mate Astrology & Synastry
What makes intense and lasting chemistry.
Transits of relationships
Marriage indicators 
Why are we attracted to certain people
How to look at what element and aspects work best together
How to look at two charts together and to delineate a consultative approach in a specific sexual and love compatibility reading

Week 3


Relationship Readings 

In the final class we will tie it all together and look at the compositte chart - what it shows and also synastry chart.

In this class - everyone can put forward their own chart - you can put forward your chart with anothers for aynsatyr or your own natal chart to look at your indvidual aspects. Submitting your own chart is optional.

Week 4

Relationship Readings

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