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July Horoscopes

Your July horoscopes have arrived: Here’s what’s in store for the month ahead

Until July 22nd, we swim through Moon-ruled Cancer, whose symbol is the Crab, whose element is water, whose energy is maternal, and whose keyword is care. This should be a time of heightened sensitivity and more private concerns. Indeed, Cancer presides over the Home sector of our charts. As such, we may be pulled toward evenings alone or with friends and family. This season betokens a few weeks of staying in our comfort zone. We may also cry more about… anything really. That’s classic Cancer: lots of tears. On the 22nd, this internal, maternal, and nocturnal energy will shift into something more external, paternal, and diurnal. Why? Leo season. The Sun (somewhat weak in Cancer) will gladly step into the Big Cat, the sign it rules with relish. Leo’s energy is regal, its element is fire, its modality is fixed (meaning it wants all eyes fixed on it). Rather than the home, Leo’s reign suggests the stage and embracing your inner, bigger personality.


Until July 10th, your ruling planet, aggro Mars, jets through Leo, where it activates your Fun and Romance zone. What’s more, Planet Troublemaker will be co-present with Venus (which has its “joy” in this part of the chart). These two planets in the Fun House can influence us to get up to mischief. There’s nothing wrong with that. Use the first ten days of the month to be out, to flirt, to experience some late nights out on the dancefloor at Club Paradise (every town seems to have one). Being a bit rambunctious around romance stems from the influence of bad boy Mars on Venus. On July 10th, however, Planet War moves into sturdy Virgo and your House of Routine. Mars has its “joy” here – and the advice during such transits is to get your “To Do” lists ready and attack them with vigour. Play hard to start the month, but work hard for the rest of it.


Your ruling planet, ritzy Venus, does a volte face, when it starts a month-long retrograde on July 22nd in Leo. Before this transit, however, it will be relaxed and comfortable in the Home section of your chart. Venus moves quickly, but it doesn’t like to work hard. The leisurely (some would say lazy) part of your nature derives from this aspect of Venus. When Planet Love is ensconced in the Home zone, it’s particularly prone to make you lie prone, to sit back, to eat chocolates, to rustle about in silk lingerie. A desire to bring love to the home (and to make love in it) could be heightened during the first three weeks of July. The retrograde alters this comfort zone. Restlessness around the home could result. Among other things, this is not a transit for home projects (minor or major). Wait until September to beautify the domicile (for Venus will be in this part of your chart until October).


If your ruling planet, chatty Mercury, were a guitar player, it would be all up and down the fretboard this month, showing off with dazzling speed its fingerwork. It passes through three signs in July (!). This kind of speed deeply gratifies your mutable air nature. But we must attend to the subtle variations of Mercury, as it transits each sign. Until the 11th, for example, it moves through caring Cancer, where Mercury will energise your Money zone. This could be a moment for purchases of sentimental value – or communication expressed through gifts to people in your past. On the 10th, Mercury then crosses Leo (and your Communication sector). Here, a super strong indication for grandiose social media displays or self-obsessed auto-biographical narration (watch out, friends of Gemini). Leo+Communication zone+Mercury=social media blitz, for example. Finally, Planet Messenger moves into Virgo, where it will power your 4th House of Home. Mercury loves being in the Maiden, where it can express itself through acts of service.


For better or worse, Cancer’s nature is known to nurture. Not to get too gendered, but it’s more maternal, as opposed to, say, the patriarchal BBQ energy of Leo. This is all to say that when Cancer has the Sun in its 1st House of Self (as is the case until July 22nd), this sensitive Moon-ruled sign gets a bit confused. The Crab is for the privacy of home, for the primacy of the hearth, for the lowkey comforts of giving, not receiving; for the hard work of sacrificing, rather than asserting. But assert you must, Crab. Why? The Sun, with its big brash light, is calling attention to your Ego zone, a place for voicing your desires, for showing off your birthday gifts. Your emotional IQ, always high, could also jump a few points over the next few weeks, meaning anticipate extra sensitivity to perceived slights. Speak up about your feelings, though. Be direct, rather than sidewinding. On July 22nd, the Sun moves into Leo, where it will light up your Money zone. This is a transit for eyeing (and buying) something showy for the home.


An interesting month for you. Until July 22nd, the Sun (your ruler) is unhappy in the 12th House, a shady spot on the chart, dealing with secrets, soul-searching, introversion. All of these 12th House characteristics clearly oppose your extrovert nature. While normally, you would be a bit bummed over the next few weeks, this year you thankfully have lovely Venus and chatty Mercury in your Selfhood zone. This more auspicious placement should have a countervailing impact on the Sun’s dicey aspect. Mercury (speech) and Venus (love) betoken increased self-esteem. You don’t really need more of that, Big Cat, but when the Sun is a very hidden part of your chart, you will welcome this hearty Venus+Mercury placement. On July 22nd, the bright light of the Sun emerges from the shadows of the 12th House and activates your Selfhood zone. Here you regain your throne, sun-crown upon your head, diamonds on the soles of your shoes. Self-confidence will be brimming. Ask for that raise at work.


Divide your month into three acts. Why? Because Mercury, your ruling planet, is quite busy in July, dashing between no less than three signs. During Act One, Mercury crosses through nostalgic Cancer until July 11. With chatty Mercury there, you could find yourself reaching out to random old high school friends on social media in an effort to regain some connection, through communication, to the past, youth, hope. Act Two: Mercury moves into larger-than-life Leo. If Act One pertained to emotional, nostalgic forms of expression, Mercury-in-Leo suggests words that call attention to the Self: increased urge for grandiose social media presence, say. And then, on July 28th, in preparation for August, Mercury moves into your sign, where it loves to be. This should be a very auspicious time, where your communication will be supercharged. Here, we have a form of expression that’s decidedly less grandiose than Leo. Instead, Mercury-in-Virgo: editing, outlining, finding the perfect three words for a marketing pitch. Less is often more with this transit.


Venus, your ritzy ruler, camps out all month in your Friendship zone. Until the 22nd, you could be feeling deeper bonds with friends rather than those of romantic affiliation. Beware of tension between a jealous partner and your friend group, due to your increased attention to the latter. On the 22nd, a tone shift due to a pretty big, five week Venus retrograde in your Friendship zone, which lasts until early September. Where friendships looked especially strong at the start of the month, they look a bit wobbly to finish it. This wonky Venus transit could have you feeling up and down about groups and affiliations. Connections can get discombobulated during these Venus cycles. While most everyone might be feeling the retrograde somewhat, your sign is particularly sensitive to the peregrinations of Planet Love. As such, indecision about partners and partnerships and friends may be exacerbated. What to do? Look to a different part of the chart for solace. On the same day Venus goes retrograde, the Sun enters regal Leo – the place it most loves to shine - this a reminder to focus on yourself and your own recognition. Ditch your friends to focus on work – Leo energy is all about advancement.


Belligerent Mars, your ruler, begins the month in fiery Leo, which is a fixed sign. That means your obsessive nature will be even more obsessive. Seeing that all of this energy will be highlighting your House of Career until July 10th, the astrological advice seems clear: attack work projects. Leo craves validation, so you might be needing more of it, too, over the next week and half at work. The way to get it: outperform everyone with a Mars-like warrior mindset. The point is: be intense at work to start July. On the 10th, Mars burns brightly in Virgo, a sign that likes to fault-find, as do you. Hotheaded Mars+fussy Virgo+your obsessive nature=a tough time to be your friend for the remainder of the month. I can imagine lots of bickering about group dynamics. Maybe opt out of big get togethers for a bit.


Until July 22nd, the Cancer Sun highlights your Intimacy zone. To align with this particular solar energy, keep in mind that it's primarily maternal and involves self-sacrifice (Cancer tends to give up its own desires for others). In contrast to self-sacrifice, you tend toward self-indulgence. But here the Cosmos is saying to be more Cancerian over the next few weeks. Try getting beyond narrow self-interests in order to arrive at real intimacy with another. On the 22nd, the Sun then ambles into Leo (the sign it rules). This is where the Sun is most powerful–and it will be lighting up your zone of Travel and Learning. Leo wants attention, so work to align with it by engaging in activities that show off skill or knowledge. Don’t hide your talents under a bushel: Leo energy needs recognition.


Partnerships and Intimacy are the order of the month for you, Goat. To wit: the emotional Cancer Sun energises your Relationship zone for the first three weeks of July. Take this time to focus on showing a bit more softness toward those around you, particularly as it relates to business partners and long-term significant others. You are Saturn-ruled and can be, no doubt, distant, but Cancer requires closeness. Show you care to a partner–not that you’re merely cutting and pasting sentiments scrolled from Chat GPT prompts. Rather: unique, bespoke connection. On July 22nd, the relationship game gets deeper, in a way, when the boisterous Leo Sun highlights your Intimacy zone. While this is a private part of the chart (connected, as it is, to sex and to private parts), Leo is an exhibitionist sign. Explore new showy kinks in the boudoir, role play, dress up, Leo energy is all about giving a big performance. This might not suit your Goat-nature – but intimacy isn’t about comfort. It’s about discomfort.


For the next few weeks, the restorative Cancer Sun lights up your Health and Wellness zone, marking a transit perfect for nourishing the body with good diet and exercise. Of course, maintaining a strong health regimen is tough (what with all that Vanilla affogato and almond-anise biscotti tempting us after Tagliatelle verdi, morels and parmesan). But you have the cosmic gift of Cancerian self-care activated over the next few weeks to make such maintenance more manageable. While Cancer points to a kind of emotional excess at times, it is not inclined toward physical excess in the way that we might find with Taurus. The main thing for you during this transit: get out of your Aquarius head and into a health routine that allows for emotional release. Nightswimming, hatha yoga. On the 22nd, the Sun heads into Leo (the sign it loves most and rules). This extra strong placement will be activating your Relationship zone: attention and generosity will be given and received in equal measure.


The Cancer Sun powers up your Fun and Romance zone for the first three weeks of July. You share many similarities with the Crab, especially your heightened sensitivity. This means that you both tend to connect with partners, the world, and friends in ways that may puzzle, say, the hyper rational Aquarius or Capricorn. Those signs are linear. You and Pisces textural. Romance and fun, accordingly, are more tactile and immersive: landscapes, seascapes, artscapes. Avoid loud spaces, crowded spaces. Romance will reside in the interstices that purport to describe it. On July 22nd, your Health and Wellness sector gets activated, as the Sun enters Leo (fixed fire). This placement could bring heat and concentration to your workout routine – you can be meandering. Leo, on the other hand, will help provide focus.


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