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Leo Season 2023 - your guide to the main dates for Image Magazine

Perhaps the most famous example of Leo energy is Madonna (not the Virgin Mother, but the pop star). Born right in the middle of Leo season, Madge realised long ago that “image is everything,” a slogan that perfectly captures the sign of the Lion, too.

Indeed, Leo is our most showy (and publicity-hungry) character in the Zodiac. As such, it’s the one, in my humble opinion, that feels most aligned to our current TikTok moment, where virality, the hottest commodity in our new attention economy, motivates kids to do the darndest things in increasingly desperate attempts for clicks, likes, ad-dollars, validation, whatever.

But, let’s not be prisoners of this moment–or get all curmudgeonly about it either. Exhibitionists have always been around–because, well, if you believe in astrology, the sign of Leo has always been around, suffusing our world with a showy grandiosity, which derives from the fact that it’s our one sign ruled by the regal Sun.

In astrology, the Sun stands for the Self, appearance, social position, public persona, and, for better or worse, ego. It represents how we seem to others. And because it rules over Leo, we tend to find that those born under this sign are aglow in sun-kissed charisma. People respond more to the dramatic gestures of Leo than, say, the more quiet and private emotionality of Cancers.

Our first piece of advice for this season, then: be a bit more Leo. Is it time for a promotion at work? Strut into your job, set up a meeting with your boss, and be bold (which fortune favours). Or maybe think about entertaining: have people over–or take people out. You’d be surprised by the perks that could come your way via this kind of networking.

But the second bit of advice arises as a kind of corrective to the first bit: don’t be too Leo. The Sun, as we’ve noted, symbolises ego. Leo season, therefore, could really influence us to go full Donald Trump, where everything becomes about us. Leo is not the sign that listens quietly at the dinner table. It wants to talk, talk, talk. And perform. And shine. But too much shine, like too much Sun, can burn. Make sure you’ve got some sun-block (that is, humble self-awareness) over the next few weeks.

Now, with this general astro-context in mind, let’s look at a few of the most important transits of the season.

On July 22nd, Venus goes retrograde. During a retrograde, a planet appears to be moving backward in the sky relative to us on earth. Whenever this happens, that planet’s influence gets wonky or weird. Since Venus rules over love and beauty, expect July 22nd not to be a good one for these things. If you have a haircut appointment (or any cosmetic procedure scheduled), try to pick another time. Likewise, this isn’t a strong night for a first date (or any romantic endeavour, for that matter). Stay inside and watch “Sleepless In Seattle” instead.

We have a potent day for writing and/or editing on July 28th, when Mercury, the planet of communication, enters into Virgo, one of the signs it rules (Gemini being the other). When a planet is at “home” (as Mercury will be in the Maiden), its powers get supercharged. Expect to be extra analytical and clear in your thinking and prose. It’s an ideal moment for writing personal statements for law school or putting some zing into the language of your marketing campaign.

And what about this season’s lunar cycles?

Well, there’s a Full Moon in Aquarius on August 1st. This isn’t a lovey-dovey Moon, at all, however. Why? Aquarius is ruled by strict Saturn (cold, dry, always frowning). The Moon (emotion, intuition) doesn’t do well in this sign, therefore. This could be a transit where we feel distant from a help-mate. “I need some space” might be the motto of this Full Moon. Thankfully, it’s a brief lunation.

Finally, we have the New Moon in Leo on August 16th. This is a much better transit than the Full Moon. Leo, as we’ve seen, likes to put things on display. Here, we have a perfect night for a bit of pomp and circumstance, regarding romance. Write a song or a poem for a beloved, or go out to dinner and serenade them to “That’s Amore.”


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