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New Moon in Leo July 28th/29th 2022

Usually with a Leo New Moon (LNM), we would be telling you to seek a bit of good-natured attention in order to feel emotionally "seen" by friends, lovers, or family. Indeed, Leo season is showy. For better or worse, it’s a time to put ourselves out on display. While the Leo Sun loves this kind of spectacle for its own sake, the Leo Moon requires further validation. Clicks, shares, likes, comments, praises–these are all catnip around the LNM, which can be a somewhat needy transit.

This particular lunation, however, is more complex than usual–and the advice surrounding it has less to do with seeking ephemeral or virtual acknowledgments and more to do with self-validation. Why so?

In the early morning hours on the 29th July, the LNM joins the Sun to form an auspicious trine (or 120 degree angle) with expansive Jupiter. If combative squares between planets, are said to be ruled by bellicose Mars, trines are said to be of Jupiter’s very nature. That means this lunation appears to be benefitting from a double dose of Planet Luck-giver energy: more Leo charisma, warmth, vitality, rewards, and emotional recognition. On paper, this Leo New Moon looks great.

But always remember to read the astrological fine print: Jupiter stations retrograde a few hours after the New Moon. Retrogrades are said to pervert or debilitate a planet. Rather than expansion, therefore, we will be experiencing a reversed, introspective Jupiter. In the context of this lunation, the Luck-giver is saying something like: “friends, it’s time to stop looking outward for emotional validation on this New Moon (and beyond).”

Implicit in this advice is a notion of self-reliance. This makes additional sense when we consider that Jupiter’s retrograde occurs in fiery Aries, which is perhaps the most self-sufficient sign of the Zodiac. Though no doubt selfish, the Ram can never be called needy (unlike the LNM). This Jupiter-in-Aries aspect with the New Moon is basically nudging us to become more autonomous, especially around Leo themes (validation, creativity, awards, honours).

All of this boils down to us taking time to think about internal vs. external rewards and motivation. Instead of reaching for your phone to attempt another viral video for some likes, take this complex Jupiter retro/Leo New Moon to like yourself. Talk with a friend to gain emotional insight rather than scouring your analytics for “insights.” Avoid pics of you “dining” or “shopping.” Maybe instead just dine and shop, with no eye toward the gaze of the Other.

As is always the case with transits, some signs will be feeling this Leo New Moon more than others. If you have a fire sign Sun, Moon, or Rising, expect a natural capacity for the kinds of validation we have been speaking of. The worry for your signs, however, is that you might be too self-motivated, which, with Jupiter retrograding, can take the form of putting excessive pressure on yourself to achieve, win, succeed. Beware of burnout around the LNM.

If Aries, Sadge, and Leo will naturally align with this LNM, other signs might have to work a bit more to act in line with our self-validation theme. Think about getting into a creative space. Drawsome pictures rather than taking pics. The fear during Leo is season and beyond is that you may start to sound like TikTok influencer Alex Warren: “My absolute high is when posting. Once I have a video go up, it's literally the best feeling in the world. And it's like that every single time that I upload." Yikes.

Here’s a different thought to keep in mind: The wonderful Irish poet W.B. Yeats said that the purpose of education isn’t to fill a pail but to light a fire. Take this to heart lest we become empty pails.


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