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November Horoscopes for RUSSH magazine

If Libra season was about finding just measure, the month of Scorpio tends to tip the scales that Libra tries so hard to balance. Indeed excess and intensity mark both your nature and your season—no Libra compromises or sunny Sagittarius optimism here. While always a time of frisson for you, much of November will feel particularly extreme this year, as your ruling planet, cutting Mars, joins the Sun in your 1st House of Self, Identity, and Ego on the 31st of October. With malefic Mars combusting in your 1st House, its war-like nature, usually doing battle with other aspects of your chart, will turn its sharpness toward you. Expect interior strife and harsh self-assessment. This season could also be a tough time for relationships. Mars likes to go at things alone—it is the field general, striking out pell mell into battle. Its placement in your 1st House could have you, therefore, wishing to sally forth without the support of your beloved. A particularly testy day to be aware of in this regard: the Full Moon on the 19th in your 7th House of Partnerships. Full Moons indicate culminations and endings. This Moon in your Partnership House, coupled with Mars in your 1st, might pull you toward vainglorious thoughts of freedom and independence. Resist Mars’ recklessness though. Do not hoist yourself on your own petard and blow up something lasting in love. The Sun shifts into more optimistic Sagittarius on the 22nd and your darker ruminations will lighten forthwith.

Your cavalier nature, always galloping and questing, like some gallant medieval knight, will encounter muddy terrain for much of the month, as the Sun lays low in your 12th House of the Unconscious, Secrets, and Hidden Enemies until the 22nd of November. This 12th House solar transit is the symbolic dark before the bright dawn of one’s season. It is a time of introspection and elusive meanings. While, say, Cancer or Scorpio is happy in this watery realm, the Archer’s quick-changing, fiery, extroverted, and trailblazing nature takes little pleasure and indeed much discomfiture here. But, even though you will not feel at ease for the first three weeks of November, there is a lesson to be learned. The 12th House asks you to operate on the level of intuition and feeling rather than intellect and sense-making, both of which can be limiting. In other words, it asks you to pull back your bow so that you can release arrows of intention with full force once the Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd. If you use this inward 12th House transit to experience what you’re really feeling about work, romance, and home, you will emerge into your season rested and ready to gallivant again in high swaggering summer style, sun glinting off your Archer’s bow.


The Scorpio Sun is not like other suns. If it shines brightly, it is not so much to illuminate as to interrogate. Until the 22nd of November, this Sun will train its Scorpionic fluorescence on your 11th House of Friendships and Networking. Cutting Mars will also be transiting the 11th House all month, along with Mercury, the Messenger, which joins on the 5th. Harsh communication with Friends could be a problem here (Mars+Mercury+11th House). Another potential pitfall: your nature is shrewd and calculating, but with this Sun-in-Scorpio and Mars placement, you could come across as a bit obsessive around the speech of friends, holding things they say against them. On November 5th, Venus enters into your sign for an extended 5 month hiatus due to a long, rare retrograde beginning in December. The beginnings of longer transits are galvanised moments, meant to look at the relation between planet and house. In your case, money and love (Venus) and their connection to your 1st House of Self, Ego, Identity will be prominent themes. So, starting on the 5th, think about romance: do you need more or less of it? More space or intimacy? Venus, of course, also deals with Money—a topic dear to your nature. Pose similar questions here—but do so with nuance. Don’t ask: do I need more money or less of it? Instead: should I show increased altruism (spend money on family trips, dinners with friends, a home with my dearest)? Or is it time to splurge on yourself—a car, a watch, a vacation to Santiago (the air is so crisp this time of year)?


The first few weeks of this month could get volatile at work, as the Sun lights up vengeful Scorpio and your 10th House of Career and Public Self. Not only that: Malefic Mars, which rules Scorpio, camps out all November in the 10th House, too. You’re usually the coolest one around the water cooler at the office, but all this Scorpio and Mars energy will make work-life extra combustible. Be careful not to vent to colleagues about your irritations with the top brass, especially around the 10th of November. On that day, Mars “squares” your ruling planet,ornery Saturn. A “square” occurs when two planets are 90 degrees apart from each other on the Zodiac wheel. Squares create tensions and strife. Saturn loves mischief and Mars trouble and war. What this means for you: stay away from any public forum, as these two Malefic planets, in deep tension with each other, but also within you, can wreak havoc in your 1st House of Ego and the related 10th House of Career and Public Self. No twitter diatribes, FB screeds, or online rants (even if the spirit moves you). Instead try to keep it Aquarius cool—which is your nature, after all. On the 22nd, the Sun shifts into optimistic Sagittarius season and your 11th House of Friendship. Magnanimous Jupiter rules the Archer and is said to have its “joy” in the 11th. Luck, bounty, and fun will characterize this transit. With the great communicator, Mercury, entering your 11th House on the 24th, as well, you will be waxing poetic with friends, which will come as a welcomed relief from the frustrations of Scorpio season.


While many other signs will feel the sting of Scorpio season in their work, personal, or home life for much of the month, your intuitive, watery, and sensitive nature actually blends well with the deeper, more witchy aspects of the Scorpio Sun, which highlights your 9th House of Learning, Travel, and Knowledge until the 22nd. Interestingly, the 9th House also relates to documents (official or otherwise) so this three week November jag could be a time to combine the intuitive energies of Scorpio and your own nature to sign up or apply for some new career path or adventure. The 9th House, after all, does not always need to deal with literal travel. It can refer to symbolic or professional journeys, just as much. Take the next three weeks to research into a new field of study in line with a passion or talent. What is envisioned in the 9th House gets grounded later on in the 10th House of Career and Public Self—and, fittingly, on the 22nd, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius season and your 10th. The kinds of intuitions you have about your life path to start the month could find realisation in a new public or professional persona--the Sun in the 10th is about being noticed by others. Mercury, which governs communication and commerce, will also be there on the 24th, suggesting clarity of speech and precision in action around business endeavours.


Both your ruling planet, hot-headed Mars, and the Scorpio Sun will be transiting your 8th House of Sex, Death, Intimacy, and Transformation until the 22nd of November. Prepare for a lot of libidinal intensity. Why? For one, according to medical astrology, Scorpio rules over the genitals. So, there’s that. And the Scorpio Sun transiting your 8th House of Sex doubles the dose of eros. With testy Mars co-present, however, expect tensions with partners: the 8th forces us to deal with intimacy, emotion, proximity--all things the Ram would rather avoid. Do not be surprised, therefore, by beaucoup arguments and amorous rapprochements until the Sun shifts to Sagittarius and your 9th House of Travel on the 22nd. If the first part of the month might feel claustrophobic--all steamy sauna vibes fraught with sexual tensions--the end of the month turns to the open space of the 9th House and the broader world. Plan a trip with a friend to get some air.


The Sun-in-Scorpio can be obsessive and fixated on things better left dormant. Be aware of this, as the Sun will be putting its spotlight on your 7th House of Partnerships until the 22nd of November. On the one hand, the Sun-in-Scorpio can provide you the kind of painstaking focus to get through a project with your business partner. On the other, it could galvanise your nature--already, at times, stubborn--to dig into a point of contention with a spouse or close associate at work, much to the chagrin of those around you. Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees during this transit. On the 22nd of November, the Sun shifts into your 8th House of Sex, Death, Transformation, and Shared Finances. This can be a time of secrets for the Bull, believing that you are acting in the shadows, unnoticed by the outside world. If you feel the need for deception and legerdemain, however, watch some magician’s tricks on youtube rather than embezzle company funds or family jewels.


There is nothing like the strangeness of Scorpio season to spice up the soporific 6th House of Routine, where the Sun will be highlighting your chart until the 22nd. The Stinger tends to make everything a bit more weird--even the daily grind--so embrace its influence. Get a bit obsessive about your work or your workout routines. See where the witchiness goes. Scorpio digs deep and gets fixated on things, like reaching workout or workplace goals. On the 22nd, the spell of Scorpio ends. The Sun shifts to your 7th House of Partnerships, where Sagittarius season will have you feeling more optimistic about where things are going with your significant other, if you weren’t already in that frame of mind.


Love (or lust) is in the air, little crab. A New Moon in your 5th House of Romance, Fun, Pleasure, and Creativity on November 4th suggests a new amorous beginning, perhaps. It also suggests a time of high fertility, so keep that in mind, if you paint the town red. Seeing that the 5th House deals with creativity, you can also think of this New Moon as a moment to conceive ideas (not just children). Welcome, therefore, fertile thoughts and put pen to paper on the 4th. While the Moon will be in the 5th for one magical night, the libidinal Sun-in-Scorpio will be camped there until the 22nd. All of this is to say that if you’ve been in your shell of late, the cosmos is saying it’s time to crawl out and shake what your mother gave you this November. When the Sun shifts into your 6th House of Routine on the 22nd, it’s back to spreadsheets rather than satin ones.


Your November will be bookended by extroversion and fun, but the middle two weeks of the month will be tinted by domestic hues--like Manor House gray or moody Hague blues. Until the 5th, Venus is transiting your 5th House of Fun, Pleasure, Romance, Creativity, and Taverns. This is Venus’s favourite spot to disport--it is said to have its “joy” there. Be out and about during these five days--dating, dallying, dining. The end of the month, likewise, will be a time for diversion. The Sun shifts on the 22nd into Sagittarius and your 5th House gets activated again. Sadge and Leo get along like two Rock Stars, so indulge in some excess. In between the 5th and 22nd, life will be less Rock, more crock-pot, with the Sun in your 4th House of Home and Venus in your 6th House of Routine. Take these two weeks to beautify your hearth in some way.


An auspicious New Moon on the 4th of November transits your 3rd House of Communication, Brethren, and Short Journeys, betokening a busy month. The Moon, after all, is the planet of the short trip, trekking quickly, as it does, through the Zodiac each night. As such, it finds an especial sympathy with the 3rd House, and, when it is new there, it is said to infuse the month with extra vigour and an increase in pursuits, schemes, and enterprises. In your case, activities around Communication will predominate November and it is here that you should focus attention. Indeed both the Sun and your ruling planet, quicksilver Mercury, occupy the 3rd House for much of the month. Mercury has been in retrograde, but now it will move at high speed. If you have been dallying on deadlines or avoiding talks or missives related to work or family life, you will now find sufficient strength of purpose and clarity of speech to communicate thoughts, concerns, opinions, or other such issues of like persuasion.


Your ruling planet, diamond-clad Venus, enters your 4th House of Home, Security, Father, Lineage, Hidden Treasures, and Ancient Fields on November 5th, where it will stay for 5 months. The beginnings of longer transits like this one are galvanised moments, meant to look at the relation between planet and house. In your case, money and love (Venus) and their connection to the 4th (home, father, lineage) will be prominent themes. Venus relishes being in this domicile and you may experience nostalgia for home or your past (lineage/father), or sentimental attachments to objects around the house. You may also want to spend money (Venus) on the home--perhaps even lavishly. Resist this urge in November, though, because rash Mars is in your 2nd House of Finances this month and it promotes recklessness with cash. Keep in mind, too, that the 4th House is quite inward and private. Do not combat hibernation mode or be concerned if you’re feeling more homeward bound, especially at the start of this transit.


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