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Astrology and colours - find out your lucky match

Did you know that each zodiacal sign has a lucky colour? Astrology and colours - find out your lucky match. As THE UPSIDE unveils this season’s new line, we offer this hue-based horoscope to help you discover which colours connect astrologically to your sign. Whether you're an attention seeking Leo (who loves bold, bright colours), or a practical Capricorn (who values understated tones that bespeak no-frills elegance), read on here, to better “sport your style” with THE UPSIDE’s new collection.

Aries Ruled by heated Mars, Aries (cardinal fire) is the youngest sign of the zodiac—often facing life with no hesitation, they are the most fearless, brave. Go with a high-risk red, so you can rage against the machines at your gym. If you want to tone it down (Aries can be a bit extra sometimes), opt for something softer and sunnier. After all, the Sun is exalted in the Ram. Whether you’re hitting the gym, grabbing your roller-skates or jumping rope – you’ll be burning up one way or another. Suggested Colours: Scarlet, Merlot, Dusk, Cocoa, Sangria

Taurus Low-key Taurus, our fixed-earth sign, is ruled by Venus (whose colours include gold and green). The Bull’s energy is grounded, sensual, but a bit decadent. Align with Taurus and its ruler by focusing on bespoke earth tones–browns or golds, both indicating the rich reserves of Gaia’s (earths) bounty, as well as tying in with your innate grounded spirit. The perfect pairing for Pilates, a walk or slow jog in nature to benefit your body and mind.

Suggested Colours: Golden, Mushroom, Chocolate, Cocoa, Olive, Tan

Gemini Gemini is our mutable air sign, meaning it's the least tethered to the earth and its rules of gravity. Flexibility and adaptability are your superpowers – dance, cycle or run to burn all that energy to bring you back down to earth. Remember, that Mercury (planet of words and chatter) rules the Twins, so make a big statement style-wise with lighter, airy colours, preferably in combination.

Suggested Colours: Sand, Oat, Lagoon, Cocoa, Blossom, Guava

Cancer Sensitive Cancer is ruled by the changeable Moon, whose palette involves whites, pearls, creams, and silvers. Engage with these colours if you’re looking to invite more lunar energy into your life, engage your core with Pilates and Yoga to nurture your sensitive soul. Pay extra attention to the New and Full Moon each month, if you’re looking to align your Upside look to the Stars on these dates.

Suggested Colours: Bone, Tan, Oat, White, Mushroom, Grey Marle

Leo Ruled by the flashy Sun and associated with the solar plexus chakra, align with Leo energy by going bold in orange, gold hues, and yellow. These Sun-tones will not only call attention to yourself (which showy Leos, of course, love) but they will also lift the energy of those in your orbit. Shine on Leo, your love of the stage and a spotlight is why a dance or Ballet Barre class is right up your alley. Suggested Colours: Tangelo, Golden, Guava, Sangria, Dusk, Cocoa

Virgo No matter if it's for a Pilates class or beachfront stroll, Virgo is always immaculately put together. Ruled by detailed-oriented Mercury (the fussy Tom Ford of the planets), you can align with this mutable earth sign by keeping it understated in darker tones, like rich browns or black. But Virgo’s mutability also invites you to add a bit of dynamic colour to give movement to your ensemble.

Suggested Colours: Chocolate, Cocoa, Mushroom, Washed Black, Bone, Tan

Libra Libra is our cardinal air sign and ruled by sweet Venus. In this regard, think about the soft, pink heights of sunset or sunrise for your palette, or the majestic tracery of coral reefs. Because Libra is symbolised by the scales, balance out these softer tones with an airy blue. Extra points if you “sport your style” on Fridays, which represents Venus’s spot on the calendar. In the mood for a workout Libra? As the ultimate partnering sign, team up with another person and anything goes.

Suggested Colours: Peony, Guava, Blossom, Sand, Mist, Lagoon

Scorpio As our fixed water sign, you can best align with Scorpio energy by going blue. But not any blue will do. No, no. Scorpio is by far our most intense energy, meaning that gentle, soft, or pastel hues have no place here. Only fierce tones, please. Of course, Scorpio is our most occult sign, as well, so layer up with a bit of black magic. Looking for some physical activities to wear your new get-up? Try some slow jogging, or yoga combined with meditation as some ways to get the kinks out this quarter.

Suggested Colours: Azure, Navy, Washed Black, Slate, Black, Indigo

Sagittarius Sagittarius is mutable fire, betokening an extrovert, free-wheeling sign. Given all this outward energy, it’s essential to wear fiery colours to match your personality. All shades of amber and dark red are good for you. Because Sadge is mutable, though, make sure you have a couple looks layered up in case you change your mind. Sadge get moving with some hiking, rock climbing, canoeing–anything that will keep you in locomotion–are good.

Suggested Colours: Merlot, Dusk, Pink Clay, Sand, Cocoa, Sangria

Capricorn Capricorn, our cardinal earth sign, is ruled by Saturn, a planet always associated with black. Warm up this Saturnal sable with greys and browns (earthy tones aligned with Capricorn’s element). But also always keep in mind the immortal words of Nathan Lane in “The Birdcage” (1996): “One does want a hint of colour.” The subtler the better for Capricorn: a discreet blue, nothing shocking. For Goats like to feel the earth beneath their feet try hiking or jogging, both activities allow you to set your own rhythm.

Suggested Colours: Olive, Mushroom, Slate, Chocolate, Navy, Mist

Aquarius Aquarians can be perplexing creatures. Their symbol is the Waterbearer, but they are our fixed air sign. Ruled by Saturn (whose colour is black), Aquarius energy reminds one of cold distant stars in midnight blue skies. Its palette, then, cooler blues and black, arctic white. Think: Stockholm, not Rio. Objectively driven, the quarter look to create your own workout regime – mix it up at the gym or switch it up between cardio and strength training with running and Pilates.

Suggested Colours: Lagoon, White, Mist, Indigo Marle, Black Pisces Just like the ever-changing surf, Pisces is our mutable water sign. Ruled by excessive Jupiter, more is always better for the Fishes. Accordingly, layer up in cascades of colour. While blues, blues and more blues are especially catnip for you, Pisces has no boundaries. The Rainbow Trout of North America, in all its polychrome majesty, should be your model here, Fishes. Water activities are the obvious choice for the Fish so swimming, rowing, or surfing might appeal. Hate water? Run or walk along a pretty beach.

Suggested Colours: Navy, Lagoon, Azure, Bone, Slate, Indigo Marle


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