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Pisces New Moon March 10th

The Internet is thankfully awash in the endless voyeuristic content of celebrities in their jaw dropping homes. But of all these peeks into extreme privilege, none has proven more glorious than Erykah Badu’s music studio reveal for Vogue—a case study in pure Piscesdom. 

We learn many things on this magical mystery tour: that a vintage Rhodes keyboard of hers is haunted; that she always wears ankle bells to make music whenever she walks; and that the frequency of the universe is in the key of F (this information is divulged as Badu plunks various tuning forks that emit “delta, zeta, and beta waves”).

Pisces is a water sign and Erykah appropriately insists on having an infrared sauna near her bed, so she can sweat a lot, while she meditates. After discussing another instrument she received as a gift while doing Ayahuasca, the nu-soul queen then ends the clip by trying on her favourite hat and going outside to look at the stars. 

I mean. This clip is very magical, strange, and whimsical. And, for our purposes, instructive. 

Erykah is actually a double Pisces (meaning her Moon and Sun are both in her sign). We see this in her sensitivity to cosmic vibrations, in the otherworldliness of her intuition, in the dreamlike atmosphere of her studio space where art and reality are quite indistinguishable. 

These are all Pisces themes that this upcoming New Moon on March 10th will be activating–to a certain extent, but only to a certain extent. Why so? 

We have the New Moon and Neptune (co-ruler of the Fishes) both in said sign, which is a super dreamy combination. Neptune is the lord of the Unconscious, of the unseen, of fantasy, of illusion. Meanwhile, the Moon is our emotional pulse. When you bring these two planets together we get very free flowing Erykah vibes.

In general, a New Moon represents the best time of the month to inaugurate projects and set intentions. There is something about the fresh, initiatory power of this lunation (when the Sun and Moon are conjunct in the sky every 28 days or so) that practically begs us to plant the seeds of our desires into the rich cosmic loam that the New Moon provides.

To ensure that we are maximising the power of our intentions and goals, however, we want to make certain that they are in line with the energy of a given lunation. A New Moon in conservative Capricorn is not the same as a New Moon in fiery Aries. Setting intentions at lunar loggerheads could be counterproductive to what you are trying to accomplish for the day, week, month, or year.

With this in mind, what are the things to be aware of for the Pisces New Moon on Sunday? How to best work with it? Naturally this lunation will gather its energy from the Fishes (compassion, sensitivity, dreaminess, and creativity). As a mutable water sign, Pisces is not for rectilinear perspectives or logical deductions. Consequently, this is not a time to set goals related to, say, finishing taxes, crunching numbers, or seeking comfortable compatibility in romance. Go bigger with goals, desires, and intentions during this New Pisces Moon. Think leaps in your life rather than incremental steps.

We know that New Moons are perfect dates for inaugurating projects. As we’ve seen, a Pisces New Moon, in particular, will have a visionary element to it. This lunation, therefore, could augur a strong day to expand past the planning stages in your heart and to start taking action on some creative vision. To harmonise with the cosmos on such a project, just remember that the universe, according to Erykah, is in the key of F. 


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