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Scorpio Season Main Dates to note

Welcome Scorpio season, from October 23 to November 22!

I promised myself that I would use the word “hobgoblin” in this article, not only because Halloween is coming up, and not only because it’s an inherently funny word that needs more usage, but also because we are entering spooky Scorpio, our most strange, dark, and witchy sign. In other words, we now begin a season of occultism and hobgoblins. But why?

To answer this, we must understand something called the 8th House. In astrology, there are 12 houses, just as there are 12 signs. Importantly, each sign corresponds to a house. So, for example, ego-centric Aries correlates to the 1st House (ego, selfhood, identity). Chatty and mutable Gemini, likewise, is associated with the 3rd House (communication, short travel). Makes sense.

Scorpio is connected to the 8th House, whose themes involve sex, death, intimacy, debt, taxes, the occult, taboos. It’s a house of transformation, of metaphysical witchery, of intense passions. It’s a site of psychic insight, hidden plots, supernatural beings and intuition, and erotic longing. It’s astrology’s haunted house, traversed by eldritch spirits and forces. For those inclined toward astrology, Scorpio season (with its corresponding 8th House thematics) helps explain why things like Halloween or Dios de los Muertos have emerged culturally around this time of year. From an astrological perspective, our annual yen for dressing up as hobgoblins and sexy nurses is really a function of deeper cosmic alignments with the erotic and supernatural energies of Scorpio and the 8th House.

While Scorpio season provides the general structure to the next month, we should, of course, course keep in mind that there are important transits within it that will also be impacting us in smaller ways.

To wit: Scorpio season dates of note Our first transit of note: a wonky Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28th. That’s a mouthful. Usually, Full Moons signify celebration and bounty, especially when placed in earthy, stable Taurus. But this transit is slightly different. Why? Eclipses disrupt; lunar eclipses, in particular, can destabilize our feelings about something; and lunar eclipses in security-blanket Taurus could have us all confused and emotional about home, house-mates, roommates, help-mates, lovers. Get a hotel, instead, and wait out the transit in style.

Grumpy Saturn emerges from a retrograde on November 4th. Retrogrades are transits during which a planet appears to be moving backward relative to us on Earth. For slow-movers like Saturn (whose retrogrades last almost six months), we really only want to pay attention to when it starts its back-spin and when it goes “direct” or forward again. When a planet moves direct, all of its good qualities get invigorated. In the case of Saturn, we can expect to feel extra disciplined, orderly, and on it: a great day to make a long-term workout plan or start saving for Christmas.

Ritzy Venus enters Libra on November 8th. An excellent placement for love, romance, understanding, completing your bae’s sentences. How so? When a planet is at home in a sign it rules (as Venus will be), its positive influences get amplified. For Venus that means more desire and love (and desire for love). This is one of the best days of the year for romance–-make sure you take candlelit advantage. No harsh lighting and fish-sticks at home for dinner. Venus will not be impressed.

On November 10th, communicative Mercury buzzes into fiery Sagittarius. Beware of coming across as a manic street preacher. Sagittarius, fueled by Mercury, has a ranting atop a soapbox energy to it. If you’re not usually that loud mouth on social media brazenly theorizing about the threat of 5G and vaccinated microchips (or whatever), you could become that guy for a bit with this placement. Never a cool look.

Lastly, a New Moon in Scorpio. When? November 13th. A New Moon is about setting intentions for the next couple weeks. But when it occurs in Scorpio, think about aligning these intentions with Scorpionic themes–sex, intimacy, power, secret fantasies. In other words, an erotic Moon that should lead you to hitherto unknown pleasures and practices.


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