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Are you interested in learning about Astrology and Relationships?

💖 Explore Love & Intimacy Through the Stars! 💫

Join us for a 4-week live course in astrology focused on deepening your understanding of love, intimacy, and relationships. We're taking a personalized approach, using real-life chart examples from class participants to make this journey uniquely tailored to you. Uncover the celestial guidance to enhance your romantic connections and forge meaningful bonds. Dive into the cosmic mysteries of the heart with us! 💑✨

📅 Course Duration: 4 Weeks

🌠 Starting Date: [Sunday 29th of October)

🕒 Time: [12pm EST, 9am PST, 6pm CET, 5pm GMT)

📍 Where: Online


Week 1: Love and Your Birth Chart (October 29th)

🌟 Uncover your unique love blueprint encoded in your birth chart.

🌟 Learn how your sun, moon, and rising signs influence your approach to love.

🌟 Decode the Descendant: how we approach relationships


Week 2: Venus: The Planet of Love (November 5th)

❤️ Dive deep into the romantic world of Venus.

❤️ Discover how Venus impacts your love life, attraction, and sensuality.

❤️ Explore your love language through your Venus sign.


Week 3: Synastry and Compatibility (November 12th)

🌠 Understand the art of synastry—how two birth charts interact in a relationship.

🌠 Unveil the dynamics of your current or potential partnerships.

🌠 Learn how to navigate challenges and enhance harmony in your relationships.


Week 4: Timing and Love: The Power of Transits (November 19th)

⏱️ Explore the influence of planetary transits on your love life.

⏱️ Discover auspicious times for dating, commitment, and more.

⏱️ Harness the energy of upcoming transits for personal growth and transformation. 

You will receive

  • Your personalized birth chart emailed to you before the course starts

  • 4 Live interactive sessions

  • In-depth insights into your own birth chart.

  • Practical guidance for improving your relationships.

  • Small intimate classes using participantscharts as examples

  • The chance to ask live questions about your chart

  • Recording of the class

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