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Your Cosmic Love Match for Soho House

The Zodiac Dispatch thought it would be fun to provide our list of the six best matches for love. Of course, love can work in many ways—from the harmonious and bland to the feisty and argument-laden. The construction of our pairings were guided by the “Jerry Maguire” principle, also known as the “you complete me” formula, which suggests that we are all missing a part that a special someone can fill. Each sign in our pair “completes” the other, like Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger, c. 1996.

And so, without further adieu, we present here our own “Cosmic Love” (Soho House Edition). Good luck loving….

1. Aries /Libra

The Ram is ruled by hot-headed Mars, while lovely Venus lords over Libra. Here we have the fundamental “opposites attract” pairing. Aries is the fiery me-first sign. Libra is constantly balancing the viewpoints of others. But when the two get together they each provide what the other lacks. Libra teaches Aries how to be less self-centered, to look before it leaps, to listen, to open up to the vista of the other. Aries teaches Libra how to make bold decisions, to be more assertive, to affirm the self, to leap before it looks sometimes.

2. Taurus/ Scorpio

Here we have another Mars vs. Venus pairing. The Bull is ruled by Venus, Scorpio by Mars. As fixed earth, Taurus is the most sensual sign, a lover of luxury and the pleasures of the flesh. Scorpio is also a fixed sign, but unlike Taurus, it can get obsessive. The Bull teaches Scorpio to relax and enjoy a verdicchio on the veranda. The Big Sting teaches Taurus to go beyond easy street to find meaning on rocky roads or paths not taken. And when they meet somewhere in the middle, by which we mean the boudoir, it’s chills and thrills.

3. Gemini/Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are perhaps the most high octane, adventurous, and quick-witted signs. As such, they need each other and the constant excitement both require. Gemini is ruled by quicksilver Mercury, flitting about the after party looking for the next one. Sagittarius is a risk-taking, Jupiter-ruled fire sign. And yet, Sagittarius is ultimately a truth-seeker (its symbol, the Archer’s bow, is shooting toward higher order understanding). As such, it teaches Gemini, which can get lost in the details, to see the bigger picture. Gemini, with its light touch, teaches Sadge to be less lofty which can shade toward sanctimony and overly strong opinions at dinner..

4. Cancer /Capricorn

Ruled by the emotional Moon, Cancer is always up in its feels. Capricorn, in delicious contrast, finds its ruler in distant Saturn of the eternal frown. Capricorns need more softness, sweetness, and empathy. With its abundance of fertile water energy, Cancer teaches Capricorn how to get in touch with those vulnerabilities that the Goat tends to suppress. Cap, an earth sign, functions in an opposite though equally productive way for the Crab, helping to to ground the emotional flux of Cancer.

5. Leo/Aquarius

Boy, does Leo love the limelight. It’s a highly charismatic Sun-ruled sign with a penchant for emotional drama. It is also, perhaps, the most ego-centric figure of the zodiac. In contrast, Saturn-ruled Aquarius, is a ego-less sign, preferring the altruistic pursuits of humanitarianism. The Waterbearer teaches the Big Cat how to use its undeniable megawatt star power for the good of many. Conversely Leo teaches Aquarius that sometimes shining a light on your talents can be good for everyone.

6. Virgo/ Pisces

Ruled by generous Jupiter and known for excessive compassion, Pisces can be bad with boundaries. Virgo, on the other hand, is basically like a land-surveyor when it comes to establishing emotional property lines. You get the point: precise Virgo helps Pisces establish some structure in their often pell-mell world. By the same token, the Fishes teach Virgo to open up, to trespass on the side of fun and love, to forgo the overly practical in favor of the boundless, slightly messy nature of love.

At one point in Plato’s Symposium (a dialogue on erotic and romantic love between ancient Athenian men eating grapes in splendor), Aristophanes, a comedic playwright, gives a long excursus on the “Myth of the Androgyne.” Androgynes were primeval beings whose sexes “were not two as they are now, but originally many in number…too many to count.” Morphologically, they were round with “four hands and four feet, one head with two faces looking opposite ways…two privy members.” Androgynes lived in harmony with each other but defied the overly sensitive Greek Gods by hubristically scaling the heavens. As a punishment by Zeus, they were split in two, forming humans. Like the Elements on “Cosmic Love,” we have been searching for our other half ever since. Here’s to the power of astrology to help them–and us–find it.


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