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Scorpio New Moon Nov 13th

Usually, New Moons indicate a time for fresh energy and initiating activities. But this one is different. We’ve got a New Moon right beside feisty Mars, both currently in obsessive Scorpio: prepare to feel possibly love sick, a bit frustrated, and way up in your feelings. Reasons?.

Now, this particular New Moon occurs in Scorpio, the twisted sister of the zodiac. The Moon, in general, is weak here due to the Big Sting’s darker nature. Scorpio is a fixed water sign – whereas the Moon wants to keep things moving and changing. So, we have competing cosmic energies, with Scorpio slowing down or dragging the Moon into the Stinger’s obsessive tendencies. Moon (emotion)+Scorpio (fixation)=brooding on stuff.

On top of this, our New Moon Solar Eclipse will be conjunct Mars, which deals with aggression, anger, drive, stress. Mars is like that over rambunctious friend who is always causing trouble for no good reason. In other words, Mars can be making this Moon feel extra stressful. Expect, accordingly, to feel both overworked and a bit world-weary this lunation.

Anyhow, you see where all this is going. Lots of feelings (Moon overshadowing Sun), lots of passion (Mars), lots of Scorpio fixation.

This is all leading to a Mars / Sun exact meet up in the sky on Nov 18th. While this isn't an easy aspect, this alignment of Mars and the Sun creates a powerful cosmic event. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a day to avoid completely. Instead, think of it as a time of intense energy, a moment to embrace introspection and self-awareness. Consider reframing it as an opportunity for personal reflection and growth. Spending time alone can be incredibly rejuvenating and a chance for self-discovery. If you're around others, approach interactions with mindfulness and patience, understanding that everyone might feel the heightened energy.


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