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Taurus Season Horoscopes

Welcome to Taurus season. Due to the fixed nature of this sign, you might be feeling a little more stubborn than usual over the next month. A slightly more positive way of putting it: you may be ultra-convinced that your decisions are the right ones. Either way, flexibility is not in the bull’s nature – but loyalty, steadiness, and providing a sense of calm and security are. Try, therefore, to surround yourself with the familiar rather than the new-fangled over the next few weeks. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, Taurus season could also have you feeling more decadent and sensual. Remember, too, that the bull is an earth sign – it enjoys material over spiritual things. As such, you might find yourself inclined toward self-indulgent spending and more prone to lying prone (a somewhat self-indulgent use of time). All in all, think of this as a slow-motion month (you can put your life on fast forward next season, when we enter into Gemini, our most hyper-speed sign). 


With the steady Taurus sun lighting up your selfhood sector, connect to a more terrestrial way of life during your season. This isn’t the time for abstract life planning, or philosophical hair-splitting about the eternal tensions between freedom and equality. Rather, the advice here is to stay grounded, literally. No crazy trips by plane; no psychedelic cosmonautical vision quests. Leave all the mystical stuff to Pisces, or to witchy-woo Scorpio, and enjoy a month of (vegan) burgers with fries and beer on the couch or walks in the woods. 


The Taurus sun will be transiting your zone of the unconscious this month. Some call this area of the chart the sanctuary. Others, the house of self-undoing. Regardless, your flighty nature doesn’t like it. Why? It has to do with repose, withdrawal and reflection, whereas you want to be out in the world, starting trouble. But the stars are clear: not so fast. Time to slow down, twins. With this introspective transit, your social life might seem somewhat hollow over the next few weeks. Explore imaginative worlds instead: film, literature, The Epic Of Gilgamesh… Don’t fret: things pick up for you when the sun passes into your self-hood zone next season.    


There’s an old song that children used to sing in school. It went: ‘make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.’ But with the loyal Taurus sun activating your friendship zone, the following lyrics might apply more this month: ‘Hang out with old friends, not the new, they don’t know you, and they never really will.’ This is a month for doing stuff with people you can trust. Taurus energy is all about habits, comforts and the secret thrill of routines. You can return to the flighty friendships with the advent of glib Gemini in a few weeks. 


The Taurus sun is lighting up your career sector this season. Rather than being all restless about your job this month, consider that the bull is about enjoying the ride. Why not keep this in mind? Appreciate the commute on the loud and crowded morning train, which you block out with a fantastic podcast on some overly obscure topic. Meet deadlines for your frantic boss, then go for a beer after work with some colleagues at the pub, playing Led Zeppelin IV too loudly. If after a month of this, you still want to make a change, go for it.  


You and Taurus share an element (earth), but you’re different in modality. The bull is fixed, whereas you’re mutable and always attending to practical matters. With the slow-going Taurus sun lighting up your travel sector, however, think about taking a time-out and going somewhere close to nature. Woods, hills, meadows (all bespeaking earth energy) should trump water destinations, though a little weekend cottage in Ireland overlooking the ocean would work, too. 


The sensual Taurus sun lights up your intimacy zone. Sounds sexy. But this part of the chart also has to do with taxes and shared finances, which doesn’t sound sexy at all. The stars seem to be saying: choose your adventure. Are you going to be focusing on satin sheets or spreadsheets? Taurus energy is about endurance, which could be great for trysts lasting deep into the evening or for poring over budgets until midnight. Another reason to bring up finances: you’ve got a Full Moon in your money zone on April 23rd – there could be some unexpected fiscal turbulence around then. 


You and the bull sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel, but you do share one thing in common: you’re both fixed signs. You can get obsessive, whereas Taurus can be stubborn. With the sun highlighting your relationship zone this season, you could be extra difficult to deal with when it comes to professional or romantic partnerships. Avoid (or at least be aware of) the potential for fixating on the faults of another, while insisting on the pristine blamelessness of your own actions. A far better cosmic path to take: providing security and comfort for a partner


The Taurus sun is lighting up your health and diet zone. The bull can be indulgent, so balance is key this month. Left to its own devices, Taurus can lead you toward the ignoble ease of watching YouTube videos of people working out, rather than working out yourself. You may also be drawn to overly rich food this season. While you shouldn’t resist these kinds of indulgences, keep in mind that Taurus is also about endurance. Long jogs or walks, for example, can help you enjoy the decadence that comes with Taurus season, but without the guilt of not being active enough.  


Your fun and creativity sector will be activated by the somewhat decadent Taurus sun this month. The bull isn’t about nights filled with antics, though. Align with its energy, instead, by surrounding yourself in the velvet surroundings of a speakeasy. Besides, bespoke experiences like these dovetail more with your own sophisticated nature. Ultimately, you and the bull both share the same earth element, valuing the finer things more than spiritual life. Be out and about over the next month, but keep it elegant – leave the large Margaritas for Sagittarius. 


You and Taurus are both fixed signs. Where you can get stuck in your head, the bull can get stuck on the couch, eating chocolate ice cream. This ice-cream-loving fixed energy will be lighting up the home zone of your chart this month. Meg Ryan rom-com marathon, delivery apps, mid-afternoon naps in your oldest sweatpants alert. But perhaps ‘alert’ isn’t the right word. Rather, it could be that you need this Taurus homebody energy in your life at the moment, dear water bearer. So, turn off your alarm clock as much as possible this season. 


The slow and indulgent Taurus sun highlights the communication sector of your chart this season. This isn’t a month for writing rapid-fire memos or engaging in witty repartee. Another reason for this: Mercury is going into retrograde at the beginning of Taurus season. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for delays in communication. That means you have a lot of turbulence in your chart when it comes to words. Advice: start writing your Christmas notes now. 


By all accounts you’re a rash sign. If you had, say, the swashbuckling Sagittarius sun transiting your money zone this month, we would be worried for you. But, luckily, the cosmos is in a kind mood. Why? Because the steady Taurus sun passes through the financial part of your chart until late May. Taurus likes fancy things – no doubt – but it’s not a reckless sign. As such, this should be a season for you to think about what you want to invest your time and money in, rather than going into a full financial feeding frenzy. Work with the cosmos, since it’s working with you, in terms of this grounding Taurus placement.  


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