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Are you interested in learning about Astrology and Relationships?


This course will show you the basis of synastry and also looking at the main soul mate indicators in Synastry. This is a practical course which is perfect if you are familiar with some concepts of Astrology but looking to learn more about Synastry and also your own love patterns in your chart.

Class 1: September 7th 12pm EST to 1.15pm EST

Unconscious Relationship Patterns 

Learning how to work with conflicting energies in synastry and how to learn how to break negative patterns in relationship dynamics 


Class 2: September 14th 12pm EST to 1.15pm EST

Venus and Mars - the Cosmic Lovers

Understand the themes these planets embody and how their energies work in synastry. 

Class 3: September 21st 12pm EST to 1.15pm EST

Fated Encounters

Understanding your own North Node and destiny point and how this interacts with another in Synastry


Class 4: September 28th 12pm EST to 1.15pm EST

Saturn: Lasting bonds and the Karmic Teacher

Understanding the karmic nature of Saturn and how to make it work in love

Total price for Course $250 USD

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